10 Best Racing Games for Android to Play in 2021

The best thing the motion sensors in the mobiles did was giving the life to all the racing games. Now, they are among the best graphics intensive and most popular games in all of the mobile platform gaming.

Moreover, it is the only genre to overcome the issue of physical buttons on smartphones good enough that it made all the racing games worth playing.

With a fan base of millions of racers, they are surely a good category to dive.



Asphalt Xtreme is an off-road racing title from the great Gameloft’s Asphalt Series. You’ll be racing on a variety of off-road tracks with a range of vehicles. Presently, there are 35 cars that you can race with, covering over seven different categories, and Gameloft brings out new updates occasionally.

The game features an online multiplayer racing with over 400 career events, 500 mastery challenges, and various limited-time events to keep things going. Asphalt 8: Airborne is another of the great racing games from this series as well, and all of them are free to play.

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GT Racing 2 is yet Gameloft title with heavy-duty graphics and sexy cars. Though it hasn’t received as much love or appreciation as the Asphalt series, that’s okay. The game features over 71 cars from 30 different manufacturers. You’ll be able to race on 13 different tracks, participating in over 1,400 events, and weekly challenges to play.

You are also entitled to race online against other players. It’s not much aggressive like other freemium games, and we are thankful for that. The updates come real slow on this one, but it’s still one of the better racing games.

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The CSR Racing series is, in fact, one of the most popular racing games for both Android and iOS devices. CSR Racing 2 is based out on drag racing where you’ll be buying cars, adding upgrades, and race your way to the victory.

The game features a campaign mode with plenty of tracks. Moreover, you can also do online racing against other people if you want. There are dozens of cars to collect, and the graphics are excellent. It’s a good time killer in the racing genre. CSR Racing 2 is a freemium game and is available to download from Play Store.

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Nitro Nation Drag Racing is the newest drag racing game because of all the charts that this one is tearing right now.

Despite being a free one, the developer has boasted no energy limits, and there are no limits or distractions whatsoever. There are a tonne of cars to unlock, online multiplayer modes, a dozen upgrades that make the gameplay enjoyable.

The graphics are eye-pleasing, and it more resembles CSR Racing, and Drag Racing had a better baby. The game also packs some in-app purchases if you want to enjoy it with full power.

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Racing Fever is a racing game that you can pull off to kill some time.

The graphics are decent, and it features numerous control schemes based on how you or want to drive. You’ll also get four different environments to race with four racing modes, including a free ride mode just like in GTA Games. There are leaderboards, various upgrades, and a slow-motion mode that lets you take tricky corners more quickly.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid experience and worth a try if you’re looking for just a good game, nothing substantial or addictive. The online multiplayer mode is great and it is still among the best racing games for Android.

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As the name suggests, Real Racing 3 is one of the most realistic racing games, and all the credits to the gaming giant, EA Sports.

The game is full of content, and hosts over 100 different cars from different manufacturers, various game modes including real-time multiplayer, and even the game’s race tracks are digital versions of real race tracks. The game is free to download and enjoy. There are over 2000 total events with different rules and kind of races. There is a virtual tonne of content here, and it’s worth trying it out.

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Do you like Cars? I mean Cars from Fast and Furious. Well, Real Drift Car Racing resembles a lot more of it and focuses on drifting.

You’ll be racing around the corners trying to get an edge against others. The game packs difficulties based on your skill levels, so you can use typical features, including cars to unlock, classic campaign mode, various tracks, and tuning options along with the progress.

Unlike most, this one has a free and paid version both. With over 10 million downloads, you’ll definitely want to race in it.

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Traffic Rider isn’t actually a racing game, but a mix of endless running compiled a racer. The game is an infinite runner coupled with missions That could give you enough racing game feel. Traffic Rider hosts a first-person view, and you have to ride motorcycles up the freeway to collect points, complete missions, and earn in-game cash.

The graphics are definitely good, and the controls are pretty damn. The first-person camera angle adds some genuine thrill as you dodge traffic. The fun won’t last forever, but it’s a free game, so it’s worth a shot.

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Horizon Chase launched back in 2015, was indeed one of the best premium racing games.

The game features the classic retro-inspired graphics with are fun to watch. It features dozens of background tracks, tonnes of cars to unlock, and much more.

The one thing that has made this game unique is the extended support for Android TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, and a dozen different gaming controllers. There is also an online multiplayer option with leaderboards to round out the experience. The free version is just a demo, and it lets you try out a few of the tracks. However, the paid version is available for $2.99.

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The not so FPS frenzy kind of, but the Grand Prix Story is a fun racing game by Kairosoft.

The developers are known for making simple and quirky simulation games, and this one is no different. The game makes you the leader of your time, and your goals are to put you in charge to train your drivers, acquiring sponsors, and winning different races.

The game is the right blend of racing and a hands-on approach to simulation. Those looking for a realistic experience, this one might not be a good one for you. However, it’s fun and an enjoyable experience that comes with a price tag of $4.99

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