10 Best NES Games You Can Play Right Now

The NES Classic Edition had remarkable success and emphasized how much love there is for the Nintendo classic console.

The official emulator would be pre-packed with 30 games, and you could get even more of them, if you were willing to download some ROMs, this neat device captivated players into a wholesome of fun.

You may have one of these consoles stashed away in your closet, or you may have just bought one on the online e-commerce sites, there are many games worth playing on it, even after all these years.

The list below compiles 10 Best NES Games. You can give a shot at each and find yourself immersed in a world of entertainment.




Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros ©

It would be better to start the list with the name that revolutionized the gaming industry, pioneering with the template for several other games that followed, and putting Nintendo to the high throne that it holds now.

Accompany Mario, a plumber, on his journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, collecting mushroom power-ups and gold coins, in his quest to save the Princess Peach from the maniacal Bowser. The side-scrolling mechanism was potentially pioneered by the Super Mario Bros., and even to this day, its impact does not go without saying.


Super Metroid

Super Metroid ©

Super Metroid extended the storylines and the settings for the first two Metroid games. The skillfully crafted, enormous game world, with various secret corridors and immense variation, presenting you with gigantic, multi-screened bosses, and unexpected power-ups, no other game could match the level of exploration the game can provide

The game also inspired the modern series of 2D Castlevania games, which began with Symphony of the Night. Super Metroid still holds up well as of today, and you can turn off your lights and get lost in the world of Zebes right now.


Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart ©

Even though it seemed a bit underwhelmed in the beginning, the pseudo-3D racer turned out to be a blast to play, later, making it a monumentally important game. Critics might have originally dismissed the game as a kiddie version of F-Zero, but going further into the years, it founded a new genre that basically refuses to die.

The game gave rise to a kart mania, where other game publishers slapped their own “kart racing titles for every possible gaming console. This makes the game even more influential- in league with other titles like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., etc.


Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2 ©

The first game in this franchise sold poorly, and Capcom had decided on working on a sequel keeping in mind of other projects to be developed. The creator tells that the team spent more than 20 hours a day to ensure the game was built, and their hard work resulted in their position among the big leagues.

Megaman 2 followed its predecessor on the same game rule of choosing between stages, clearing the boss and gaining its weapon. As for new stuff, players have access to new items, the number of levels, and much more colorful than the original. The Quick Man’s stage will have you swearing though.


The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda ©

Mario and The Legend of Zelda are the horses which pull the chariot of Nintendo through the ages. Though Mario may be the face of the company, Zelda is still the flagship: a new Mario game announcement is routine stuff, but whenever there is the announcement of a new Zelda game, it’s an event.

The huge world to explore, the arsenal of interesting weapons, the various NPCs to interact with, the dungeons with their unique puzzles: all of it culminates into the game known for its simplicity and sets the blueprint for any other RPGs in future. The best part of all of this is: the game still holds up.


Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country ©

UK based developer Rare came forward with a major graphical innovation, creating details 3D models of the Donkey Kong characters, enemies and stages on the Silicon Graphics workstations, and then converted them into 2D animations such that the Super NES consoles could run it. The graphics were so convincing; many thought that SNES can run 3D graphics.

Donkey Kong Country was a hit nevertheless, and it helped pull Nintendo ahead of Sega Genesis in the 16-bit home console race. It almost single-handedly guaranteed the market viability of the Super NES, as Nintendo was getting ready for its next Nintendo 64.


Star Fox

Star Fox ©

A special graphics co-processor chip is known as the “Super FX” shipped in with every Star Fox cartridge that enabled the game to be run on the Super NES console. A game far beyond most of the games of that time, Star Fox had pushed the technical limits of the SNES.

Complex, shaded 3D polygon graphics with a pretty high frame rate – was what the game offered and was a technical achievement in itself. Over and above that, Star Fox was a blast to play and had inspired Nintendo to carry on with the game in its successive consoles.


Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse

Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse ©

The game follows Simon Belmont’s ancestor, Trevor in his quest to vanquish Dracula, though the vanquishing doesn’t quite take place. Even though the game followed the basics of platforming, Dracula’s Curse still puts some of its own elements.

Trevor Belmont has three new characters accompanying him: Sypha Belnades, Grant Danasty, and Alucard, all of them having their own respective powers and skills.

Like the original Castlevania, players move through levels, but at certain points, players are allowed to choose between paths, which take forward to different endings based on the decisions of the player. This branching gameplay makes this game all the more interesting.


Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III ©

Developer Square has packed the game with intricate graphics detail, that rendered a ‘beautifully’ formed world with grungy streets and blasting steam pipes. The writing and descriptive quality has been on point, coupled with the English translation, has made the fans feel more emotionally attached to the characters.

The combat system in the game may be easy, but as you delve further into the game, it puts forward elements that are the reason for envy of many other RPG developers. All of these qualities have made it one of the most loved RPGs of all time, despite its release back in 1994.

This completes our list of the best NES games, and you are rightfully recommended to go and test them right now.


Lode Runner

Lode Runner ©

It is one of those rare games which features a level editor, that allows players to find an immense amount of enjoyment as they put their creative skills to use, designing new and more difficult levels.

The task is to keep collecting gold, avoiding the guards, and examining the patrol patterns of the guards is critical for success in the later stages of the game. Lode Runner is a surprisingly forward-thinking platformer of its time and is one of the most addictive puzzle games available on the NES.

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