15 Best Android Games That Don’t Need Wifi

There is no denying that the internet is the oxygen of today’s era and our smartphones are virtually useless when they aren’t connected with the internet. But there are times, (once in a blue moon) when we don’t have internet access. The mere thought of such a situation is enough to send a chill to our spine but hey, no internet is not the end of the world and you can still do a lot with your smartphone when there is no wifi.

To begin with, you can play some interesting games. Yes, we said mobile games and that too which don’t need wifi. If you still don’t believe us then run down through this article to discover 15 highly addictive and interesting android games that don’t need wifi.




How about beginning our voyage with an action-packed and enthralling samurai adventure? ICEY is a spectacular game in which you as a samurai will have to dash, spin and at times slash your way to overcome a plethora of robotic foes.

The game has a gripping narrative that enhances the fun and the visuals will keep you glued. In this game, you are assisted by a friendly narrator that keeps you on the track with little nudges and directions.


2. Into the Dead:

Into the Dead

Once you are done with the samurai adventure, let us deal with some scary stuff. Into the Dead is an ideal game if you are looking get a little scared and have some fun.

In this game, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is visually frightening. The different visuals are actually scary and the narrative goes well with the overall build-up.

As a player, your task is to shield yourself from the dead who are everywhere and are virtually the rulers of the world. And against these mighty powerful dead foes, your best line of defense is to run as far as you can from them.

But mind you, your enemies are heavily equipped and your chances of survival in this scary and highly frightening post-apocalyptic world are very slim.


3.Pako 2:

Pako 2

If you want a game to keep you on your toes and challenge your decision-making skills then do not look beyond Pako 2. This exciting game lets you think on the go and make decisions in no time. It is mentally draining, fun and very exciting to play especially when you have no wifi connection.

In this game, you are a taxi-driver whose task is to drive accomplices of a crime scene to a location where they are safe. And during your drive, you will have to deal with cars of police that are speeding away on the road.

The story-line may seem simple and straight forward but once you start playing the game you will feel the heat as the challenges pop-up on the go and you will have to make decisions in no time.


4. Plants vs Zombies:

Plants vs Zombies

If you are an active gamer then you must have come across this exciting and simple game called Plants vs Zombies. Ladden with eye-catching visuals, exciting soundtracks, and intuitive approach, this game became an instant hit and has gained plenty of loyal supporters.

In this casual tower defense game, you have to plant the Plants in a specific area and also have to save them from the approaching zombies. And to aid you in your task, you will be equipped with plenty of weapons that can stop or kill the zombies. But to use these weapons you will have to earn points and these points can be earned by planting more plants.

In a nutshell, you will have to come up with a strategy to defend your farm from the zombie attack. So get set and bring out the Gardner inside you.


5. The Room: Old sins:

The room : old sins

We are back with our scary games and this one is sure to frighten you. But what makes The Room: Old Sins so exciting is that apart from the scary part, the game has plenty of suspense and it challenges your thinking.

This mobile puzzle game is one of the most popular games in recent times and the fourth edition of this game has a mysterious storyline. Two important characters, an engineer and his wife have gone missing and the investigation points towards a dollhouse which is in the attic of the house.

And this is where your skills come into play. Remember you have to stay focused and find out the truth and to push you out of the way there exist plenty of scary things. And what’s more the dark plot and the terrifying atmosphere will challenge your calmness.


6. Archery Master 3D:

Archery master 3D

A simple yet highly gripping game, the Archery Master 3D will keep you engaged when you don’t have a wifi connection. The game as the name suggests is about archery shooting.

But make no mistake, this ain’t any ordinary archery game. The Archery Master 3D is equipped with jaw-dropping graphics, some highly effective animations, and highly cool and realistic atmosphere.

And what increases the fun is that there are 100 plus levels in the game which means that you can go on and on without losing the steam. Plus there is the option of the 1-on-1 battle that lets you challenge another player and test yourself.


7.Crossy Road:

Crossy Road

Continuing with our sports niche, here is one game that deals with vehicles and roads. The Crossy Road is a highly simple game in which you will have to help a host of characters to cross paths. And at the same time will have to control a lot of metrics.

In this game, you will have to deal with roads, railway tracks, and streams. In the beginning, the storyline looks very straight forward but as you move ahead the toughness increases and you will have to scratch your brain to stay on track.

The Crossy Road game comes with interesting visuals which are simple yet effective and makes the game more exciting. This game is a very good way of killing time when you don’t have access to a wifi connection.


