Dragon City Hacks and Cheats to Get Free Gems, Gold and Food (2021 Updated)

Dragon City basically has three resources within the game, Gold that is used to buy upgrades, it has Food that is used for feeding the dragons and such and finally it has the Gems that can be used as a replacement if the Gold or Food in the game is low and it is also used to skip upgrade time and such.

Gems are the most valuable resource of the game and a lot of people buy the in-game currency for real cash.

But not everyone is able to afford to pay for the in-game currencies and therefore their various hacks and such for Dragon City that are available for download or for modding or boting.

This article will act as a tutorial or guide about Dragon City hacks and cheats will be talking about these three methods in details.

And the legit one “how to get more free Gems for your Dragon City without Hacking” at the end.

The Methods to Hack Dragon City

There are mainly three methods of hacking the game Dragon City. The most popular one is to download the hacked version of the game and to install it into your Android device or iOS device.

The second method would be to use a Dragon City hack/generator to get the unlimited resources and the last method is to use a private server to get a Dragon City hack or modded Dragon City.

1. Downloading the Hack

The most popular method used to hack Dragon City or to MOD or bot Dragon City is to download the hacked version of the game. These hacked or modded versions of the game are available online and also in third party app stores.

There Is a problem with this method, that is, some of these downloads can have malware or viruses attached to them and this corrupt your device by deleting or editing or copying your data. Well, so instead of downloading them from a website or on the web browsers it is better to download them through a third party app store.

This hacked version that you download can be installed into your Android device or iOS device if you download them directly to your device but if your downloading the .apk version into your PC and then transferring the .apk file into your Android device and this only works for Android as the .apk file is an Android file extension. And therefore this won’t work on an iOS device.

In this method, you get the Dragon City hack which will give you unlimited resources like Gold, Food, and Gems so a player can use it get through the game with ease and go up levels and quests really quickly without wasting a lot of time for upgrades and such.

But hackers will have their accounts banned by Social Point and they take it seriously to tackle the situation of hackers. They will first give warnings and then given a limited period ban and can also ban the player permanently making all their progress in the game to go to zero.

2. Dragon City Hack Tool/Generator

The second method would be to use a Dragon City hack tool/generator that will generate these resources into your game.

But there a lot of these websites available on the Internet and so many of these are a fake as well and also there are a few ones which are said to be working.

These are just scams and don’t believe them.

These websites are where you have to “Go Online” and visit their website and then you have to “Enter Your Username” into a text box provided on the website.

Once you enter your username a lot of random codes will pop up which will not make sense to most people.

Once this code play is over another pop up will appear telling you that your account is verified and that you have to complete a survey to get your free resources like the Gold, Food, and Gems.

Some websites say that they need verification if you are a human being, I mean come on which animal or AI (Artificial Intelligence) is smart enough that it would want to play games with a hack or mod in them?

Well, these kind of websites are a complete scam and all they want is for you to visit their pages so that they are able to earn money through your visits. But there are said to be working websites available but they are kind of a myth.

Basically, it is impossible to hack into the Dragon City server as Social Point has a good security set up against common hackers and also would ban such accounts that would try to right away.

So this method is a no go if you do not have an Internet Virus Protector as it could be risky as these websites might also have malware or virus that could corrupt your device by erasing or editing your data.

So make sure you have an anti virus with an Internet protection activated before you visit such websites.

3. Use of Private Servers

The third method is to use a private server this is a bit of a complicated method where for your Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets you will have to download the game from a third party app store like TutuApp, Aptoide etc. and by using these apps you can download the hacked version of the game which has a private server.

What the private servers do is it makes sure your not playing your game on the Official Dragon City server but on a private server which will give you unlimited resources like Gold, Food and Gems for free and you can play on this private server.

But the major drawback would be you would not be able to connect to the Facebook account and would not be able to save your game in some cases.

Another drawback is that you will not be able to play online with many players as very few players around the globe use this method and so multiplayer is limited for the private server hacked game of Dragon City.

There are also ways to create private servers directly on your Facebook game but these quite complicated and if caught your account will be banned and you will not able to play the game on Facebook but if your a risk taker there are various tutorials or guides available on YouTube, Dailymotion etc. where you can learn to create private server of the game on Facebook through your PC.

How to get more free Dragon City Gems without hacking?

Everyone who plays Dragon City would have searched or looked around or gone through its tutorial or guides for various reasons and especially for extra GEMS! Yes, the most important and essential thing about the game is their Gems.

You always need extra Gems to play in. Gems are never sufficient. How would you feel if you have all the capabilities to play and win the game but you just loose because of a few Gems?

Wouldn’t you feel disheartened?

You would definitely! The only way to go ahead in this game is to leave others behind and that you can do by using your other powers and amenities which can only be used when you have enough Gems.

To make your dragon the most powerful and best among all and win the competition you need Gems in your game. More the Gems more ahead you will be in the game. So people go and check various tutorials and guides to find ways to earn Gems. But end up to disappoint when they don’t get a sufficient and satisfactory answer.

Various people might try to hack Dragon City to win it but why take the illegal route when you can legally win it by extra Gems and Gold that too free. You don’t need to cheat to win, play fair and win it sportingly by just having free extra Gems. The tutorial to get free Gems is here.

