25 Best Free Movie Download Websites of 2021 (Legal and Safe)

You have been downloading movies from the Internet for quite a long time now. But do you ever care to check the resource for its legitimacy?

Downloading a movie online implies some piracy. You do realize that it is essential for an artist to get recognition, fame, and income for his work.

What we don’t realize is that due to our conventional methods of downloading movies (illegally) you are actually threatening art and artists.

Instead of downloading movies from illegal sites, there are plenty of websites that are available to watch free movies online.

Also, you share your personal information with the people who might use it for their benefits.

In a case like this, you would not be able to take any legal actions towards them, because it is you who is at fault first.

Sometimes, a soothing and straightforward activity like watching a movie can be pretty cumbersome and worrisome.

What sites to pick? Where to find legitimate content? Can movies be downloaded online for free, from legit sites?

Do not worry. I’m here to answer all your questions.

List of the best sites to Download Free Movies

Here are some top legal websites to download movies for free. If you are interested in downloading free movies, then let’s scroll it down.

1. YouTube


YouTube ©

Everyone must be familiar with YouTube. There is no arguing the fact that it is the most accessible and easy option when it comes to downloading movies.

Anybody can use YouTube to download movies. Just to be clear, some movies are available for free, and some are paid.

It is one of the best ways to download movies without the stress of them being illegal. It is easy to use, and it is a hub for downloading Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean, and all other genres.

You can watch these movies conveniently on your PCs, iPhones, or Android devices.

2. The Internet Archive

Internet ArchiveInternet Archive

Internet Archive ©

If you are looking for a single website to download books and audios along with movies, the Internet Archive is the place.

The Internet Archive has a fantastic collection of films and documentaries on most of the topics. You can almost get every genre on this website.

Many institutions use the Internet Archive to provide and access their material. Institutions like California Digital Library, The Royal Society provide licensed digital copies of their content on Internet Archive.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TVTubi TV

Tubi TV ©

If you are looking for a free Netflix alternative, then you are looking at the correct option, Tubi TV.

“We want to bring our customers as much of the other 99% of the content that’s available in the market,” says Farhad Massoud, the CEO of Tubi.

It does not cost you a single penny to go through this website. It has a broader set of options for hour TV streaming service.

Tubi TV is an advertisement supported website, which means you get to watch ads before the beginning of the movie and during it too. To avoid this, you can download movies from Tubi. You don’t require a login to go through all the smart recommendations, queue movies, and shows.

Tubi TV is easily accessible on all platforms and contains licensed movies and TV shows across the years.

4. Hotstar


Hotstar ©

If you are looking for a website and application that comes with a lot of Indian content, then this is it. Your search is over.

Hotstar, owned by Star India, offers latest movies, TV shows and live sports. It has content in most of the Indian languages and has a lot of available genres.

When it comes to international content, like Movies and shows, Hotstar is minimal. It has an appealing layout, but the only problem is that it automatically adjusts the video quality.

5. Snagfilms


Snagfilms ©

Fewer advertisements, more free movies and TV shows, high-quality content, simple to use, yes all these perks are available with Snagfilms.

Snagfilms offers you content in various categories like the Award-Winning, Crime, Thrillers, Family, Politics, Romance, Documentaries, Latino, African, Comedy, Sports, and many more.

6. Viewster


Viewster ©

Viewster contains a lot of free movies, trailers, and TV shows. Also, one good news is that you don’t need to make an account to use its services. It is an organized website which is available in the form of an application too.

You can browse through categories like Most Recently Added, Most Popular Ones, Best Rates Movies, and TV Shows.

You can filter by languages like English, Spanish, German or French. A total of fifteen genres are available on this website, some of which are Science Fiction, Drama, Action, Romance, Horror, Crime, Documentaries, Thrillers, and Classics.

Video quality is generally good, and it can be adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

It generally has one-minute advertisements, with few seconds buffering.

7. Crackle


Crackle ©

Crackle is one of the few websites that offer their original content also. With some well-known movies, you can also watch their original TV shows.

When it comes to popular shows, it disappoints the users. You can watch animated movies and anime too. (To all anime fans out there, your search is over.)

You can search by the Title of the movie, Genre, or even the Actors’ Name.

Also, an account on this website is optional. It does not hinder the content you can watch over there. Some advertisements can be time taking.

8. Retrovision


Retrovision ©

So where does it happen that you actually get the alerts of the new episodes of your favorite TV show or any new movie being added on the website?

Well, it happens on Retrovision. You can give your email address on which you will get alerts of any new additions to the website.

Do not expect much from the video quality, but for free, I don’t think any of us would mind it.

