8 Working Tricks to Get Free Robux in 2021 (UPDATED)

Players who wish to explore everything in the Roblox and want to rule it out, usually search for free Robux generator or Roblox hack. However, getting free Robux in the Roblox is not that easy, and if you have a lack of Robux, it could be hard to survive in the Roblox platform itself.

Out of desperation, Roblox players start to search whatever method they can find to get free Robux.  Most of the time, they come across lots of free Robux generator websites that claim to provide you Robux by completing surveys and offers. But in the end, players will not receive a single amount of Robux from them, said by Roblox.

With this post, I’m saving the day by giving out my best tricks to get free Robux in 2020 without any survey.

TIP: Roblox Asset Downloader is the best tool to save Robux. You can download free Roblox assets without spending any Robux.

Working Tricks to get free Robux in 2020

All the working tricks to get free Robux in 2020 without any survey. They are 100% legit and gives you opportunities to earn free Robux.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks ©

Swagbucks is one of the best companies to earn a free PayPal Money. To start earning PayPal money, you need to take some short offers, sign up for various newsletters, download apps, and I think you get the drill here.

You’ll make rewards points which you can trade in for PayPal money. Usually, the Swagbucks sends you the money directly to your PayPal account, and the cherry on top, if you have subscribed to the newsletter, then you can win some for free as well.

You can use your PayPal balance received from Swagbucks to purchase Robux from Roblox.

2. PayPrizes


PayPrizes ©

PayPrizes is one of the best websites in my case to get free Robux in 2020 because it allows you to get the free Roblox gift cards as well as free PayPal money. I’ve personally used and received Roblox gift card codes from PayPrizes.

PayPrizes is a website where you need to complete the tasks provided by them, and by doing that, you will receive points in your account. The more tasks you complete, the more points you will earn.

You can earn points on PayPrizes by referring to your friends, daily logins, watching videos, downloading apps, offer walls, and more.

PayPrizes also allows you to collect points using their special coupon codes. Use the “PAYPRIZES50” coupon code to get 50 points instantly in your account.

3. Latest Roblox Promo Codes in 2020

Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox Promo Codes

Official Roblox staff members issue Roblox promo codes. Sometimes, these are generated by Roblox admins to be used on Roblox for a free item.

Here is the list of working Roblox promo codes in 2020. You can use these codes to purchase a free item on Roblox without spending a Robux.

No. Name Roblox Promo Code
1 The Bird Says____. TWEETROBLOX
2 Spider Cola SPIDERCOLA
4 Coffin BatPack GAMESTOPBATPACK2019
6 Dustin’s Camp Know Where Cap HAPPYCAMPER
10 Neapolitan Crown BARNESNOBLEGAMEON19
12 Hovering Heart ROBLOXIG500K
13 Super Social Shades ROBLOXSTRONG
14 Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun GAMESTOPPRO2019
15 Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat $ILOVETHEBLOXYS$
16 Firestripe Fedora *HAPPY2019ROBLOX*
18 Full Metal Top Hat TARGET2018
20 12th Birthday Cake Hat !HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX!
21 Jurassic World Sunglasses JURASSICWORLD
23 Playful Red Dino ONEMILLIONCLUB!
24 24k Gold Headphones GOLDENHEADPHONES2017
25 Shades of the Blue Bird Following ROBLOXROCKS500K
27 Southwest Straw Fedora SXSW2015
28 Visor of the Blue Bird Following WEAREROBLOX300!
29 Violet Hood of the Ages 200kTWITCH
30 150K Summer Shades COOL4SUMMER
31 KCA Slime Wings KCASLIME
32 Next Level MLG Headphones MLGRDC
33 Next Level Future Visor KEEPIT100
34 Transylvanian Cape HOTELT2
35 Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard ROADTO100KAY!
36 75K Super Swoop 75KSWOOP
37 Next Level Blue Headphones HEADPHONES2
38 50k Space ‘Hawk’

4. Roblox Premium Membership

Roblox Premium MembershipRoblox Premium Membership

Roblox Premium Membership

With Roblox Premium, instead of different names, there are just different tiers. Instead of buying Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous Builders Club Membership, the Premium tiers are just named by the amount of Robux you receive per month, which I will get into in a second.

So the first tier is the Premium 450 Tier, which is pretty self-explanatory; you get 450 Robux per month.

The same thing with the other two, premium 1000 gives you 1000 Robux per month, and premium 2200 gives you 2200 Robux per month.

Now, another change is how you receive Robux with Premium. Instead of receiving Robux daily, you will be receiving Robux monthly.