You now don’t need to spend money on these Gems. We all like to get as many Gems as possible and too to when they are free then definitely! Don’t need to purchase it from the shop and didn’t need to get packs either for your Dragon City.

Best ways to get free Gems in Dragon City

Here is the few simple, reliable and easy way to get free Gems for your Dragon City.

1. By completing the Achievement and Goals

The first and most easy way is that you just need to keep completing the achievements and goals of the game. There are certain goals you are supposed to do while playing Dragon City as you keep doing them and finish them you automatically gain Gems.

This is along with your game. You don’t need to as in do anything different and extra. Just while playing your regular game complete and finish all the goals. As you keep finishing the goals, Gems would keep adding in your game.

This way you would love to play Dragon City more efficiently and with a lot more interest automatically. Achieve the goals with your hard work and get Gems without buying or purchasing from the shop.

2. Activate the Jewelem’s Guardian Tower

This is another go along with the game method to win Gems. This is a long and task filled way but again you just have to keep playing the game.

As you go ahead in your game you will find one of the Guardian Tower called Jewelem’s Guardian Tower. This tower you can find right after the Midarian Tower. You at least need to qualify min stage 12 to reach Jewelem’s Guardian Tower. Jewelem is the Treasure Granter if the game.

All you need to do is build his tower. If you do so that is if you rebuild his tower, he will share his fortune with you. His very own fortune of Gems. It isn’t a bad power or deal because it helps you with free Gems by just building his tower again. It’s way better than purchasing them from the shop.

Jewelem requires a lot more quests than Midarian did. But the good point is you get free Dragon City Gems.

Fair enough right?

3. Complete the Freebies Island Offers

All to do is complete the offers. Yes in your Mobile-Friendly game all you have to do is complete the offers you get in the freebies Island.

Completing them won’t cost you anything instead Will just give you more free Gems.

The offers are mostly like to view videos or complete some particular thing like trying other vendors apps and in exchange, you would get Gold, Food, and Gems.

Also, all the videos or the vendors are independent and none are Social Point. With this, you might face the delay in getting your rewards because of the bridge between the vendors and Dragon City game service but you need not worry you would easily get it within 24 hours. But yes this is a mobile feature only which has its own benefit that you can do freebies Island offers anywhere as you carry your mobile with you everywhere.

You can reach the island by just keep unlocking other islands before it and get it when you’re crossing the stage 20. You have to keep playing Dragon City for minimum 20 days to reach till freebies Island. These offers can be found on some temporary islands as well.

4. Watch Ads while playing

As we all know we keep getting the ads and in between our games.

We all find it troublesome and hurdle full in our game. But not everyone knows that they are the most relaxing full way to move ahead in the game.

How? Just watching them! Sounds a bit interesting right? Yes, all you need to do is watch the ad.

Come out if our habits of skipping the ads and just watch the few seconds ads. Be patient sit at a place and just watch the ad and you get Gems for that. What could have been better for your Dragon city.

5. Just connect to us

Isn’t connecting socially to everyone around the world become quite easy? Thanks to social media! Thanks to Facebook! There might be hardly anyone who you would find not operating a social media account.

So, guys, you can get your free Gems even by connecting to the Dragon City game page. This is the first thing you would do right? Yes, you read correctly. Just visit the Facebook fan page of Dragon City and follow and like it. Just do this much and you get your free Gems. Isn’t it very easy to get free Gems instead of buying it?

So what are you waiting for before anyone else does it you do all of them and go ahead build towers, complete goals and offers and win the game? So dragon masters see you back on the islands!

Final Words

These are the ways to use, download and the reasons as to why you will need hacks or free unlimited resources like Gold, Gems and Food in the game. The game is very popular and using hacks would be unfair to the players who play the game fair and square and also buy the Gems to support the developer or creator of the game, that is, Social Point.

There are various ways to download a hacked or modded version of the game and also to create a private server of the game or to use a Dragon City hack generator, that actually works, but the way to do it properly is never mentioned in most websites and apps and there are also various scammers who try earn money by deceiving people through their lies so be careful to not fall into such scams and schemes.

People have various reasons to use a hacked version of the game so by following this article you will get a good insight about Dragon City hacks or mods and private servers.

These various methods to hack Dragon City or mod Dragon City are for various kinds of people as well. This means that if your the kind of person who likes to gamble meaning you like to risk it the best method for you to find a Dragon City hacking website to try and hack their server. Which is impossible but you can try, you never know.

But if your the kind of person who is not too keen on having a to take risks but want to have all the features then following the first method will help you achieve your aim. And last but not the least if your the kind of person who does not wish to be unfair to the players who play on the grid, that is, the players who play fair and square and pay for Gems and such.

If your the kind of guy who does not want too much multiplayer part of the game and only interested in the part which does not need multiplayer then creating a private server or downloading a hack of Dragon City that is using a private server would suit your style more. These are the guides to a Dragon City hacks and Cheats. It would be more easier to play the game fair and square and of course time consuming but without any risks of getting banned.

You can also play the Dragon City hacked version and not consume much time to advance but also help your self advance in an alarming rate.

So no matter which way you choose to play you should make sure to have fun. After all such games are all to have fun and to enjoy leisure time.

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