10 Easy Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes & Credits in 2021

Google play store

Google Play Store is a savior when you are looking for effective apps, exciting games, and other useful applications. And most of these apps come for free. However certain useful applications are hidden behind a paywall and you are expected to shell out money to download them.

But who says you have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy your favorite apps and games? If you have Google Play codes then buying these apps and games is easy and interestingly you can get these Google play codes for free.

Of course, obtaining free Google Play codes is not a cakewalk but it isn’t a rocket-science either. If you follow these following steps then you can easily obtain free Google Play Codes and get your favorite app and game.


1. Through Google Opinion Rewards:

Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a program curated by Google which offers rewards in the form of points and money for answering surveys created by Google Survey Team. You just have to download the Google Opinion Reward App from play store and register on it.

After registration, you will receive surveys which you will have to answer. In return, you get reward points and money which you use for obtaining Google Play Codes.


2. WHAFF Rewards:


This wonderful method allows you to earn points by downloading games and apps and if you keep these apps in your smartphone, then you can win additional points. All you have to do is open an account on WHAFF and link your Facebook account with it.

WHAFF offers rewards in various forms such as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Facebook Cash, Google Play Credits and even free PSN codes.

3. InstaGC:


InstaGC is another online portal that offers rewards for completing certain micro tasks and these rewards can be redeemed for gaining free Google Play codes.

However, what makes InstaGC different from other sites is its high value and lucrative points system. Unlike other apps and websites, InstsaGC’s points have amazing value as 100 points. This means you get to earn to approximately $1 in Google Play Gift Cards.


4. Swagbucks:

Swag Bucks

Swagbucks is your ideal stop during your voyage to free Google Play Codes. This online portal offers prizes for completing micro-tasks. These prizes can be redeemed to get Google Play Codes. As of now, Swagbucks offers 50$ Google Play Credit which is a pretty cool deal.

The tasks on Swagbucks includes downloading games, watching videos and ads, visiting specific websites, and doing online shopping.


5. FeaturePoints:

Feature points

As the name suggests, FeaturePoints is a portal that offers points for downloading featured applications and games. The good part about FeaturePoints is that this app renews every day which means you get to download new games and applications on a very frequent basis.

And not to forget the fact that you are allowed to avail your points even if you decide to stop the plan to end its usage.

However, what makes FeaturePoints special is that you get points for referring to this app. So you can earn extra points by referring this app to all your friends.


6. By buying and registering your Samsung devices:


Yes, you heard it right! You get Google Play Points for buying and registering your Samsung device.

To avail this amazing benefit you have to purchase a Samsung device and register it. If you comply by Samsung’s policies then you can, in fact, avail free Google Play Gift Card worth $25. Now, this is surely an insane deal as you get free Google Play codes worth $25 for buying a Samsung device.

But make sure that you check all the regulations and policies for this offer beforehand as Samsung is providing free Google Play Gift cards only on selected devices, To know more about current Samsung offers to check the company’s official website here.


7. By purchasing ChromeCast Device:


Samsung is not the only company offering Google Play Gift Cards on the purchase of devices. Google, the parent company of Google Play offers Google Play Gift Cards too on purchase of Chromecast device.

The Chromecast is a pathbreaking device that gives users the control of playback of audiovisual content on an HD television or home audio system. So when you buy a ChromeCast device, Google offers free Google Play Codes worth $5 to $10.


8. Gift Wallet:

Gift wallet

Gift Wallet is an effective option if you are looking for free Google Play codes. The Gift Wallet app is available for Android as well as iOS.

The reward points on Gift Wallet is based on completion of featured offers which are not at all a daunting challenge. Plus you can earn some additional points by asking your friends to join this app.

Importantly the Gift Wallet app sends gift cards through e-mails so make sure you give a correct and working email address.

9.  Use Bing Rewards:


One of the most genuine sites offering free Google Play Codes on completing certain tasks is Bing. Bing is a search engine and you get to earn Bing rewards for browsing the internet through this search engine and for completing certain tasks.

However, the tasks given by Bing are a tad difficult however they are worth a try as unlike other sites with Bing there is a surety of gaining Google Play codes.


10. Cubic Reward:


If you are looking for a hassle-free process of earning free Google Play Codes then Cubic Reward is your perfect destination. The key feature of Cubic Reward or Cubicer is its simplified rewards distribution system.

The rewards earned on Cubic Rewards can be redeemed through popular payment channels such as PayPal or Balance Cards and thus it is highly convenient for redeeming points.

The working of Cubic Reward though is similar to other Get Paid to portals. You have to install specific apps, play some games and do certain tasks instructed on the app.


The methods listed above will surely enable you to earn free Google Play codes and have more fun with your smartphone. The internet is flooded with applications and portals that claim to offer free Google Play codes but their authenticity is questionable. So, keep a strong vigilance and do not forget to share these awesome methods with your friends also!













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