Now some of you may not like this idea because, say if some limited item comes out that’s only out for a certain amount of time, and you don’t have enough Robux to buy it at that moment, it might be a bit frustrating since you might have enough to buy it.

But, one of the upsides to this is that you receive more Robux per month for most of them.

Previously with Classic Builder’s Club, you only got 15 Robux per month, which added up to 450 Robux per month.

Which is obviously still the same now with Premium, and the same thing with Turbo Builder’s Club; you got 35 Robux per month.

Which also added up to 1000 Robux per month. But with Outrageous Builder’s Club, you only got 1800 Robux per month, and with Premium 2200, you get 2200 Robux per month.

That is 400 more Robux per month than you got originally with OBC!

Another nice change that came with Premium is that no matter what tier of Premium you are in, you will have the ability to join and create up to 100 groups.

Now previously with Builder’s Club, it was limited to a certain amount depending on what level you had.

And finally, for all your Roblox Developers out there, you can now have any tier of Premium to cash out your DevEx earnings instead of needing Outrageous Builder’s Club.

5. Trading Collectibles in Builders Club

Trading Collectibles in Builders ClubTrading Collectibles in Builders Club

Roblox ©

Purchasing the premium membership in the Roblox and using it just for free Robux is not justified at all. But you can certainly use it for other purposes as well.

Since the Roblox premium membership is famous for its trades, you can certainly use it to trade objects in exchange for free Robux.

All the premium members are allowed to purchase and sell collectibles in the Roblox Marketplace. It is a great place to make some extra free Robux if you’re high on creativity and can create collectibles on your own.

You can set the price on your own for some high-value collectibles on demand. I have seen people selling limited-edition collectibles for 17000 Robux worth of a Sword.

So, start collecting and finding unique objects in the game and sell them in the Roblox marketplace.

6. Selling Your Crafts & Creations

Selling Your Crafts & CreationsSelling Your Crafts & Creations

Roblox ©

As previously mentioned, creativity hugely sells in Roblox. Keeping aside that you can sell collectibles such as Pants, Hats, and Shirts, there’s so much more to sell.

If you have excellent design skills in the Roblox Studio, then you can sell buildings and much more for large Robux amounts.

You can trade-in your creations, or you can get hired by people to create something in exchange for free Robux.

The Group Recruiting Plaza is the ideal marketplace to start your trading and retailing business. Although it is just a place for group recruitment, people usually sell their creations there.

You can pay up to 2000 Robux for building a Script or Cafe for other players.

7. Earn free Robux using iTunes Credit

Earn free Robux using iTunes creditEarn free Robux using iTunes credit

iTunes ©

Now, this method is eye-candy for all the Apple users because you can use your iTunes credits or gift cards for getting free Robux. To get started, first, you need to have an iOS device.

Your rewards come from various tasks that you need to complete on reward websites, such as taking a survey, completing tasks, or just watching videos.

You can also sign up for various newsletters apart from downloading apps and games in exchange for points or rewards on the App Store.

After receiving a free iTunes gift card from the reward website, you can redeem it in your App Store.

Now, download the official Roblox app for iOS and go to the Robux section. Use your free iTunes gift card credit to purchase Robux.

8. Earn free Robux using Google Play Codes

Earn free Robux using Google Play CodesEarn free Robux using Google Play Codes

Google Play ©

If you have trembled a bit here and there, then I am sure you have already read about Google Play gift card codes. But for the players who are not aware of these terms, Google Play Store is the official store for Android users with millions of Apps, Games, Movies, etc.

Since there are already hundreds of valid websites that offer you chances to get free Google Play codes, you can use them for free Robux as well. I am not kidding!

All you need to do is complete some free offers, subscribe or download applications on the website. You can then use these points to purchase Games, Apps, Movies, or Videos on Play Store. But our main concern is free Robux without any survey, so we’ll learn how we can use this.

Download the official Roblox app on your Android device and log in to your Roblox account. After that, go to the Purchase Robux section. Use your free Google Play gift card amount and purchase Robux using Google Play Store.

Final Words

All in all, this was all about getting free Robux in 2020. Dozens of websites host similar kinds of tricks and methods. But are mostly fake and not so evident.

Though some tricks might work for a short period, you wouldn’t find them working long as Roblox already fix the bugs.

I would only suggest you keep yourself safe and to trust the legit methods. Get yourself a dose of free Robux to enhance your Roblox experience using these tricks.

I have tried to update this post over time to make it as much comprehensive as it is possible.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if I’ve missed anything in the article as well.

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