18 Legit Websites to Get Free Stuff Online (2021 UPDATED)

Good things never come for free. You all must have heard this phrase? Didn’t you? And definitely, you believe in it?

Well, I doubt! Of course, not every good thing come for free, but some do. Yes, so, today, we are going to talk about the websites to get free stuff online.

Have you ever heard about getting free things through the website?

In this world, where everything is so expensive and earning money is tough, there are some sites which will give you free stuff.

You will indeed need a lot of time to find the real worthy freebies online. Once you find it, you are not going to get an issue. Instead, you will love it.

Yes, trust me; you will surely like it, and guess what? I have done the work for you.


You can get free stuff from the listed websites below. Let’s check out the list one by one.



Craigslist ©

Craigslist does not have a very good reputation in the market. However, if someone deals with intelligence or moreover, I should say common sense, it is not very tough to find useful free stuff.

Craigslist has the concept of recycling. Many people are no more interested in the stuff they have and prefer to throw it away.

So rather than throwing it away, the owners prefer to give them to the people who need it for free — for example, old furniture, electronics or maybe baby stuff.

So, in Craigslist, you can find such things easily for free.



WomanFreebies ©

As you can guess it from the name, the WomanFreebies is exclusively designed for women. Here, you will get things like baby stuff, pet stuff, women products, makeup, hair, books, perfume, etc.

They provide free samples to the customer before they buy their products. So do not expect things for the free lifetime, it will be for the first time as a sample to check the quality.



FreeSamples ©

Well, it is not very difficult to guess it’s work from the name of the site. As the name suggests, the site FreeSamples is a portal which gives you the freebies of household items.

Not just the freebies of household items but here, you will also get coupons for local restaurants and products.

You can get the free stuff you want. All you need to do is to keep yourself updated with the deals which generally comes every day.



Coupons ©

Who does not want coupons? In this expensive world, coupons have become the real savior. Here, in the site Coupons, you will find all coupons for almost every category such as the household item or jewelry.

You will get all. However, you can also use the site to print the coupons and not just that but to discover discount and can find coupon codes as well.

If you want to be more specific in terms of the retailers from where you need to buy your things, the site has the feasibility to find the particular retailer coupon code also.



Yerdle ©

In the list of top websites to get free stuff, Yerdle is the site that is different from others. They call their website a people-powered place.

In our day to day life, we often realize that there is some list of things which we don’t need actually. But since, we have no other choice other than keeping it; we keep it to ourselves.

Yes, Yerdle is a site where you can give those stuff of yours which you do not need anymore. You will not get the money in return for it. However, you will get some credits in return which you can use in buying other things from the same site.

Thus, people will end up saving a lot of money by exchanging useless stuff from each other. Isn’t’ it a brilliant idea?



PlayPartyPlan ©

In PlayPartyPlan, you will over 25 Christmas party games. Be it a board game or any card; you will find all here. Even if you’re trying to entertain both the adult and kids, it will work for both.

Here, you will see games inspired by game shows and board games, games for groups, printable games, and more.



Drugs ©

If you are searching for some medical freebies, you should prefer this site. It is an online resource that provides information about medicines.

According to the Drugs, It also offers a drug discount program with a free membership card that will help you to save as much as 80 percent at major pharmacies.



FreeCycle ©

The world needs such sites more and more. Well, as the name reads, it is all about using the things which are being recycled.

FreeCycle is a non-profit site made to recycle the waste things and help people from it. They call it a “grassroots movement.” It is a network made of more than 9 million members worldwide.

The primary and basic aim of this organization is to put goods to their most efficient use and keep usable items out of landfills. The membership of The Freecycle Network is all free of cost.



ICraveFreebies ©

Are you craving for freebies for a long time? Do you also have similar cravings? If yes, then ICraveFreebies is for you.

The site ICraveFreebies offers links to coupons and free product samples. So, you don’t need to waste time in searching for the links of coupons.

This site has got a massive collection in many different categories such as Kids, Clothing, Beauty, DVD/CD, and Home & Garden.




If you are looking for some good home design and decoration websites, we recommend you the HGTV.

HGTV offers free printable-thanksgiving templates that will allow you to show off the world your crafty side. From ready-to-make menus to cute kids’ crafts, here you will find everything.



ILoveFreeThings ©

The name pretty much defines your emotion. Lol. Jokes apart, it has a diverse collection of stuff you will get for free like books, kids stuff, and other many more things.

If you think that the site only focuses on kid’s freebies, then you are all wrong.

Well, the IloveFreeThings has a huge collection of other categories of freebies which is almost available for all the age groups.



FreeFlays ©

The site FreeFlys is all about free stuff, freebies, coupons, and coupon codes.

Here, you can search the freebies on the search bar, or you can also sort it by the various categories listed on the site.



FreeStuffFinder ©

FreeStuffFinder is a site mainly famous for giveaways, amazing deals, and the discount offered online and also at popular retailers.

In this site, you can end up saving a lot of money as it will show you the both original and the discounted price as well.



GetItFree ©

From food to household items, you will find all the free offers at GetItFree. Here, you can also get deals, sweep take offers, add coupons, and many more while shopping online. Along with the free samples, you will even get great deals here.

You can expect to see the fabulous freebies and deals in vivid pictorial illustrations, which makes it interesting and easy to find what you are after.



SmartSource ©

SmartSource is an excellent source to get free coupons and great deals. It is mostly recommended for women.

Here, you can save a lot of money on beauty products, weight loss products, home grocery, and much more.

You will get a great deal and coupons through which you can save a lot of money. Also, if you are creative enough and love doing DIY projects, you can even get the sanding sheets here.



TheKrazyCouponLady ©

If you are looking for some coupons from some specific retailers, you can get it here.

Yes, TheKrazyCouponLady is famous for offering coupons of the retailers like Walmart and Dollar Tree, as well as high-end brands like Sephora.

Also, if you search a bit, you can find the coupons for getting free ice cream.



TheHolidaySpot ©

TheHolidaySpot has a full page for free valentine’s day freebies.

Here, you will find the links of animated valentine themed greeting cards, party ideas, quotes, fun facts, love poems, dating tips, games and also some love themes letterheads to make your Valentine special.



FreeStuff ©

FreeStuff is a website which is full of free stuff from A to Z, but it also has a variety of links for Christmas-themed freebies.

Here, you will discover links to free poems, quizzes, plays, catalogs, games, and more.

So if you were looking for some amazing Christmas themed freebies or some games, I recommend you this site.


So, here, I have shared some of the websites to get free stuff. Also, you can get great deals and free coupon codes on the good stuff.

The list is based on various sources and the list contains some reliable sites which are legit and will give you the free samples.

The websites I have shared are different from each other and has a massive collection in various categories.

So, if you were looking for some free stuff which you can get online, do refer to this list.

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