14 Best Ways to Earn Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points in 2021

The FIFA series, created by EA Sports, which is also known as FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football is the most popular among all the online Football themed games.

Since its inception in 1993, EA Sports has released a new episode every year with regular changes and advancements in its gameplay and graphics.

The FIFA series success can be attributed to the exclusive FIFA license by which EA Sports to use real names of Football players and associations, jerseys and stadiums. These factors help make the FIFA series as realistic as possible.


FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode of the FIFA game series that lets players build their own top teams. Players get to be managers, sign up or sell players. Not just that, players also get to design their own jerseys, cultivate their preferred play style, have fun experimenting with the chemistry between their players.

In other words, FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is the best opportunity for you to live your dream of putting together your own team for a long period of time, train them in your natural play style, and face off against many opponents from the huge Football community online.


If you are new to the workings of the game, here is your intro to why FIFA 18 Coins are necessary.

Firstly, if you want to be on top of the game, it is FIFA Coins that will get you there. How do you wonder?

Well, to begin with, your team can be the best in the league only when you have good players. And it is with FIFA Coins and Points that you will be able to sign up dynamic players. Fifa 18 Coins are your main means of acquiring new players and consumables in FIFA Ultimate team.

You can always buy FIFA 18 Coins with real money. In fact, you can buy Messi with 1.3 million Coins which are approximately $300 worth of packs.

Why pay when you can get exactly the same for free? How, you ask?

Well, read along to find out. In this article, we’ll go over the various daily and weekly activities you can take part in, plus give some tips on how to play the transfer market to make more Free FIFA Coins.


The app rewards its users with units called Nanas. When you first register on AppNana you have rewarded 10,000 free Nanas. These Nanas can be redeemed for sweet prizes such as $10 Xbox cardsPSN cards and much more.

To use this app, you need to get credits which you will be able to transform later into Papal cards, Xbox gift cards. That is why you will be able to purchase afterward when the FIFA 18 game comes out.

The easiest way to add credits to your account at the beginning is to add the code “o23532322“. This code will give you around 25 hundred Points.

If you want to make extra credits you will have to download certain games that the app recommends.

After you have downloaded, installed and played the game, your credits will be boosted.


This method is something that regular players resort to every year to get a few extra FIFA 18 Coins at the beginning of the game. Let’s go through what all you need to make the best of this method.

Firstly, you need to have a Play FIFA reform that counts so you have a few credits. With that, you can redeem every single Ultimate Team item you can get. This includes all the kits, the coin boosts, and the 99 contracts.

So, start with getting as many Coins as possible at the beginning itself so that you can trade with more expensive players.

Remember that at the beginning of any single FIFA even having, say, 5000 Coins is actually pretty good.

Try selling the 99 contracts after a couple of weeks, when you know that there are lesser contract sales in the market.


First, download an app called FeaturePoints. This app has many different games within it, download any one, install it and play it for around 30 seconds. By doing this you will earn a few credits.

You also get free gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, etc, in return. You can use these free gift cards to get FIFA 18 Points.

If you think you aren’t making enough Points fast enough with your account, link your friends’ accounts too so that whenever they install a game from FeaturePoints, you will receive the free gift cards for it.

Isn’t this a super simple way of earning Free FIFA Points?


Taking part in weekly squad battles is a brilliant way to earn Free FIFA Coins. The best part is that you could never go wrong with a squad battle.

Simply participating in a match will earn you loads of Coins. The better you perform, the more you earn.

If your rank is considerably high, along with Free FIFA Coins you get prizes too. This is one of the most effective ways to earn Free FIFA Coins.


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team gives a lot of importance to building squads. It is treated like its own puzzle mini-game.

Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are added every now and then. Sometimes time limit is mentioned, sometimes it is not.

Each challenge consists of various puzzles with its own reward before you earn the big prize for completing the whole challenge. At times these rewards are trad-able too.

If you have been playing the game for a while it is likely that you have built up a large roll of players.

With this, you should be able to complete many of these challenges fairly easily and potentially get big FIFA Coin rewards or players that can be sold for Coins.
Choosing suitable players for the live Squad Building Challenges onto the transfer market will also help you earn some Free FIFA Coins.

Honestly, completing Squad Building Challenges is not even half as fun as Squad Battles. You can probably complete these challenges when you don’t have access to a console or PC to play FIFA 18.


You can use the FIFA 18 Web App for free, that is only if you have an EA account and have played FIFA 18. Every day that you log in you will be given FIFA Coin reward of some sort.

In case you are away from your console or gaming PC you can use the web app to take part in the Squad Building Challenges and manage your transfers.


Spend some time on the team of the week to earn a good amount of Free FIFA Coins.

Set your difficulty level at the highest you can because of more the difficulty, more Free FIFA Coins you earn.


On the top right of the screen, you will see the analog stick. Click on it and the EA FC Catalog of FIFA 18 will open.

You can then use another form of currency which is earned by just playing FIFA and buy FIFA Coin boosts for use in Ultimate Team.

With these boosts, you will earn an extra load of Free FIFA Coins as long as the boost is active. Buy everything else you can sell on in the Ultimate Team transfer market.


