10 Simple Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards in 2021


In this article, we are going to look at the various ways of earning Amazon Gift Cards. These gift cards are an effective way of saving money while making purchases at Amazon. You can shop for all your favorite stuff on Amazon and then you can use these gift cards to pay for it. In addition, you can also view for various methods to get free Google Play codes and credits, Steam wallet codes, Walmart gift cards, and eBay gift cards.

There are numerous ways of earning Amazon gift cards and although there is more than what meets the eye, it isn’t a daunting task at all.

Here we discuss and elaborate on the ways of earning Amazon gift cards.

1 Earn Amazon Gift cards by doing what you are doing already:

What consumes your most of the time on the internet? Surfing sites, watching videos, playing games, trying new products and shopping is what we use the internet for. But do you know that you can get Amazon gift cards for doing these things?

Amazon gift card Cashcarte

If no, then visit Cash Crate and open an account as this web portal rewards you with points for watching videos, visiting websites, and for buying certain products and services. And guess what you can earn more points by referring the portal to your friends.

Cash Crate is one of the genuine portals on the internet that offers points and Amazon gift cards for completing micro tasks and the fact that it has more than 2 million members proves its authenticity.


2. Complete some surveys:

If you don’t mind spending some of your time answering basic questions and filling out surveys then subscribe to sites that offer reward points and Amazon gift cards for completing surveys.

The internet is full of such sites that claim to reward you for completing surveys but most of them are scams that do not pay anything at http://all.So do strong research and zero down on sites that actually offer something in return for completing surveys.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one such authentic web portal that lets you take surveys and in return offers points which you can redeem for availing Amazon gift cards.


The surveys offered by Survey Junkie do not consume much of your time and are in fact very easy and simple to complete. So this is a good way of earning Amazon gift cards.


3. Make use of Harris Poll Online:

Harris Poll

Talking about surveys and getting paid from it, another quality web portal that offers this feature is Harris Poll Online.

Harris Poll Online is a completely legal website that lets you earn points for completing surveys. And later you can use these points to redeem Amazon gift cards.

The surveys at Harris Poll Online aren’t brain scratching and they can be completed in a short span of time. So, if you are looking to get free Amazon gift cards then Harris Poll Online is your destination.

Visit this page to start earning Amazon gift cards at Harris Poll Online.


4. Use Amazon Trade-in program:

Amazon trade in

Are you looking to dump some of your useless stuff? If yes then think of Amazon trade-in program that gives Amazon gift cards for exchanging a plethora of items

As this program is run officially by Amazon, it is completely secure and full-proof. You can exchange a host of items including electronics, books, Amazon devices, video games and much more. You can check the complete list of items that are included in the Amazon Trade-in program on this page and the requisite working conditions for respective items

An important feature of this Amazon Trade-in program is that you don’t have to incur any transportation charges for the items you are exchanging. Amazon pays for the transportation charges and you just have to follow the instructions.

So if you have old laptops, Amazon devices, books, and video games that you wish to get rid of then use the Amazon Trade-in program as it lets you earn Amazon gift cards for exchanging these items.

Visit this page to know more about Amazon Trade-in program.


5.Earn Amazon Gift cards through Product Report Card:

Product report card

As the name suggests, Product Report Card is a survey panel that asks you to give your report on specific products and their features and in return offers points that can be redeemed for availing Amazon gift cards.

Product Report Card is a highly user-friendly portal and you can make your account within minutes. Interestingly the surveys offered by Product Report Card focus on certain products and their features that are used daily by commoners.

The surveys take little time to complete and you get to earn points for every survey that you finish. Hence, Product Report Card is a fantastic way of earning Amazon Gift Cards.


6. Get Amazon Gift cards for sharing your opinion:

Every human wants to express his or her emotions and to be heard. That’s why we all have opinions and we love to express them. But do you know that there is someone who values your opinion and in fact rewards you for expressing it?

Opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey panel that enables members to express their opinion about various brands, products and services and as a reward offers points. These points can be redeemed for money via PayPal or you can exchange them to avail iTunes gift cards or Amazon gift cards.

Opinion Outpost is a completely legal and authentic portal and the surveys you get here are pretty easy to complete.

7. Earn Amazon gift cards for shopping and submitting your receipts:


One of the easiest ways of earning Amazon gift cards is through Ibotta. All you have to do on this portal is to open an account and then go shopping!

Once you open your account, you have to unlock rebates and rewards and then do shopping as you please. After you make your purchases you have to verify them on the portal and voila! you receive cash or points in return. These points then can be used to obtain Amazon gift cards.

Ibotta’s rebate redeems system works with more than 230 stores and includes some of the most popular brands such as Walmart, Publix, CVS, Target and Kroger.

Along with Amazon, the gift cards earned at Ibotta can be used at Starbucks and other stores.


8. Embrace the Honey Extension:


Honey is a highly useful internet extension that makes shopping from Amazon a cakewalk and also offers free Amazon gift cards.

If you have the Honey extension on your internet browser then you can check the price trend of a specific product and understand whether it is currently priced high or low. And if you put the item on ‘Droplist’ then you will get notified when the price of that item goes down.

To earn Amazon gift cards through Honey internet extension, you will have to activate the ‘Honey Gold’ shopping session. When you activate this session you will get Honey Gold Points for making purchases at Amazon and these Honey Gold Points can then be redeemed for Amazon gift points.

And what’s more, Honey extension saves you money while shopping on Amazon. When you shop for something on Amazon by having the Honey extension enabled, you will automatically get all their known coupon codes while checking out.

9. Make the most of Microsoft Rewards:

Microsoft rewards

Microsoft has conceived a program to increase the popularity of their search engine, Bing among netizens. The Microsoft Rewards program gives points for users when they use Bing for searching for something on the internet.


After signing up for the Microsoft Rewards program, you will get certain points whenever you search on Bing. And if you make Bing your default search engine you will get a lot more points.

And once you reach a specific limit you can exchange the points for availing Amazon gift cards.
And apart from searches, you can earn points through Microsoft Rewards for answering quizzes, participating in poll questions and using their daily offers.

Amazon Gift cards are a wonderful way of saving a good deal of money while making purchases on Amazon. And there are several ways of earning these gift cards. Plenty of scams are always lingering on the internet who promise to offer these gift cards but it is always better to go with the legit methods.


10. Sign up for Personal Capital and earn Amazon Gift card:

Personal Capital is an effective app that lets you track your personal finances and everything related to money. This app basically simplifies all your finances and what’s more, it offers Amazon gift card when you sign up for it.

Personal Capital is in fact rated very highly by people who use it and it is often hailed as the best application available on the internet for money. This app offers details about investment performance, cash flows, early retirement trajectory, and budgets. With this app, you can create your financial plan and take solid steps towards achieving your financial goals.

So this app is not just a passive method of earning Amazon gift cards, this, in fact, is a beneficial application for you.


We have listed the top ten ways of earning Amazon gift cards and by using them you can surely save money while shopping on Amazon. But do not forget to share your experience and these tips with your friends too!


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