Edit PDF for Free: The Best Free Tools for Windows

You can edit PDF in no time with Windows thanks to free software. In our download area you will find many different freeware tools to easily edit your documents – CHIP presents you with the best software for editing PDF documents.
The best thing about PDF format? Sure, it looks the same on every system. Nobody messes with the document, shoots all the formatting or changes content. But there is a problem with this: If you want to consciously edit a finished PDF, even if it’s just to adjust a little something, you need a special tool.
Many of these tools for PDF editing cost good money and for professional use in companies this is certainly a good investment. But don’t panic: We have the best free alternatives for you to download, which cover almost all the requirements of private users. At the top of our list is the PDF24 Creator .


  • PDF24 Creator 10.0.2

    PDF24 Creator 10.0.2

    The free “PDF24 Creator” is a powerful tool that makes more of your PDF documents.

PDF24 Creator: PDF editing made easy

PDF24 Creator handles many PDF editing functions for free.

PDF24 Creator handles many PDF editing functions for free. Image: CHIP
Adobe developed the PDF format with the aim of being able to distribute documents independently of an application. Regardless of which device you are viewing a PDF file on – the document remains as the author created it. These advantages made the format one of the most popular document formats ever.
But sometimes it is still necessary to edit a PDF afterwards. With the right free PDF tools, that’s no problem. There are now many free alternatives to the expensive Adobe Acrobat. We recommend the PDF24 Creator for PDF editing . Install the tool. You do not have to create the free user account offered, PDF24 Creator also does its job. You can use the account, for example, to use the online fax service created around the tool. Most PDF24 web apps are directly accessible without an account.


In PDF24 Creator this is very easy to do using drag and drop. Simply drag the Word file or any other existing format into the editing area and PDF24 Creator will convert the format to PDF.



PDF is first and foremost a format for the true-to-layout file exchange, i.e. a format that is intended for viewing. The advantage is it looks the same on every platform. You can view PDF files in a browser or with tools such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, but you cannot edit them. With a tool like PDF24 Creator, however, you can post-process such as throwing pages out of documents, combining different documents or extracting images.



No, not necessarily. Professional PDF workflows in companies usually run using payment tools such as Adobe Acrobat, but these tools are usually far too oversized for home use. You can often manage small editing processes with freeware such as PDF24 Creator.



No, with PDF24 Creator this also works without an account.



Yes, it works, although the ideal solution is of course to make the changes in the original source format and then create a PDF from it. But in principle, a finished PDF file can also be edited with tools such as PDF24 Creator. Important: The whole thing can be very tricky in details.


Edit PDF extensively

Numerous helpers make the individual tasks easy.

Numerous helpers make the individual tasks easy. Image: CHIP
In the overview you will find various abbreviations, for example to create PDFs from different documents, to compress or to print PDF files. Many functions are grayed out if there are no PDF files. For example, you can click into “PDF Tools” and add a file there. There are shortcuts for important operations, fine work is done in the Creator module.

Finishing work on the PDF

Fine-tune PDF files.

Fine-tune PDF files. Image: CHIP
If you want to remove individual pages from a multi-page PDF, click on them with the right mouse button in PDF24 Creator and select “Delete”. In this way you can also rotate individual pages or insert blank pages at any position.
To combine multiple PDF documents, drag them into the editing area. The easiest way is to insert an empty file via the menu and then drag the appropriate pages into the new document with the mouse.
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