Free Paysafecard codes in 2021 – Top 5 Legit Ways

Pay safecard

Paysafecard has made paying for games hassle-free and highly convenient. By using Paysafecard,  gamers can swiftly pay for their favorite games without disclosing their personal information such as bank details, credit card details or any other sensitive details.

The effectiveness of Paysafecard is increased further by Paysafecard codes that enable gamers to make payments with ease. And all the fun with Paysafecard gets better when you get these Paysafecard codes for free. Yes, you heard it right! You can get Paysafecard codes for free and that too in legit ways?

No need to scratch your brain as we explain the five most convenient and easy ways of getting free Paysafecard codes.


  1. Subscribe for newsletters:Newsletter

Do you know that you can get free Paysafecard codes by doing simple tasks such as signing up for newsletters? Yes, there actually exist organizations that reward you for receiving their newsletters.

These organizations are striving for increasing their subscribers and are willing to offer lucrative deals to attract members. One such offer is the system of reward points where a user gets certain points in the form of reward for subscribing to specific newsletters. And then these points can be exchanged for availing Paysafecard codes.

To ensure that you do not get bombarded with spams, it is better to have a separate email address only for these newsletter subscriptions.


2. Get Paid To sites:

GPT Sites

Apart from subscribing to newsletters, you can also earn free Paysafecard codes by becoming a member of Get Paid To (GPT) sites. These sites reward members with points for completing micro tasks such as completing surveys, participating in polls, downloading certain apps and playing games on the internet.

If you are willing to devote some of your time, then you can surely try out the GPT sites as they are an ideal way of making the most of your time spent on the internet.

The payment structure of GPT sites varies from each other but most sites offer points that you can redeem once you reach a specific threshold for cash or several gift cards and codes including Paysafecard codes.


3. Use PointsPrizes:

Points prize

While discussing Get Paid To sites, we cannot ignore PointsPrizes which is an awesome way of getting free Paysafecard codes. LIke other GPT sites, PointsPrizes too rewards you for completing simple and quick tasks.

But what separates PointsPrizes from other sites is the vast arena of tasks available at the platform and the liberty users have of the selection of tasks.

Here, at PointsPrizes you can earn points by completing questionnaires, by learning about new products and services, by watching sponsored videos and also by giving your opinions on specific products.

And importantly you get rewarded pretty well for completing these tasks. The number of points varies from task to task and you have the choice to select the tasks. So you can always go for tasks with more points to increase your earnings. Members residing in USA and Europe generally get higher earning tasks and thus have more opportunities.

4. Play games at Gamehag:


Playing games at Bananatic and winning free Paysafecard code is pretty cool but it isn’t the only way. In fact there are other sites too where you can get Paysafecard code for playing games. Gamehag is one such lucrative site where you can challenge yourself and win games as well as Paysafecard codes.

Gamehag offers users thrilling adventure games that test skills and in return offers plenty of rewards. And once the users attain a specific threshold of rewards, they can exchange these rewards to collect Paysafecard codes.


5. Embrace Bananatic:


Another fantastic way of getting Paysafecard codes that too while having fun is to use Banatatic. This awesome web portal works on their own currency known as Bananas and members can collect these Bananas in numerous ways.

There are plenty of games and quests and as you complete the quests in the games you earn a specific number of Bananas. And then you can exchange these bananas for steam wallets, CSGO skins, and Paysafecard codes.

The five methods listed above are completely legit and easy ways of availing free Paysafecard codes on the internet. And by following these points you are sure to enjoy plenty of free Paysafecard codes. But do watch out for the scams and honeytraps as the internet is full of fake websites that dupe netizens by promising them Paysafecard codes.

So, wait no more and follow these five methods and do not forget to share this article with your friends.



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