10 Best MMO Strategy Games for Android 2021 (Updated)

What is the best thing you would probably do after buying a Smartphone? Chatting, Social Media, Naah the best thing to do is gaming.

That’s Right, Games are probably the best thing in our lives, and from childhood to adulthood, we came across various genres of Gaming, and probably enjoyed the most of it.

It couldn’t be better when you can enjoy the games on your Smartphone along with a bunch of other people.

One way is through MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games, in which a large number of players can interact with one another through a virtual world. Your Smartphone deserves the best.


In this article, we bring you the 10 best MMO strategy games for Android.


Adventure Quest 3D is one of the Newest Strategy games but has managed to grab the attention.

It has all the ingredients, which you can expect it any other games like raid dungeons, generate a character or two and more, and you can connect to other players. But the thing which has managed to impress the audiences is that there is a support for multiclassing your favorite characters, and it also supports chat and other social activities.

Moreover, the reviews look quite impressive.

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RPG Aurcus Online is a yet another MMO strategy game that people seemed to really enjoy.

You can do a wide variety of stuff in this game like creating your own character, going on a quest, raid the bosses with your Friends and you can even engage in PVP combats. But the thing, which has fascinated the players, is its combat controls.

You will use the simple one-tap attack, but that will look like a fun acrobatic attack and moreover your skills will keep on increasing.

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3. HIT

HIT is one of the most popular MMO games and has been there for a while.

Like most games, you will be able to create your own character and engage in a huge world along with fellow players. It boasts a fascinating Graphics which is powered by Unreal Engine 4, with a simple control system, and a huge gear system.

This game has managed to create a fuss among the gamers, with its improving content and we can expect better performance in near future.

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The Infinite Black is one of the unique MMO games for android. It takes place in space rather than the usual setting.

In this game you’ll be assigned to upgrade a ship instead of a character, you’ll have to fight aliens, loot treasures and other weird stuff along with your fellow mates. And that is what makes this game outstanding.

With its unique features and amazing graphics content, there is a huge demand for this game. The Reviews are not bad either.

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It is the sequel to the popular game Order and Chaos Online, that a lot of people loved.

The new game is quite different, from its predecessor. It uses an open world concept, with thousands of quests and missions to rely on, and has its own crafting system in order to improve the equipment of the user.

The player can choose between five races and then five classes to embark on, which is rarely allowed in any such game. It also has standard MMO features such as PvP, Co-op and many more. You can discuss strategy with other players from different parks, just like you and they can enjoy every bit of this amazing game.

The game is comparatively new but has generated decent reviews.

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It is a yet another kick-ass MMO strategy games, where the players co-operate with one another in order to build their own clan.

Each clan has been divided on the basis of their rank and therefore each player has their correspondence authority extent. The main thing in this game lies in the influence of players. The influence increases when the players’ starts building houses, construct trains, learn new skills and completes quests.

This game is among the favorite lists of many people.

So, get ready to step into the merciless land of the Vikings, and prepare your army for the war. And earn new glory.

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It is one of the most popular and growing MMO games, which was launched in 2013 and generated huge revenue.

This amazing game includes battles between players, city building quests and much more. With the gathering of resources, you will be able to build troops, manage the army and also keep an eye on the advancements. This game has mesmerizing graphics quality, which is one of the many reasons for its popularity.

Along with a vast number of players this game is clearly a winner.

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Mobile strike is a yet another stellar MMO strategy games developed in 2015.

This an exciting new action game of Modern war which enables you to build a base, train your elite troops and prepare them for war against the enemies on the battleground along with the fellow players.

This Game is in demand both in Android and iOS platform.

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Well Clash of Clans needs no introduction. This game is undoubtedly the winner of MMO strategy games.

With its amazing content and stellar graphics, this game has taken the generation by storm. In this game, the players are required to build their own town from the resources obtained from attacking other troops.

The main components in this game are gold, elixir and dark elixir.

Moreover, the players are also allowed to conjoin clans up to fifty people, and they can further take part in clan wars together, donate or create troops and do amazing stuff.

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DomiNations is an MMO strategy game which was developed in 2015.

This game enables the player to build a base with defensive, economic and unit training buildings along with several wonders and a Townhall.

After the training, the players look for opponents to collect coins after winning. This game has a unique feature, the players can choose to play as any of the 8 nations namely Korean, British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, or Greeks and advance through ages ranging from dawn ages to Stone Age.

This game is quite in demand and has gained good reviews.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now and be the ultimate winner.

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