Yes, we know this is obvious and yet it is on this list because it is an effective way to earn Free FIFA Coins.

If you have players who are not actively playing, use them to complete Squad Building Challenges. You could also sell them as long as they are trad-able.

Manage your players efficiently and make some extra Free FIFA Coins.


If you have time, let’s say over the weekend, earn some massive FIFA Coin and player pack rewards by playing online matches.

Although you will be rewarded considering how many games you won, even simply participating should give you a good number of Free FIFA Coins.


This is a super easy way to earn Free FIFA 18 Coins and Rewards. Make it a habit to check out the objectives every time you boot up your FIFA 18.

Rewards include Free FIFA Coins and card packs. The pack contents can be sold on the transfer market.


Most YouTube videos and blogs about getting free FIFA 18 Coins to explain this method thanks to the irrefutable draw we all have to the idea of playing the market.

Transfer Market methods such as ‘Sniping‘ undervalued players as soon as they hit the market leading to their instant resale or mass-bidding on swathes of player cards in the hope of making a marginal profit on each.

Since there is literally no gameplay involved, this is indeed one of the quickest ways to earn Coins in Ultimate Team.


If you don’t want to worry too much about the statistics and business of earning more Coins but want to enjoy it, Gameplay is your best bet. With this, you don’t have to pour in your hours into a stock market, you just have to play the game!

However, the following could affect the number of Coins you get, so give it a look.

First, you will have to apply your coin boosts that you have acquired through the EA Football Club. To do this, press R3, then head to the catalog and unlock more by playing more and leveling up.

Now you need to head to the Online Leagues and start working the plan! You will earn at least 600 Coins for a win if your boost is activated.

This could take about fifteen minutes bringing in team management and the pause-spam from the opponents you defeated.

Remember that you will still be working towards further rewards with Division promotion and victory. If you play well there, you will be able to pick up at least several thousand Coins every hour.


If you want to quickly make some bucks instead of wasting your time on the game, then the Transfer Market is perfect for you! With this method, you can decidedly earn more Coins when compared to any other method because here you are Mass Bidding.

This is how it is done:

1. Zero down on a player who is in-demand but fits your budget. Premier League or LaLiga players are your best bet. You could even consider those who usually play in rarely filled positions such as like left or right back, or center forward. By doing this, you are choosing a player whose demand is more than his supply, but not to such an extent that it will dig a hole in your pocket.

2. Negotiate the price. First, simply go through the cards that have the rates displayed on them openly. Calculate you would need to buy it for if you were planning to make a profit by selling it for the average buy-it-now price.

Wondering how to get the math right? Subtract the EA Tax which is 5% so multiply the buy-it-now average by 0.95 to find the after-tax price. Then fix a couple of hundred Coins below that price.

3. Get bidding. Your goal now is to bid less than the average buy-it-now price (with the EA Tax considered too) the maximum difference being a couple of hundred Coins.

Keep in mind that this is entirely about your profit margins; you will have to buy and then resell at least a couple of hundred Coins’ profit each time. At least get to the third or fourth page of the Transfer Market list while looking for a player because you want to be the first to bid on an item as you are basically planning to catch the ones that slip through the net

You realize that you need to place a lot of bids, hoping to get one in ten at best. On the brighter side, you can place a wave of bids on players, play a few games or go do anything else that holds your interest for a while, come back to your market to see what you won.

4. Sell as much as you can! Let’s say you got lucky for a change and won a few cheapo. You need to immediately put them out on the market.

If you choose to focus on the game and re-invest your earnings instantly, fix the listing time for an hour and the buy-it-now price as dead on the average. But if you really don’t mind waiting, set the time to four or more hours and a few hundred above the average.

Don’t decide s price too far above average or you won’t even be able to sell it. It will simply be a waste of time.


You must have come across many online generators that promise Free FIFA Coins. The developers of various online generators use a simple program called Visual Studio, on which they run a project with an appropriate, trending name such as “Free FIFA 18 Coins Generator” or “FUT 18 Generator“.

They also add pictures and web designs to make the web page look legit. After you have entered your account details and hit ‘Generate Free FIFA Coins‘ the web page asks you to wait while the request is being processed.

In reality, the time is spent on extracting your account information instead of transferring the Coins you requested. They connect to your social media account, save your login details, IP Address etc.

With this information, they keep a tab on your online behavior and spam you with emails and advertisements corresponding your online activities. This is not safe at all.


Games were developed initially because people enjoyed keeping themselves entertained this way in their free time. With a more competitive play, the focus shifted from having a nice time to defeating opponents.

Today, most games mostly function on Points, gems, Coins etc. Because of which providing cheap or free gems, resources are a million-dollar business in itself. Like mentioned above, many of these websites promising Free FIFA Coins are scams.

To keep your online accounts secure, try as much as possible to earn Points, gems, Coins organically. Most game developers include in-game cheats that are safe. Make the best use of them. If you are still looking for ways to earn free Coins, use external apps that have a tie-up with a developer.

This way, you know the free resources that they are offering is not a scam.

To make things easy for you we have compiled some of the most effective tricks to get Free FIFA Coins and Points. They are genuine and you don’t pay a penny. You can thank us later. Have fun gaming!

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