17 Legit Ways to Get Free Laptops in 2021

Are you searching to get free laptops? Well, you are in the right place where you will get the correct information for your needs to get a laptop.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into it. Make sure to read this article till the end. Not only laptops but also there are other products you can get.

This is the age of technology. From father to son, everybody knows how to use technology for our best.

We are surrounded by all sorts of gadgets and tech stuff from head to toe. Need grocery? Use the internet. Want to deposit your house bills? Go through the app on your mobile phone. Want to book a hotel? Check your laptop. Submit assignment? Type it in Microsoft Word and send.

This is how far we have come. For the smooth functioning of our day to day activities, we have become dependent on technologies completely. Technology resides everywhere, from the classrooms to the offices. It has become nearly impossible to live a day without using our mobile phones or laptops.

Someone who invented laptops never knew that it would become such a crucial part of our lives. They would have never known that it is going to impact our lives like anything.

Modern laptops are so upgraded in technology that you can live without a mobile phone if you have a better laptop. Laptops are one of the few gadgets that are being counted in the essentials by everyone.

We can do without mobiles and watches, but we can not do without laptops. The best part is that using a computer saves a lot of time.

You can carry it where ever you want. Also, laptops in the twenty-first century are loaded with absolutely new features. These features are an integration of mobile phone features and personal computer ones. That is the reason laptops are replacing both of them all over the world.

Now that we know the importance of laptops and how it is better than PCs and mobile phones let us take one step forward.

What is the minimum cost of buying a computer? How to get a good quality laptop for free? Yes, you read it right. FOR FREE!

Ways to get free Laptops in 2020

Laptops, with the growing demand in the industry, are high priced nowadays. Not everyone with a regular salary can afford it. Some people toil all their lives but never make it to buying a laptop for themselves. But now there is no need to worry about all this.

We are going to tell you how you can get free laptops, in legit ways.

1. Educational Grants

Educational Grants

Educational Grants

Applying for educational grants is one of the simplest and easiest ways to win a free laptop. Not all organizations cover a free laptop in their grants, but most of them do.

The primary purpose of these offers is to provide the student with tuition fees and expenses, but sometimes they can also give you free laptops. Enroll in these programs as much as you can.

2. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is one website which provides students and returning military veterans. These also provide laptops for students with low income.

You need to enroll on their website to be eligible to win a free laptop. It is an easy way of getting access to a free laptop.

Not only laptops, but they also provide many other free services for students. It is a giving center program which helps connect people who want to make computer donations with the people who want to get them for free.

They want to make a powerful impact on the lives of the people who need a free laptop. They believe that charity not only includes money, but it provides resource sharing too.

Technology is one such resource that has to be distributed among everyone equally. They promote this only.

Also, they do not just randomly distribute laptops to everyone who has registered. They evaluate them case by case. If only, the receptor comes within the criteria of getting a free laptop, he receives it. Also, they repair if anything is needed in the donated laptop and then distribute it to the ones who need it.

The whole point here is that we need to learn to share our resources. These laptops that are being donated on their website are mostly used for educational purposes.

3. Online Colleges

Online Colleges

Online Colleges

There are many online colleges available that teach you online and give you a certificate for the course you have been enrolled in. They want more and more students to be a part of their college and to do the same; they provide them with free stuff which includes laptops too.

You can easily enroll yourself in an online college and get a laptop for free. These are the legitimate ways of getting a free laptop, so you need to provide the desired documents, and then you go under a verification process to be eligible for a free laptop.

4. Giveaways



There are a million giveaways that are continually being organized on social media. There are laptop companies and computer companies who want to promote their company.

Sometimes they give the product to influencers who review their products and then host a giveaway to engage more audience to buy that product.

You don’t have to do much in a giveaway. All you have to do is do what you generally do, like, comment, and share the post. If not that you can opt to complete an effortless task.

If you are lucky enough you can win a free laptop (that too, top model) in a giveaway hosted by any influencer.

5. PCs for People

PCs for People

PCs for People

PCs for People is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher company, and it is engaged in distributing free laptops and personal computers. They distribute licensed copies of Windows 10.

To be eligible for their free laptop program, you need to be either two hundred percent below the poverty level or enrolled in an income-based government assistance program.

They also play an essential part in recycling e-waste from your houses. Also, they provide a pickup and drop facility if you are enthusiastic about donating a laptop.

Not only individuals can get a free laptop, but families are also eligible for getting a free laptop for themselves. They want to promote reuse of resources for people across the world. They strongly believe in the idea of reuse and recycling of resources.

6. Reward Sites

Reward Sites

Reward Sites

Various websites offer rewards in the form of free laptops. You are just required to complete a set of some simple tasks, and you are eligible for getting free stuff which includes laptops too.

