eBay and Walmart : Redeeming codes.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, BUY IT! The mantra is quite effective for all customers. Online shopping and Offline shopping both have been bringing out attractive ideas and offers for them to serve the best to their customers.
Though, it appears that Online shopping has always had a better foot forward. Stay home and shop online, it will not be pretty good to look for a parking spot. Many E-commerce websites have been coming up.


Amid these, eBay has certainly got a spot to consider. Being an American multinational e-commerce corporation, it has kept facilitating consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through its website.
Ranging from electronics to fashion, motors to collectibles for home and garden, eBay has come up a long way. Also, a specific remark about the eBay gift cards can’t be ignored. Running hopeful over the time would surely get you some valuable gift cards as well and thus, here’s the moment to take some of them to use. Extremely Confused!!! How to use THEM!? Don’t worry. So, here we go, given are the steps for redeeming eBay gift cards.

ebay gift card

Ways to redeem eBay gift cards online. 

1. Visit the portal of and begin your shopping.
2. Once you are done with all your shopping and are ready to check out, select the Pay Now button.
3. Further, you need to type the gift card code in Redeem a gift card, certificate or coupon.
4. Click the Apply button followed by the Continue button.
5. Select Confirm Payment.

Multiple gift cards can be used for your purchase.
Your gift cards never expire, you can use them anytime. Yeah, that’s a bonus!
Plus, no maintenance fees are associated with your cards.

Momentarily, its also time to try out something new. You would also like to try something with Walmart, wouldn’t you? Well, it becomes pretty exciting when you get to shop online with one of the biggest multinational retail corporations.
Walmart has done some remarkable jobs operating a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Thus, it has also come up with its portal sponsoring online shopping. Always keeping their customers satisfied has been the first motto. Walmart online has been arriving with fantastic deals and offers for the customers. The inclusion of Walmart eGift cards has also done a great job making the customers avail more benefits of shopping.
These gift cards are used to avail of bonuses during online shopping purchases. Hence, redeeming them has served in the interest of customers.

Walmart Gift Card

Ways to redeem Walmart eGift cards Online

1. Before checking out, you shall attend the payment method screen.
2. Pick a gift card.
3. Type in the code present on your gift card.
4. Apply for those gift cards that are already saved or add a new one.

5. The extra amount left on our gift card would be saved for future purchases. Enjoy!
6. Once the cards are added, they shall appear in your purchase summary,

In the end, it’s quite sure that you might have had good and profitable shopping.

Do check out our separate feeds for redeeming free gift cards. Yeah, you got that right, you can do it as well!!

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