21 Amazing Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets in 2021

Movies are something we all love. We certainly shouldn’t deny the fact that the tickets burn our pockets like anything. It does feel like these prices are going up every successive month.

So, what if we say you can save on these expenses?

Yes, there certainly is a way to save on movie tickets as well. There are more than just 20 ways that you may opt for to get movie tickets absolutely free.

You can also watch free movies online at your home without leaving your lovely home. But trust me you’ll love to watch it in the theatres too.

From discount coupons, hack codes to exclusive sites, there are plenty of options. We did all the research for you and found a couple of amazing websites. Read until the end of the article to know every little detail.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the article.

Amazing Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets

This article here covers everything about cheap and discounted movie tickets. You can also find ways that will help you score free movie tickets and everything else that lies in between the two.

All these different ways are not specifically curated for a particular person. So, you definitely have to carry out the trial and error method to see what works best for you.

One thing we can assure is that all these ways listed below are absolutely genuine.

1. Group Sites

The first and probably the easiest way to back free movie tickets is by taking advantage of group sites. There are plenty of websites that allow you discounts on movie tickets.

However, the process still remains expensive because of the various charges. So, the best thing to do is to opt for sites that allow higher discounts.

There are various sites that give you an enormous amount of discount. One such example is Groupon. You can find a variety of deals over there. You can pool money with all the users and collectively enjoy huge discounts for events like movies etc.

Even though all these sites charge you convenience fees, the discount allowed anyhow balances the amount. So, you can still enjoy movie tickets at a fairly low price.

2. Via Cashback Sites

Cashback websites are just another great way of buying discounted movie tickets. There are way too many cashback websites available on the web.

However, these websites don’t really make your ticket any cheaper. But, the cashback that gets added to your account is what makes the real difference. By the end of the day, you will be spending much lower than usual.

So, next time before buying a ticket from the official website of the theatre, try going through a 3rd person approach. Use a cashback website like eBates for your next purchase.

3. Avoiding IMAX and 3D

An ever-increasing number of films are turning out in extravagant configurations. While these are a treat to crowds who love display and marvel, they accompany a conspicuous expense.

What’s more, you’re paying for that extravagance each time you see motion pictures in IMAX or 3D.

On the off chance that you need to see motion pictures at little to no cost, don’t be reluctant to request your tickets in ‘standard’ 2D group.

You can without much of a stretch spare a couple of bucks by maintaining a strategic distance from these attractions.

There will dependably be a few motion pictures that are better in 3D, yet you don’t have to watch an hour and a half-parody in IMAX!

4. Movie Screenings

Movie screenings are done to only a particular group of persons. An unreleased movie is shown before its release date for free. So, it is indeed one of the best money saving ways of watching a movie.

However, movie screenings only happen in major cities, so the option is pretty much limited.

There are several applications and websites that will help you locate a movie screening around your locality. AdvanceScreening and Gofobo are one of the most amazing options.

So, use these options and make sure you visit the next screening that is happening near you.

5. Get Group Tickets

There are times when the entire office feels like going for a movie, or your whole house might want to hang out together. Watching a movie at such instances might not really burn your pockets since you are buying your tickets in bulk.

Most theatres offer you a particular amount of discount. So, buying tickets in bulk will definitely help you cut off the extra expenses.

However, it is believed that decent discounts can only be backed on the over the counter ticket. But, there are online portals that will help you book bulk tickets right at your home.

6. Win Sweepstakes

On the off chance that you need a markdown on film tickets, attempt to win them for nothing!

Since motion picture tickets are moderately cheap, they make a prevalent blessing in moment win and other calm sorts of sweepstakes.

Fandango, the essential ticket appropriation administration, runs sweepstakes with the expectation of complimentary motion picture tickets here.

Be that as it may, you can likewise Google “Free Movie Tickets” or “Film Ticket Sweepstakes” in case you’re searching for more choices.

7. Movie Passes

MoviePass is another membership administration that allows you to see boundless motion pictures in theaters for $30 per month.

It will be a wasteful expenditure if you do not watch more than 1 movie a month. So, make sure you only invest in this subscription if you go for more than 1 movie a month.

In the case that you are a motion picture junky and go to the venue a couple of times each month, this will totally be justified, despite all the trouble as it will pay for itself.

8. Careful Selection of Time

The time you are selecting to watch a movie is also a major factor in deciding the fare of your ticket.

There’s a reason those tickets on Saturday night are so expensive. This is on the grounds that when everybody is prepared to go see a motion picture!

In the event that you need to show signs of improvement bargain, you’ll need to pick an alternate time of day.

There are a couple of things that I would prescribe remembering when you are picking when to go out to see the films.

For greatest limits, you should:

Go promptly in the day : The pre-early afternoon is the least expensive time of day, and a few organizations (like Cinemark) offer brisk riser projects to fill those unfilled seats.

Go on weekdays : Not every person is equipped for getting out to see a film on a weekday, however in the event that you can. You’ll procure the limits. Since the perfect motion picture time is evening time at the end of the week, you can assume that early afternoon on a weekday will be a lot less expensive.

In the event that you can deal with it, why not hold up until the motion picture goes to the ‘shoddy theaters?’

Most towns have a markdown theater that shows second-run and retro return motion pictures. Except if you have to see the motion picture desperately, you can hold up until it goes to these theaters and gets tickets for $1-$5.

9. Watching Free Movies

This option is certainly more like a life hack rather than just another way. We have often heard of certain communities that perform certain activities all through the year. With no doubt, most of us really wish pass on to that.

But, during the warmer times of the year, some of these communities come up with ideas like “movies in the park.” So, you may definitely watch your favorite movie for free. Such events are not worth passing off.

However, the only drawback is you won’t be able to have any control over the choice of the movie.

