10 Easy Ways To Get Free Robux in 2021[Updated]

Best ways to get free Robux


We know how irritating and frustrating it is to spend countless hours on using fake generators who claims to give free Robux but in the end, all you get is a disappointment.

But if you are highly disappointed, don’t be. Today in this post, we are going to talk about the best ways to get free Robux.

TFor playing the Roblox game, it is essential to have the primary currency of the game which is Robux. It will not just help in making the in-game customization but also will let you buy the special features and upgrades of the game.

The easiest way to get the robux in the game is to earn it by completing the tasks of the game. However, for most of the players, robux earned from such tasks is not enough and hence, they search for how to get Robux in free of cost.

But the good part is, you really can earn robux for free of cost.

But how?

Let’s read it here-

Note- Beware of those fake websites who claim to offer free Robux through some generator or hack. They are not genuine and will only waste your time for their own good.

Top10 methods to earn free Robux (All Legit ways)

Let’s start the list-

1- Earn it through Google Play

Google play store

Starting the list of the top methods of earning free robux, the very first way is to earn it through Google Play. As you already know, it is the official store for Android users to download apps, games and etc online.

Many websites offer to get the free google play code and cards which also can be used for getting the Robux for free of cost.


For this, all you need to is to complete some easy surveys which will only take your 2 minutes and complete other given tasks. Using these points will be enough to make you purchase any game or app on the Play Store.

The balance of google play codes can be used to get the Robux. Also, you can use it in other games such as 8 Ball pool, clash of clans and etc.

2- Sell your crafts and creations

Sell your crafts

By selling your crafts, you can easily earn some free Robux. Collectibles such as hats, shirts, and pants can easily be sold there. If you are someone who has got good design skills in Roblox studio, you can also sell buildings.

You easily can trade in your creations in order to get free robux in exchange. Also, you can get hired by someone in order to create something and get free robux.

3- Sell your Roblox account


One more option in the list is to create a Roblox account and after some time, sell them in exchange for some worthy amount. There are many people who will be your buyers.

However, you need to make sure about two things, i.e. your Roblox account age and collectives in it. It will be the criteria on which people would offer money. Later on, for buying Robux in your real account, you can easily use the money you have earned selling the account.

Note- While making the account, make sure you fill it with robux and also get some collective items. It will help in showcasing your game account to the other players of the game.

4- Earn Robux using iTunes credit


Now, this is the method only applicable to iOS device holders. If you are among them, then you can easily earn some free Robux using your iTunes credit.

For this, you are required to complete various tasks such as watching a video, playing a game or filling a survey. In fact, you can also earn some credits by signing up for newsletters. In exchange for doing these things, you will get the credits which can be used to purchase robux.

5- Earn rixty codes

Rixty codes

This is one of the most trusted ways to earn robux for playing Roblox. Using rixty, you can earn the game points of different games such as 8 Ball pool, clash royal, clash of clans and of course, Roblox.

In order to earn the rixty codes, you can either sign up for newsletters given, take some short surveys and download the apps.

By doing this, you will be able to earn some reward points. These points can be traded in for rixty codes. The codes will be sent in your email and from there, you can easily transfer your rixty codes in the game Roblox.

6- Sell game passes

Game passes

For those who are not aware of it, game passes are similar to the superpower pass through which, one can easily give special power to any of the characters from the game.

And since people are very much fond of winning games, it will make easier for them. These passes are not just available for one but many popular games.

If you do have a pass of any game, you can easily use it in order to get some free robux to use in Roblox.

7- Exchange collectibles

Exchanging rewards

If you are serious about getting some free robux, you might like this method. In Roblox game, there are many collectibles which can be sold in a good price. These are the limited edition items due to which, you can easily sell it for a higher price.

In order to trade different items or exchange collectibles, you are required to have a builder club membership. Without having this, you won’t be able to trade anything.

Now since you are required to purchase the builder club membership, you might think that this method shouldn’t be in this article. However, if you really examine it closely, you will find that having the premium builders club membership is really useful.

With your membership level, your amount of getting the free robux will increase. Also, the official robux store will allow you to redeem offers and rewards frequently.

Now here are the plans are given-

1- Regular builders club- This membership will only cost around %5.95 per month. And in this membership, you will be able to get 15 robux daily.

2- Turbo builders club membership- It will make you pay $11.95 per month. Here, you will get 35 robux every day along with the other premium features.

3- Outrageous builders club membership- It will cost you around $19.95 per month and it will get you some really interesting and amazing in-game features.

Note- If you have some item which is rare, do not sell it now. Keep them for later and sell it when you think it is the right time. It will help you in making some good amount.

8- Join some survey websites to earn robux

In order to earn free robux, you can visit some legit survey websites which will offer you either free robux or digital gift cards through which you can purchase free robux. These websites are free of cost and totally safe to use. These are the below-mentioned websites which are totally tested and legit.


For earning points, you need to complete the daily tasks which can be completing a survey for a product or maybe you will ask to put your opinion about any product given. In addition, you will not just earn points but will also get the sample of the product about which you will be asked for providing an opinion.

9- Join some active game forums

There are many active forums available like Reddit where you can easily earn some robux as a giveaway. In such forums, you will also get to know everything happening about the game.

In such forums, you will also find the way through where you can simply participate in the page where people are giving free robux. By simply following their posts on social media and liking and sharing it, you will get some free robux.

10- Join giveaways

Giveaway sites

If you try joining giveaway from a game developer of big players, your chances of getting some free robux will become bright. You just need to promote their collectibles and games.

Since the big game developers are always in a need of some good audience, you can be their help and by doing so, you can earn some free robux.

You are only required to share their links in your social media accounts. The task is very simple. But by trying this, you can surely get some robux in free of cost.


So these were the top methods through which you can get free robux in Roblox. You might go through some fake websites which will be similar to the sites mentioned above. However, please don’t use such sites as it will only waste your time.

If you really want to earn some good amount of robux, any of the way mentioned in this article will for sure work for you. You can easily use the method and earn some robux.

If you know a way which isn’t listed here, please write to us in the given comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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