8 Best Wii Games of All Time {2021 Updated}

The Nintendo Wii U has been a punching bag, with people failing to realize the potential of the console, and many games have not made good utilization of its Tablet-like gamepad controller.

It does fall into being Nintendo’s least successful console and has gradually been replaced by the Nintendo Switch. But games which are exclusive to the Wii U tend to be good.


The list below has the names of Best Wii Games to test your hand at. Continue reading and find which attracts your taste more.


EAD Tokyo Studio made their Wii debut with the Super Mario 3D World, seeing Nintendo’s Italian mascot put in a game as joyful and colorful as those others.

A very delightful hybrid, with classic linear, side-scrolling aspect of all the Mario games, it does away with the shenanigans of the “Super Mario Galaxy” to put the new concept of four-player co-op fun, also keeping the go-anywhere feature of 3D Mario games like the Super Mario 64.

You can choose to play as Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad, sitting together with your friends in the same room, going through adventures of beautiful and colorful levels by jumping, stomping enemies, finding secrets and plenty of jaunty tunes.

The single-player also goes a lot of fun, and you will have the extra bit of curiosity in unlocking many other secret levels even after you have taken down the final boss.


If you wonder about who would win a fight between Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, or if the dog from Duck Hunt is matched up against Ryu from Street Fighter? Or Bayonetta vs. Mega Man? All seems a bit too crazy, but Super Smash Bros. is there to bring your imaginations together and give you a platform on which to build them.

On top of all the fighting, there are plenty of bonus modes to be played, many other alternate gameplay types with hidden secrets.

Sit around with your buddies and go through the amazingly nonsensical roster of characters which does make the game worth to be played and puts a funny touch to it, making it one of the best Wii games.


Splatoon, an entirely delightful and addictive online shooting game for both children and adults, will ensure lots of enjoyment while you try to paint the map with your paint guns, still doing away with the violence and toxicity of some other shooting games like Call of Duty.

Two teams of stylish teens are matched up against themselves to try to paint more of the map than the other.

For this, you can employ your paint guns, or even other stuff like giant paint rollers and even paint buckets.

To refill your ammo, move through your ink, which also enables you to swim through it very quickly. If you step in your enemy’s ink, it makes you move incredibly slowly.

You can outfit your teen in fashionable sneakers, snapbacks, and jackets, making it all the more colorful. Even the music is one of the unique in any significant game in years. Recommended to try it right now.


A terrific action game with bright lights and loud music, accompanied by beating the living hell out of monsters: Bayonetta 2 matches up very well after its predecessor, with the addition of many new weapons and abilities to go on top of it.

The main character is a witch wielding dual pistols, with two more in her shoes. She can turn her hair into demonic creatures, something that cannot be very well explained, but sure is a hell lot of fun.

Need to be particularly good at dodging, which is rewarded by the core “witch time” moments.

If you had this thirst of whipping an angel into submission, by the use of your hair, Bayonetta is for you.


The original “The Wind Waker” released in 2002, but after it has been stepped up to a high resolution as of now, it made itself through to one of the prettiest games in the Legend of Zelda franchise.

The update has also focused on adding stuff that streamlines and helps in improving the play experience.

It makes use of the Wii’s second screen to make item management all the more convenient, with boss fights and puzzles still retaining their levels of excellence, and even though the last hours of the game aren’t that great for playing, the update has streamlined it. Nevertheless, if you have not played “The Wind Waker” you should have a go at it.


The 3DS handheld console had all those Pokemon games which turned out be big hits, but many of the players wished for something different from the franchise, and their demands were answered in the form of Pokken Tournament. It has the kids for a complete thrill, and also deep enough for adults to enjoy it on the go.

The mix of old and new Pokemon in the roster, the inclusion of heavy hitters like Machamp, there is also Chandelure, who seems kind of a living chandelier.

Pikachu Libre is one great addition, a brand new character, in a luchador wrestling outfit and wrestling moves of high quality, including even a perfect Stone Cold Stunner. That summarizes what you are about to experience in the game.


A Japanese role-playing game that has you assembling a squadron of mechs, managing about 18 different types of resources, and trying to establish a future for humanity, in a vast open-world setting.

Earth was destroyed in a crossfire between two alien races, and a human ship crashes onto a new planet, which is beautiful yet hostile. Your job is to explore the planet and exterminate any alien threats that arise, and also help anyone asking for it.

An 80+ hour main story, coupled with the multiplayer game mode, it is truly incredible, and the massive game world is underpowered on the console. Be it on foot or using your mechs, it is an absolute joy to undertake exploration.


Mario Kart 8 is the same Mario Kart formula which has been re-tuned and polished a lot, making it one of the most fun party games you can play on the Wii.

It was already one of the best racing games, it is much more enjoyable now to have features that enable you to customize your vehicles by using different combinations of body parts and wheels, thus making the game much more in-depth and plenty of other things to unlock.

The 12-player races are very smooth. Two add-ons are available to help you add in characters, cars, and tracks from the other Nintendo series of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Two tracks from F-Zero is also available. If you ever enjoyed playing the Mario Kart before, this game will not let you down.

Well, that completes our list of the very best. Give these games go on your Wii console, and find yourself immersed in countless hours of fun.

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