16 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2021 (UPDATED)

In this busy world, where everyone is so occupied in their lives, the need for entertainment has increased. We need a break, but we don’t have enough time or money to plan vacations or to go out for a single day.

In that case, do you know what the best way to refresh your mood is?

Maybe a good Movie? Um?

Well, a good movie can make up your day and can make you feel better, and you will get a break even for some hours from those tiring and hectic schedules. A free movie ticket can also be an excellent option to watch movies outside of your home.

Isn’t it? And if in case, you are not the one who loves watching films in the theater, then, I have a solution for you.

Yes, you can watch your favorite movies for which you were waiting from long in your home, and it will be free of cost. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


Yes, so today, we are going to talk about the best free Movie streaming websites in 2019 which allow us to watch our favorite films without giving any penny.

So, if you are interested in watching free movies online in your home, then let’s scroll it down.



YouTube ©

Of course, the list cannot be completed without the name YouTube in it. You might have watched funny videos or trailers of movies on YouTube many times.

But guess what? Now, you can stream movies on YouTube for free. All the films are visible in the movie section of YouTube.

You can browse through genre or with the right name. However, if you want to see the latest film there, you need to pay an amount of $3.33. But, you can browse the free movie section as well with the HD quality.



YoMovies ©

In this list, YoMovies is the best free online movie streaming website. It deserves to top the list. Here, you can watch all kind of movies you want.

When you visit its homepage, you will see a lot of tabs like Home, Genre, Bollywood, Dubbed, Most Rating, Top IMDB, and News. These are the genre of the film which you will find on the site.

Also, the best part is that the movies are free of cost. So, you can stream any free movies online of any genre you want to watch.



HDonline ©

HDonline a website which comes with a massive database of free TV series and movies. Here, you can see as many films and TV series as you want. The best part of watching on this website is that it is ad-free.

So, you won’t get disturbed again and again by these annoying ads. Also, here, you don’t need to register yourself for watching films.

You can stream it without any sign-up process.

You will get many filters on the site to watch a film like a Year, Genre, Country, etc which will help you in choosing your preference. Or if not, then, you can also directly search the name of the movie in the search bar.



Crackle ©

Crackle is undoubtedly one of the best free movie streaming websites as they are directly the partners with Sony Pictures. They offer countless full-length free movies with high quality.

No matter, wherever you see the movie, you will get a similar feel of a theater because of it’s a remarkable quality. However, you will have to wait in all the ads which you will get while watching a film. But, these ads won’t be very long. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

One of the perks of this website is that it is legit. And if you prefer watching in your cell, this site has an application which supports most of the device.

Hence, it makes Crackle one of the best online movie streaming site.


Tubi TV

Tubi TV ©

Tubi TV is one of the most beautiful media sites until now. Here, you can watch thousands of free TV shows and movies. However, some of them can only be rented. But the rest of them are free.

It can be viewed by the Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes, New Arrivals, Film Festival Favorites, Featured, Trending and not on Netflix sections.

Also, you can choose a genre, and it has a wide variety in it. Like, Documentary, Comedy, Romance, Kids, Horror and some particular genres like Women First, Grind House, Wild Things (Nature), Best of British and After Hours.



Popcornflix ©

If you are the one who loves watching the latest films onlinePopcornflix is the right place for you. Here, they have around 1500 movies of every genre like Comedy, Drama, Horror, Kid, Romance and many more. And the best part is, they keep adding the new films from time to time.

Along with that, they also feature web and film school original.

Watching on this site, you generally don’t need to sign up. All you need to do is to choose your desired movie or series and hit on the play.



Hotstar ©

Hotstar is another one good website on the list to watch TV series, movies, and even the news, and hence, their service is now available in India. It is also available in a few neighboring countries of India.

However, you can still enjoy their services by using a VPN service. If you are a daily soap fan, you can watch it here for free.

Also, their service is available in Hindi as well as English. But if in case, you want to watch more premium content, you can upgrade it as a paid membership in the cost of $3 per month.

Also, few contents can be downloaded so that you can watch them offline later.


Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online ©

Okay! If you are someone who loves watching old movies, Classic Cinema Online is the right site for you.

As the name described, Classic Cinema Online has a classic collection of old movies like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Love Story, Scrooge, Change of Habit and Stagecoach, etc.

The genres you will find here is the Comedy, Genre, Family, and Action. All these genres of films are free to stream.



