10 Best MMORPGs for Android in 2021 (UPDATED)

Role-Playing Games are funny things. They’re capable of satisfying the whim of any player with the ability to put them in a different world filled with thousands of other players, there’s no end to the game, and you’re entertained infinitely.

World of Warcraft gained a considerable fan base in the past few years but couldn’t make it to the mobile platform. Android MMORPGs are also in trend nowadays because of their endless possibilities.


Here we present you with the best MMORPGs for Android to play in 2020. Follow the games below to know more about them.


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Arcane Legends has been entertaining the Android gamer’s community for years. It’s an older MMORPG with all the standard features that are available in the newer alternatives.

It’s been topping the chart because of its unique co-op play and PvP modes online.

You’ll be having three different classes to choose from, each packing its unique set of skills and characteristics.

The developers provide regular updates to keep the content fresh with new quests to complete. The game has over 10 million downloads and a spontaneous rating of 4.4 on Play Store.


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Dungeon Hunter 5 is the latest installment of the most popular franchise in the MMORPG category in the mobile platform.

Since the newer always contains some minor bugs and content fixes, but the game is all over fascinating and addictive too.

Like every standard MMO, it sports a single-player campaign PvP mode and a regular co-op mode.

The game also includes a relatively in-depth crafted graphics, a particular emphasis on elements, and daily/weekly events for players to attend.


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Eternity Warrior 4 follows the ranking with the Dungeon Hunter as among the best MMORPG franchises available on mobile right now.

However, Eternity Warriors 4 focuses more on the single-player campaign which carries an excellent story-line for an RPG.

The game is not that social, but you can join guilds, PvP battles to be had, and much more.

Glu also promises to sport new events on a weekly basis so that you won’t get bored of the virtual missions. Regular updates keep the content fresh and bring out characters as well.


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Order and Chaos 2 is the latest sequel to the most popular Order and Chaos Online. The newest title is based upon the open-world concept, thousands of quests and missions to complete.

Moreover, the crafting system helps you to improve your equipment.

You can choose between five races and then between five classes which are more than a lot of games allow and all those typical Player vs. Player, co-op, and much more.

Newer updates make it look so interactive and exciting.


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School of Chaos is one of my favorites, imagine the world where you’re allowed to bully, and schoolyard fighting is fun and exciting.

Now I’m not encouraging bullying, but School of Chaos seems cool to me. It packs the hectic social life of high school along with the “fight me to earn respect” ideation of prison, and you can play it with dozens of people.

You can create your quests as well. The character is customizable, and you need to learn various fighting moves to gain.

You can also join clans to engage in different clan wars. It’s something different for those looking for that.

6. HIT

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HIT is a new conceptualization in the MMORPGs category. It sports a ridiculously huge gear system, minimum controls, stealth raids, quests, and graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

However, like the most RPGs, you’ll be able to create your character and engage with a vast world along with other players.

Regular updates are deployed continuously from October 2016 with new challenges, attacks, and much more.

It’s also compatible with tonnes of devices because the recommended specs are relatively reasonable. The game is free and has more than 5 million downloads.


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AdventureQuest 3D is the latest offering in Android MMORPGs with features that you can entertain yourselves for hours.

The quest begins with you as the lead character capable of raiding dungeons, creating characters and more.

The AdventureQuest 3D has made it to the list because of its cross-platform support. You are entitled to play on mobile or PC in the within the same world, quests, and the same players too.

Apart from this, you can multi-class your characters, chat and engage with other social events online. The game is free on the Google Play Store.


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Izanagi Online keeps bouncing off from the chart and comes back with the latest bug fixes. The most recent updates seem to have fixed enough issues to make it to the top 10 MMORPGs list.

The game is all about characterizing your very own ninja and then go out on different quests. There are primary campaigns that you can follow; it also features more than 100 quests.

You can choose between four different classes, build a guild yourself, and do all other kinds of stuff. It’s a fun little experience.


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Celtic Heroes is a classic Role Playing Game but with a Celtic theme (apparently) which gives it a bit of a different flavor than most of the fantasy-based games that are available in the MMORPG category.

It packs all the standard elements including a campaign mode, guilds (clans), dozens of skills to acquire, quests, and loot to gain, and the classic PvP.

There is also a trading system so you can give and get equipment from other players who aren’t as common as you’d think. It’s a great game overall.


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The Infinite Black is one of the unique role-playing games which is set out in the vast space instead of a medieval setting.

You’re entitled to play with the spacecraft instead of a regular character. The tasks are somewhat fascinating.

You have to hunt aliens, find bounties, and the usual stuff like treasure raiding and looting.

The game also boasts a cross-platform gaming experience between PC and mobile. This certainly brings out a new kind of innovation, and with the present user ratings of 4.3, people love it.

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