10. Theatres Mailing List

Now and again, it’s simpler to go directly to the source as opposed to looking.

While you can go to a ticket deals site to set aside some cash (something I’ll get to in a bit) you can likewise go to your neighborhood theater’s site.

In the event that it is a piece of a major chain, like AMC or Regal, at that point, the odds are that they’ll have a mailing list that will alarm you to specific arrangements and advancements.

On the off chance that you sign up, you can seize on any great open doors that come to your direction. It may be concessions investment funds, ticket reserve funds, or different kinds of limits.

11. On The Counter Tickets

This may sound strange, yet many individuals have come to acknowledge paying a couple of more dollars so you can get their tickets from home as opposed to remaining in line.

You can cut those expenses by getting your tickets straight from the movies.

The cutting edge world is brimming with comforts that cost you little charges, and you can get limits by maintaining a strategic distance from the most helpful choice.

12. Reward Point

A ton of us are individuals who are part of some sort of reward application or website.

It may be as straightforward as our charge card’s prizes focus, or something progressively explicit like MyCokeRewards. Notwithstanding what it is, you should investigate the prizes inventory and see what you can get.

Huge amounts of reward projects offer free motion picture tickets as a type of reward, and what’s far better is that you needn’t bother with monstrous focuses developed as you accomplish for Frequent Flyer Miles.

A motion picture ticket may be inside the scope of even an easygoing client. Spoils Gifts to Grow and Disney Movie Rewards are two different organizations to investigate with regards to getting motion picture tickets as remunerations.

13. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are just great. We do come across many of them every day. So, what exactly are loyalty programs?

Considering the theatre scenario, a loyalty program or reward card will basically help you in backing up good discounts. Your reward is calculated by the amount you spend on your movie ticket.

So, all you have to do is get yourself the loyalty card; your credit is added after every theatre purchase. When you feel you have enough credit, you can get it redeemed for a discount or free items.

Majority of famous theatre chains have some or other loyalty or reward program of their own.

Also, you do have a chance of extra credits. Your chosen loyalty program will often keep you notified through emails and messages. So, you can participate in offers and activities and earn extra credit.

14. Gift Cards

There are really various locales that arrange unused gift vouchers, which you can use to get limits on motion picture tickets.

How it functions is that clients offer their gift vouchers to a site for a part of their esteem (say, 80% or less.)

At that point, the site offers you the gift voucher for not exactly the card was at first worth, like $20 for a $25 gift voucher. You purchase the card and use it, basic as that.

You can utilize a site like CardCash or Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny is particularly incredible in the event that you have a chain theater in your town since they have individual store pages for the majority of the significant outlets.

15. Use your Citizen Discount

A large number of us overlook that specific individuals from society get limits in a lot of spots.

Seniors, understudies, and military individuals are, for the most part, individuals in the public eye who might be qualified for limits.

Cinemark is particularly great about regarding these positions. However, you ought to dependably check with your neighborhood theater.

Some of the examples are: Student Discount and Military Discount.

16. Following the Social Media Handles

Some of you might not find the idea of mailing list subscription appealing. Well, this does not mean you cannot stay updated about deals and offers.

Most of these companies are active over various social media platforms.

You can follow the social media handles of the theatre and enjoy great benefits. You can stay updated about the latest deals and offers.

17. Membership Advantage

A huge number of us have AAA participation. It’s an incredible administration to have around while you’re out and about.

Well, in case you’re an individual from an administration like AAA or Costco, you should realize that those organizations as often as possible offer arrangements for things like film tickets and other excitement.

It’s as simple as looking into your AAA benefits. This even goes for something like an association. You never know all the stuff your association may be engaged with, so remember to monitor your advantages and see what you have accessible.

18. Free Ticket Offer

You might be accustomed to seeing arrangements in favor of your soft drink can or in different spots.

Maybe in the paper for your neighborhood supermarket, or something comparative.

In all honesty, the vast majority of these arrangements are innocuous and simple to guarantee! Everything necessary is seizing on it, it’s easy.

19. Drive-In

Drive-in theatres are just an amazing idea — however, there only a few operational drive-ins, but enough to make an exotic experience.

Drive-in theatres are just great for your pockets as well. The tickets here are as cheap as $3. Also, most drive-ins have a 2 movie showing option. You can save way too much if you have a drive-in near you.

20. Bulk Ticket

You might be astonished to learn (as I seemed to be) that you can purchase motion picture tickets in mass.

Despite the fact that you’re probably not going to see an extraordinary rebate originating from it. Except if you’re purchasing a ton of tickets, it’s as yet worth investigating.

In case you’re purchasing upwards of many tickets. The $3 or $4 markdown per ticket is going to begin including in a huge manner. For any individual who has a requirement for such huge numbers of tickets, this is a feasible choice.

21. DealFlicks

DealFlicks is a developing startup that is devoted to making arrangements with theaters. The motive is to pass reserve funds on to clients with arrangements.

First, you visit the site and enter in your postal district. At that point, you’ll get a rundown of theaters with films in your general vicinity that have bargains accessible.

The interface is pretty simple and easy to utilize. It will tell you when the show is available, how much the rebate is, and what the arrangement incorporates.

Presently about these arrangements – the manner in which it works is that you buy a ticket alongside a concession. You buy them at a markdown. At that point, you demonstrate your voucher at the theater and get the things you paid for.

You may be somewhat vigilant about obtaining a bundle this way. Yet the expense of a ticket and popcorn can frequently turn out to not exactly the expense of a typical ticket itself.

The main genuine disadvantage is that the ticket is frequently time-bolted. So, you’ll have a particular time you have to arrive so as to gather on your buy.


Final Words

All the tips listed above will certainly help you in saving a good amount of money. Make sure you check all these before going to the movie next time.


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