Retrovision ©

Retrovision has the same concept as classic cinema online. Here, and it makes Retrovision a tough competitor of Classic Cinema Online. You may find the genre like Crime, Film Noir Movies, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Western War and Science Fiction. You will see all these categories on the homepage of the website.

You can search via category and browse it. However, if you know what are you looking for, you can search for it and enjoy it for free.


Eros Now

Eros Now ©

Eros Now is owned by Eros International, and that is a big Indian movie production company. It only deals with Bollywood.

If you are a big Bollywood movie fan but don’t know the site where you can watch all the movies, old or new under one roof, then Eros Now is your destination.

Also, if you don’t live in India but wants to watch a Bollywood movie, you can easily watch it as their service is available in almost 135 nations across the world. The site has its app also which is available on the Play Store.

So, you can browse it on your phone too.

Also, it works on almost every device whether it is an Android phone, iOS, Laptop, Smart TV or anything else. It will work on every device well.

Note one thing, free things include the trailers of the movie and the songs and videos as well. But if you wish to see the full-length film, you can get upgraded to Eros International premium plan in just a little amount of INR99 per month.

Great deal. Isn’t it?



FMovies ©

FMovies is also one of the best sites to watch movies online. Especially, if you are a die-hard fan of watching the latest movies including the one running in cinema theaters, this is the best website for you.

The look of the website is very premium and decent. In the home page of the site, you will see the posters of the newly launched films trending.

For searching a movie, you will see categories such as country wise, released year, most watched, etc. You will also see a lot of suggestions for a movie you may watch.

When you click on a movie, you will also get the IMDB rating, plot summary, casting, genre, etc. And the best is that you can watch the movies without even registering on the site.



Viewster ©

Viewster is also a big platform to watch movies online without downloading. It has around more than 12000 titles including Classic, Comedy, Anime and Documentary films.

When you visit their homepage, you will find it similar to the display of crackle because of the same theme and the color orange. However, the quality of the film may vary according to the country you are living in.

Also, you need to see the ads in the mid of the movie as the ads support the site.

If in case, you are a fan of watching only the latest films, I do not recommend this site. But if you like watching old anime, then this site is the perfect place for you.



GOMovies ©

GoMovies is quite similar to FMovies in terms of content as this site also have a big collection of Movies and TV series which includes the latest movies as well and the one running on the cinema theater as well.

However, the display of the film is not similar to FMovies. In terms of look, FMovies is far ahead than GoMovies. Also, if you are not so tech person, not to worry about. This site is easy to use.

Everything is mentioned on the home page of the site, and it is also in the alphabetical order to find the movies.

The load speed of the movies and TV series are quite good. And the quality is also in HD. So, you can easily stream your favorite movies online without any hassle.



Snagfilms ©

SnagFilms is one of the best online streaming sites with over 10,000 titles in it. It also has one of the best interfaces you will ever find. However, it does not have so many commercial films in it. Especially the latest movies. But if you like watching documentaries and biographies, you will love the site.

SnagFilms has its app which you can download in your smartphone. The cherry on the cake is that the app is supported by most of the device like Android and iOS

You have to sign in in it via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. And you can also make your watch-list and add the titles you want to watch later.

Also, there are some unique yet useful categories under which the titles are categorized. The categories are Festivals, LGBT, and Award-Winning. These are the unique title which is hard to find in any other site.

15. VOOT


Voot ©

Viacom18 owns Voot. However, the content you will find on Voot will be in Hindi. Voot has its app which supports AndroidiOS and Amazon Fire TV. You can view your favorite content on your smartphone.

The only problem with this streaming website is the ads. The ads are irritating, and you will get disturbed by the ads while you are watching.

Also, the content available on Voot is basically from TV channels like Colors, MTV, VH1, etc. So, if in case, you have missed your favorite show, you can watch it on Voot for free.



Yidio ©

Yidio does not host the movies directly. Instead, they direct the user about where the specific movie is available to watch online. But, it has one of the best interfaces in online media streaming websites.

The site is good for those who like watching every kind of movies. The site will guide you better about the Latest Movies, Rated Films, Most Popular Movies, etc. and it will also guide about the site where you should watch such movies.

It will also send you the notifications about the film according to your preference. So, if you want to know about any movie and where to watch it, you should sign up for Yidio. It will keep you updated about it with accurate information.


So, these were the list of free online movie streaming websites in 2019 where you can watch your favorite movies and TV series online without downloading.

In this list, I have shared a long list of different sites specialized in various categories and contents. So, feel free to visit any website and stream your favorite movie online for free.

Happy Streaming.

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