They have developed a mobile application too, but it is only available for Android users. They have free movies which you can browse through genres like Adventure, Crime, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Westerns, Wars and so on.

You can even look for movies by title or year in which they were released. It also has some tags which you can search for Serials, Star Trek, John Wayne, Film Noir, Dangerous Assignment, and many others.

9. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain TorrentsPublic Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents ©

When the original creator of the patented material fails to renew their copywriter after a certain period, then the movie falls into the public domain.

Public Domain Torrents is accessible to anyone without any pennies being wasted. There are hundreds of free movies, which you can download using a torrent file.

Also generally the video quality is unsatisfactory, but it is different for different movies. It is a gold mine of classics.

So if you are an old movie person, then you are at the hub of classics. (Grab some popcorn and binge it!)

Public Domain Torrents has different genres like Drama, Horror, Musicals, Westerns, Family, Animations, Action, Suspense, Science Fiction, War, and the list is never-ending.

10. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema OnlineClassic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online ©

The name of the website very much justifies that it has some treasures of the old period. Classic Cinema Online specializes in old and silent movies. These are available in different categories like Animated, Musical, Holiday, Drama, Romance, Comedy, etc. They have a list for every occasion.

These movies are free to watch and free to download. The video quality is generally not that high and you 144p, or 240p video resolution is available.

The best quality of this website is that it has no ads to disturb you while you are watching your favorite scene from your favorite movie. It is not available in the form of a mobile application.

11. Dailymotion


Dailymotion ©

Dailymotion is the second biggest video content provider after YouTube. One of the best features of this website is that you can browse, upload, and download video content from all over the world. (Pretty much like Youtube right?)

The content available is way more than any other website since it allows people to upload content too.

Dailymotion is available in thirty-nine countries and twenty-four languages. It gives tough competition to YouTube, but it has not been in the limelight for quite a few years now.

12. Yahoo View

Yahoo ViewYahoo View

Yahoo View ©

You know how some sites do well for years and then suddenly get lost!

Yahoo View is one of them, and It has such diversified content. It is an underrated website.

Yahoo, in 2011, on demand of a video site came up with Yahoo Screen. It used to serve unremarkable original web series. It shut down in 2016, due to less interest of the audience.

After seven months, Yahoo came up with yet another website called the Yahoo Views. This time it worked well as a free website to watch classics.

You may not find current or extensive movies on Yahoo Views. Hardly any mainstream film would be available on Yahoo Views. It has exciting anime and international dramas.

There are a hell lot of advertisements on this website. Video quality is pretty good, but it cannot be adjusted according to your choice. But for free, Yahoo View is an excellent movie download website.

13. Pluto TV

Pluto TVPluto TV

Pluto TV ©

Pluto TV has changed the online streaming and downloading experience. It is a free and legit way of downloading movies and watching them over the Internet.

They come up with related content by collecting free media from various legitimate sources. This website is available on all platforms, and Viacom owns it. It has dealt with CNBC, BBC, IGN, CNET for original content. It also has dealt with Hulu for good quality free content.

Pluto TV offers you amazing video quality with a mixture of new and old movies and TV shows to download for free.

14. Sling TV

Sling TVSling TV

Sling TV ©

If you are searching for a website where you can watch your movies and news, and your kid can watch cartoons and animated films, then you are in the right place.

Sling TV helps you cut the cord and pay very less for a TV experience. It is the first live streaming service to hit the market. Though it is not free, like many modern-day websites, it is very cheap and affordable.

Earlier it used to be one of its kinds, but with time it has been outshined by websites like YouTube. Its deficiencies include a limited number of channels and no variety. You can watch the movies that stream on these channels only.

Also, you can download them too. From Hindi to Hollywood, they have all kinds of channels and languages. Some of the most liked channels are Kids, International, Kids, News, Lifestyle, Comedy, and others.

The best feature about this website is that it is accessible on all platforms and all mobile phones. (Basically, you are carrying your TV in your pocket if you have Sling TV)

15. Hulu


Hulu ©

Hulu has an excellent selection of content with one of the best and latest movies and TV shows. It offers a deep catalog of content. It has all the seasons and all episodes for a TV show, unlike most websites that offer you only limited seasons and episodes. It is supported on all mobile devices.

Also, it is not a free website. It is comparatively cheaper than what you pay at Netflix. It costs $5.99 per month (how amazing is that!).

Hulu provides a commercial-free option too, with a minimal hike in the prices. Just like Netflix, it offers original series also, with the excellent video quality.

You can also stream live TV and sports on Hulu. For all the Anime fans out there, this is your chance to watch all the episodes of all the seasons you couldn’t watch.