8.Jetpack Joyride:

Jetpack Joyride

A very popular game, Jetpack Joyride has stolen the hearts of gamers for its adrenaline rushing gameplay and structure. In this game as a player, you have to run as far as possible dodging obstacles and other hindrances. The speed of the player is automatic and you just have to give him the direction and save him from the oncoming troubles.

The attractive interface and state-of-the-art animation make this game exciting and fun. Plus there is the incentive of collecting coins and other gifts that keep you engaged in the game.


9. Sudoku:


If you are done with the modern animations and complicated game structuring and want something simple and old-school that will tickle your brain cells and at the same time will help your brain to stay sharp then why not look at Sudoku.

This Japanese puzzle game is well-known across the world and is loved by millions for its amazingly simple structure and exciting nature. Sudoku is a puzzle where you have to enter a specific number in a vacant space. There is a proper method of where a number can be put and its all about decoding the connections between numbers.

The level of difficulty of this game differs and you can choose the one you are comfortable at. But before diving into the world of Sudoku beware as this is a highly addictive game and chances are that you will end up getting glued to it.




And while we are talking about the traditional and old-school games, why not discuss the grandpa of digital games, something which we all have grown up playing- The Minecraft.

This is a very simple game with no complicated storylines and no fancy moves. All you have to do is dodge the mines and unveil the structure. And this simple game structure is so powerful that it has survived the test of time and even today, Minecraft stands tall as one of the most popular games amidst sensational animation laden games.

The newer versions of Minecraft are armed with creative modes where you can build an entire world, take a shot at the bad guys and can do a lot more.


11. Cut The Rope:

Cut the rope

A bit of skill, a little thinking and plenty of fun, this is Cut The Rope in a nutshell. In this interesting game, you have to feed a green animal a candy which hangs on a rope. You have to cut the rope and ensure that the candy falls in the mouth of the animal.

Sounds simple? You wish it was. Between the rope and the mouth, the candy has to dodge several obstacles whose only aim is to prevent the candy from falling in the mouth of the animal. And this is where your skills come into play. You will have to scratch your brain, think on your toes, make quick decisions and keep your mind focused to ensure your mission of feeding candy to the animal is successful.


12. Ready Steady Bang:

Ready steady bang

If you are not a fan of complicated storylines and love simple yet gripping games then think about Ready Steady Bang. The storyline is fairly simple. You have to survive a Mexican stand-off against a cowboy and you can do this only by staying sharp and with quick decision-making skills.

This game challenges your focus and forces you to concentrate as a split-second lapse will cost you your life. Ready Steady Bang is exciting as hell and is very fun to play with.

And not to forget the slapstick humor which is sprinkled with care to make things more exciting.


13. Mini Metro:

Mini metro

Building things is fun and building complex systems is even more fun. And this is what makes Mini Metro a wonderful game as in this game you build an entire metro system. Yes, you heard it right, you construct a fully-functional metro system in this game!

Mini Metro challenges your thinking ability and your skills in responding to situations. Here you are asked to build a metro system to cater to your ever-expanding population and to make things more challenging you have to take care of tunnels and carriages.

The excitement increases as the stations get overcrowded and the effective graphics and catchy soundtracks make the challenge entertaining.


14. Air Control Light:

Air control lite

The diktat is simple and clear. You have to assist the helicopters and planes to land on the specific zones and ensure that there are no collisions. If you think this is a simple task then wait for the frequency of planes and helicopters to increase and make collisions almost unavoidable.

You will be required to bring out all your skills on the table and focus as after some time the situation becomes extremely chaotic and you will have to work hard to ensure all landings are safe.

And then there are effective soundtracks and some exciting graphics that enhance the fun and aid you in your quest to make the planes and helicopters land safely at their respective zones.

15.Tank Hero: Laser Wars:

Tank hero : Laser wars

One of the coolest tank games is the Tank Hero: Laser Wars which is highly exciting and enthralling. The Laser Wars version of the game comes with state-of-the-art graphics that are sure to blow your mind and some stunning gameplay.

The soundtrack keeps the entertainment quotient high and there are various levels that ensure you don’t run out of steam. If you are looking for a nice and gripping game them Tank Hero: Laser Wars is the one for you.

So, the next time you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have access to wifi, you don’t have to bother much as now you are equipped with an extensive collection of amazing android games that will keep you hooked and engaged.

So, wait no more and enjoy the fun by playing these wide range of mobile games that don’t need wifi. And do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they too can have some fun.


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