Five legit ways to get Free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes in 2021


iTunes has stirred the technology world with its ingenious features and the plethora of entertainment options it offers. With iTunes, it is becoming extremely easy to access your favorite music, videos, podcasts, and other entertainment options.

But at times iTunes become a pain as you have to purchase the apps and other entertainment avenues. And if you are an audiophile then these purchases most often make a big hole in your pocket.

But this doesn’t have to be the case always as you can get the apps, music and other stuff on iTunes for free by using iTunes gift cards. And if you are wondering how to get these iTunes gift cards then you are at the right place as here we discuss the legit ways of getting iTunes gift cards for free.


1. Subscribe to newsletters:


If you are tolerant enough to receive frequent newsletters in your inbox then you should surely try the option of subscribing to newsletters to earn free iTunes Gift cards and codes.

There are several organizations and companies that offer free iTunes codes for free when you subscribe to their newsletters. These companies are looking to increase their subscribers and are proactively pushing for it. They are aware of the massive pool of netizens out there who are searching for free iTunes Gift cards and codes and hence they lure them by offering free iTunes gift cards and coupons.

So it is a win-win situation for both as the subscribers get a chance to win free iTunes gift cards and the companies get more subscribers.

However, do your research before subscribing to any newsletters and check for the kind of reading materials they send you in your mail. Stay away from spammers as they are plenty in number and do not provide sensitive information as it might come back to bite you.


2. By doing micro-tasks:

Micro tasks

If you are willing to spend some time on the internet doing micro tasks then try out the Get Paid To sites that offer points for completing certain tasks. And then these points can be redeemed for availing free iTunes gift cards and codes.

The tasks include boring activities like completing surveys and answering questions but at the same time, there are some interesting tasks as well such as watching small videos, advertisements, downloading and playing games and visiting certain websites.

The tasks are fairly simple and do not eat a lot of your time. They can be completed with easy and if you have subscribed to a legit portal then you can earn decent points for completing these tasks.

A simple search on the internet will open up a huge world of such sites where you can register yourself and earn rewards by completing specific tasks. But as usual, make sure you thoroughly check the portal for its authenticity as many portals just ask you to complete tasks and then don’t offer anything in return at all.

Some of the genuine portals that offer points for completing tasks is Quick Thoughts and, PointsPrizes.


3. By combing the social media accounts of gift card companies:

Combining accountsGift card

Gift card companies strive to have a strong social media presence and for it, they look to build a solid base of active followers who watch their content, share it often and participate in discussions. And for this, they give the incentive of free iTunes Gift cards and codes.

Often you will notice that gift card companies provide details of free iTunes Gift cards and codes on their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook so it is advisable to follow the official accounts of gift card companies.

But remember that there are a number of other people out there waiting for the freebies just like you. So, be attentive and keep looking for the free stuff. And be ready to pounce on the free iTunes gift cards and codes offers, whenever the gift card companies put them on the social media.

4. Setting up an allowance:

Another method of enjoying free iTunes gift cards and codes is to set up an allowance on iTunes. But note that this can be done by creating it for other user and in this system, you can be either a recipient or a guardian.

The allowance system is a feature created by iTunes in which one user sets up a benefit for another user to spend on iTunes. The only criteria is that both users need to have an Apple ID.

5.Embrace online rewards program:

Online rewards

If you are fine with spam emails and other poking notifications then online rewards program is a good way to earn free iTunes gift cards and codes.

There is a plethora of portals that have an online rewards program which enables users to enjoy free iTunes gift card codes by signing up for these programs.

Once you sign-up for the online rewards program, you will receive numerous marketing materials and other stuff and in return, you will get to avail free iTunes gift cards and codes.

A word of caution: Once you sign-up for such programs you are opening up the floodgates for spam material. So it is better to give your secondary email address to these companies and then check the inbox after periodic intervals.

So, to make the most of this feature, you can coordinate with your guardians to make an allowance for you for every month. By this way, you can have a cap on your credit and have better management of your spending on iTunes.

Setting up an allowance

By following the above mentioned five ways, you can surely earn free iTunes gift cards and codes and enjoy your favorite apps, music, podcasts and much more.

Now as we have covered the ways of getting free iTunes gift cards and codes, let us know how to redeem these cards and codes.

Using iOS


As iOS and Itunes are part of the same ecosystem i.e Apple, it is a cakewalk to redeem the codes and cards in iOS. And this is why this is the most common method of redeeming free iTunes gift cards and codes.

  • Open the iTunes store or App Store or iBooks app in your Apple device and tap on music option.
  • Here you will see plenty of options. Scroll down and select the redeem option.
  • In the redeem option you will be asked to provide your Apple ID and password.
  • After you enter the required details you will see an option in which you have to enter the 16-digit code in the back of the gift card.
  • After entering the code the app will process it and will show that the process is successful.

Using desktop


With the rise of mobile devices, desktops have reinvented themselves and now come with apps just like smartphones. So, like many other users if you too are using desktop then here is how you can redeem iTunes gift cards and codes on your desktop.

  • On your desktop, search for the iTunes app and open it.
  • You will be asked to sign in or sign up if you haven’t opened an account yet.
  • After signing-in in the iTunes app, go to the toolbar and click on the option of account. In the account section, search for the redeem option and click it.
  • Now you will see space where you have to enter the code written on the iTunes gift card.
  • Check the code on the iTunes gift card and write it on the space. Once you are done, select the redeem option and then you will see the credit being added into your account.

Using Android


A lot of users enjoy iTunes through Android. Apple has made provision for such users by offering the Apple Music service on Android. And to redeem your iTunes gift cards and codes in Android, follow these steps:

  • Download the Apple Music app. It is available for free.
  • Open the app and select the three-lines icon which is on the top left corner.
  • Here you will be asked to sign-in using your Apple ID.
  • Once signed in, select the option for redeeming your gift card or code and then enter the code mentioned on your iTunes gift card or coupon.
  • After filling in the code, tap on the finish option and get ready to enjoy the iTunes gift card and codes benefits.


Final Word:

There are plenty of online portals that claim to provide free iTunes gift cards and codes but only a few of them are legit. Following the fake ones will only waste your time and energy and hence it is always recommended to use the legit ways.

We have provided the five legit ways of getting free iTunes gift cards and codes and following these methods will allow you to enjoy free iTunes gift cards and codes. And we have also listed the procedure for redeeming these cards and coupons when using Android, Desktop and iOS devices.

So, get ready to dive in the amazing world of iTunes and do not forget to share this information with your friends. And do share with us your experience of discovering free iTunes gift card.



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