You can play games, watch TV, answer quizzes, shop online, browse the internet, or complete offers. A little more attentiveness is required when you are going through these websites.

Be very careful in filling the details and do not reveal too much information that you think is not needed.

Sometimes some people are looking for ways to loot you or use your resources for their benefits.

7. Swagbucks



Swagbucks is reward giving website which helps you earn free money. If you are regular on such sites, there are chances that you can collect the right amount of money using them.

Also, this is all free money, and you can use it to buy a laptop for free. This is free to use the website, and you can sign up for free.

Once you start using it, you can use it to fill surveys, play games, take polls, and you get points for these activities.

You can use these points to convert them into cash, which can be used to purchase a laptop. This way, you get a free laptop for just using your leisure time of the day.

8. PayPrizes



It is fun to use PayPrizes. You can collect points for doing minimal activities like referring to friends, play games, completing surveys, and tasks.

You can collect points for such activities and then exchange them for PayPal cash. It gives you a good amount of cash within a short period of time, and that too for free.

You can use this cash to purchase a laptop for free. Also, this is a legit way of earning a free laptop.

9. With Causes Charitable Network

With Causes Charitable Network

With Causes Charitable Network

Just like a Computer with Causes, With Causes is also a non-profit charitable organization. It gives free laptops to students and individuals in need, who cannot afford to purchase a new laptop.

Also, they promote reusing of resources and distribution of resources between all individuals equally.

10. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is one such organization that provides free laptops in developing countries. They realize the importance of technology in the development of a country, and it’s people.

Thus, they want each and every individual to be a part of this development, so they provide us with technical resources. They distribute free laptops to groups rather than individuals.

This way they do not lose so much of monetary input, and people get access to resources too. You need to be below twenty-four years of age to be eligible to get a free laptop.

11. Colleges



Colleges are one of the most esteemed institutions which distribute free laptops to their students for their bright educational and technological career.

You can always go and check within your college if it diatribes free laptop or not. You can also get laptops for an academic year for free, and you can return them after the use.

It is very easy to get a free laptop from the institution you study in. Do check if your college is the one that provides you with free laptops.

12. Freecycle



Freecycle is a non-profit website that aims at distributing resources as much as possible and to as many people as possible.

You can give and get free stuff in your area. They also provide you with a free pick up and drop facility.

If you have a will to donate for a good cause you can use their website to connect to the people who are in need of those items.

You can give all your electronics here, and people who cannot afford to purchase new laptops can find it here. They will find a good quality laptop on their website. They promote the reuse of the items.

13. Government Schemes

Government Schemes

Government Schemes

Every government wants its people to be educated, technically, and otherwise.

To promote this education, they introduce schemes where they give free stuff to people; this includes laptops too. These schemes are sometimes for needy people, who cannot buy a laptop for themselves.

But sometimes the schemes are open to everybody, and anyone can enroll in them. This is the best way to get a laptop for free.

The more you get upgraded in terms of technology, the more you can contribute to the digital development of the country.

14. Laptop Grants

Laptop Grants

Laptop Grants

Some colleges provide laptop grants to their students. You can go through the department and apply for such grants.

These grants are given by the college to offer free laptops to the students who require it but do not have the means to purchase it on their own. This is very beneficial.

The laptops received through these grants are well and in good working conditions, and you can use them for an extended period.

15. Online Competitions

Online Competitions

Online Competitions

There are many online competitions and quizzes that you can participate in to increase your chances of winning. There are a lot of competitions that allow you to test your skills and knowledge.

Generally, the prize in most of the quizzes is a big surprise, a free Laptop or any useful tool like mobile phones, computers, etc.

16. Notebooks for Students (NFS)

Notebooks for Students (NFS)

Notebooks for Students (NFS)

Notebooks for Students (NFS) is a non-profit organization which was developed by students themselves. They recognize the need for free laptops.

Thus they went on a voyage to provide free laptops to the students who need it.

17. Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws

If you have ever visited carnivals, you must be familiar with the concept of lucky draws.

The prize in such draws is a big one to attract many people to participate in them. If luck is on your side that day, you can actually win a great deal of a prize, a free laptop!

Final Words

There are a hundred ways of getting a free laptop, but are all of these legit ways? No. You need to be very careful with the details you provide on a website.

Do not give too much information. And do not provide them with information if you are not sure about their authenticity. Also, let me just tell you the laptops you get for free are not going to be top models from Dell or HP.

But they are going to be in good condition, and they can be used for a decent amount of time.

Do not expect much from the laptops you receive for free. While most of the governments provide a new laptop, websites are not capable of doing so. They promote reuse and recycle technology.

We need to grow as a community and share our resources with each other. So, everyone has an equal say in the development of a country.


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