10 Best Action Games for Android in 2021

Action games are among the most played and loved on any platform.

Be it console gaming or the long-gone PC gaming sessions where we used to spend most of the time completing missions. But if you need Best Action Games For Android here is our handpicked ones.



All the blood pumping, fingers moving, and the immersive gameplay is a good way to test your reflexes and wits.

Moreover, there are tonnes of action game categories mostly fighting games, shooting games (mostly Zombies), adventure games, platformers, and more which make narrowing it down a little confusing.

Nevertheless, here is the list of Top 10 Best Action Games For Android in 2018. Get over Clash of Clans and FIFA; these are the best ones to spend your time on.


If you’re into mobile gaming, then you probably recognize Asphalt as the most popular name in the racing action games category. The Asphalt Extreme offered by Gameloft is an off-road racing game where as usual you race against competitors.

There are five different game modes, with over 400 races to play, over 500 challenges, and 35 sexy custom cars and vehicles to race with. Gameloft has among the big giants, and therefore, you could expect regular updates and challenges.

Asphalt Extreme also has an online multiplayer mode where you can race against up to eight opponents. It has the similar freemium model and comes with its pitfalls.

However, Gameloft makes up for it by having a tonne of stuff to do, and the racing can get intense. Especially in multiplayer mode.

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Alto’s Adventure was one of the most famous runner games of 2016. It’s a rather simple and fun action game with a horizontal perspective, not so mainstream in the Runner Gaming forte.

The character skies down a hill forever while you have to leap over giant collect llamas, chasms, and avoid other dangerous obstacles. The game also contains simple, Material Design-inspired graphics and it plays very smoothly

The endless runner nature means that you’ll constantly be dodging objects while skiing down the hill. With more than 10 million downloads, this game is free on the Play Store and contains some in-app purchases.

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Duet is a surprisingly intense action game for how minimal the gameplay is. The premise is that you rotate two balls around a central axis. The simple goal of the game is that you have to dodge platforms by switching the two balls. If simple action is what you’re looking for, then Duet is definitely a go go.

Don’t fall for the concept of this game; it’s definitely harder than you think. You’ll also see the marks on the platforms where you last fell so you can see it coming next time

The main campaign mode of the game is free, but for the additional game modes and content, you need to unlock it with a single in-app purchase. It’s a good minimal play, and it shows that you don’t need amazing graphics for an intense and fun experience.

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Riptide GP: Renegade is yet another installment of a critically acclaimed series of titles. It’s a wave runner game where you have to race jet skis instead of cars. You’re but obvious surrounded by waves which affect the race track that can make your races intense.

The game progresses through the campaign, and you’ll have access to upgrade your jet skis and a harder competition. Riptide GP also includes an online multiplayer mode in case you want to race real people. It also has a built-in local multiplayer mode, and you can even race split screen if you have two hardware game pads.

It’s an excellent game and one of the few good racing games with no in-app purchases.

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Into the Dead is an infinite runner action game with zombies all over your screen. I used to play this game 2-3 years back on my Tablet, and it is very much addictive.

The goal is simple, and you have to run along bleak and dark landscapes while shooting down as many zombies as they approach to eat you. You have to make it as far into the hoard as you can before you’re overtaken by the herd of zombies.

The game includes a variety of weapons, power-ups, and other buffs to help you escape as long as possible.

The survival mode is my favorite with a dog companion by your side. Into the Dead is absolutely free and contains some in-app purchases for weapons.

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6. SONIC 4

Sonic 4 is the latest offering in the popular action series of console games that have been entertaining us for years. The mobile versions are recent, and this episodic adventure features the core Sonic mechanics across a different experience.

The Sonic Titles also include a new set of villains, some new moves, a collaborative play with controller support, and much more. Each episode is different and therefore priced separately.

You can get for $2.99, and each episode costs the same.

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Xenowerk is again one of my favorites, a third-person shooter action game that plays similarly to the old Contra games like the 1990s.

The goal is similar; you have to go from level to level killing people, avoid death and different obstacles amidst the play. It features more than 70 different levels.

The game is free to download and is in-app purchases.

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Pocket Mortys is the game offering from the great Cult Animation Series, Rick, and Morty. It’s way too much sarcastic, and theme looks like the Pokémon game where you play as Rick.

The simple job is to collect and battle various Mortys against other Ricks in the game.

There are 70 different Mortys which you can collect, and a full story with Rick and Morty’s unique, dark humor. It would recommend everyone to go for this one.

It’s free in the Play Store.

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Disney Crossy Road is as the name suggest, a custom offering blended into Crossy Road. The game is already famous among the masses, but the little Disney touch makes it more amazing.

This version features more than 100 Disney characters with sounds and theming different. It’s supposed to be kid friendly but it a lot more addictive among our team members.

Jokes apart, it’s the best time killing offering and is free to download and play.

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Who doesn’t like WWE? The WWE Immortals is one of several celebrity action games to feature WWE wrestlers.

You can be Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, The Undertaker, and more. It’s a three-on-three combat style game, so there’s no actual wrestling but more of a Mortal Kombat and Injustice kind of gameplay.

It is also free with some in-app purchases.

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If you are really good fan of these Best Action Games on your Android device and unleash the next level of Action.

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