16. The Roku Channel


Roku ©

The Roku Channel has been recently introduced and to no surprise has also gained significant popularity as well. There are way too many reasons behind all the love people have been showing this online streaming platform.

One of the reasons is the vast movie library. You can surely find great movies over this website. For instance, there is a Matrix Trilogy, Gravity, and many other fabulous movies.

You need an internet connection to access this website. The specific Roku hardware is not a compulsion.

One of the major drawbacks is that it is only available for residents of the United States. So, if you are not a US resident, you might have to the help of VPN.

17. Open Culture

Open CultureOpen Culture

Open Culture ©

Open Culture is yet another great option available by your side. You can access a lot more things than just movies.

Open Culture website majorly has six options open for you. These are Movies, Language course, Textbooks, Online course, Audiobooks, and E-books.

You can explore all the categories that attract your attention. The videos available over the website are of supreme quality.

18. PopcornFlix


Popcornflix ©

The website sounds more like Netflix, but it’s not exactly similar.

Popcornflix is indeed a fantastic option if you want to watch and download movies without paying even a single penny. And, it is indeed a legal as it could.

There are thousands of options available over the website. You can search for movies according to your mood. They have plenty of genres, so you can always find something for every mood.

The collection of the website must not be sound. It has some amazing movies and not just this. There are some original TV shows as well.

So you are getting a good packaged deal without paying even a little price.
It’s available all across the US. You must use a VPN if you are not a US resident.

19. MoviesFoundOnline

Movies Found OnlineMovies Found Online

Movies Found Online ©

The best thing about MoviesFoundOnline is that it is available everywhere. No matter where you live, you can access this website anytime you want.

The site has a vast range of stuff. You can watch movies, documentaries and other exciting originals as well.

Since the website does not bring up content of its own, it follows a specific principle. The owner of the sites makes sure to take down all the movies that come under copyright issues.

20. Kanopy


Kanopy ©

Kanopy is undoubtedly not a very well known website, but it is nothing less than a gem. It is unique in its way.

We did discover that the site’s popularity is nowhere justifying the quality of its content.

There are hundreds of great movies available to download over the Kanopy. You must go through it at least once.

21. Vimeo


Vimeo ©

Vimeo is a website that is highly accessible and truly reliable. If you have never used this one till date, you must head to this website right now.

Vimeo is very much similar to YouTube. You get the vast number of free movies and all simple overall layout.

Another significant fact is, you can access these websites from all around the globe.

22. IMDb Freedive

IMDB FreeDiveIMDB FreeDive

IMDB FreeDive ©

IMDB is a site owned by Amazon. The company recently came up with this site. If you are an Amazon fire stick user, then this website is just meant for you.

Since the website was introduced recently, the movie collection is pretty limited. We certainly cannot deny the fact that it does have an exceptionally amazing limited collection.

Also, the curators of the website will be adding more movies in the future.

23. Legal Torrent Sites

Legal Torrent Sites

Legal Torrent Sites

We have all heard of Torrent. Will, there are plenty of legitimate torrent sites available too.

You can always search the web for such websites and download movies legally. These websites only show results that are available over the public domain.

24. Google Play Movies

Google Play MoviesGoogle Play Movies

Google Play Movies ©

You are most probably aware of this one. The last yet not the least of Google Play Movies, it is a fantastic option for so many reasons.

First and the foremost reading is the huge movie library. You can find almost any movie over Google Play Movies.

It does not just help you in downloading the movies. You can even rent or buy a movie here. The renting option makes it unique from others.

25. Yidio


Yidio ©

To start with, we must first know the actual meaning of the word. The word Yidio stands for Your Video Online.

I’m not joking when I say that you can never have enough of this website. It has more than millions of movies and shows.

So, you might not end up watching all of that anytime soon. All you have to do is sign up on the website, and you are good to start selecting your movies.

You can even filter your exploration with the help of various told provided by the website.

Final Words

Now that you have a lot of legal options to download movies from, please stop running for the illegal ones.

You know how much effort it takes for a person (a team instead) to create something beautiful for us.

Can we do our part appreciate their efforts?

Apart from the artists’, part it is wrong to download movies from untrusted sites. By downloading movies from those sites, we are allowing them to invade our privacy and private information.

They can use it for several things; some of them can be using your account data to steal your money.

The more technology has to offer, the more it has to take away from us. It is up to us what we want. Also, apart from these sites, you can create accounts on sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. These may cost you a little, but these are absolutely legal.

The content available on these sites is diversified and has a lot of varieties. You can get all the new releases there.

Grab some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie!


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