Five Ways to get free Playstation Plus codes in 2021 [Updated]

PS codes

If you are searching for free PlayStation Plus codes then you have arrived at the right place as in this article, we reveal the five legit and working ways of getting free PlayStation Plus codes. No, we are not talking about the code generators and other honey traps that promise free codes and end up just wasting your time.

In this article, we will be discussing the five legit and authentic ways of getting free PlayStation Plus codes. So without waiting any further let’s dive into the amazing methods of earning free PlayStation Plus codes.

1. Watch ads, videos and answer questions:

Earning free PlayStation Plus codes isn’t rocket science. In fact, you can earn these codes by simply spending some of your time performing micro-tasks on the internet. These tasks include watching specific videos, by learning about the features of new products and services in the market and by giving your opinions about specific brands.

PointsPrizes is an amazing web portal that rewards you handsomely for doing these tasks. The rewards are in the form of points and once you reach a certain threshold you can redeem the points for money or avail free PlayStation Plus Codes.

Points prize

PointsPrizes is a completely genuine Get Paid To website and is used by plenty of netizens to make some quick cash. You too can join the bandwagon and make the most of your time spent on the internet by becoming a member on PointsPrizes. For this, all you have to do is visit the portal, enter your details and become a member.


2. By trading of exchanging them:

Exchanging rewards

A lot of people receive PlayStation Plus codes as gifts (Yes, such lucky people exist) however they are uninterested in PlayStation or they don’t own an Xbox. So what do such people do with these codes? Of course, they think of giving these codes to someone who needs them.

And since there is a good demand for these codes, people generally use online platforms to advertise these codes. Reddit and eBay are some of the most preferred platforms for putting up these codes for sale.

If you are quick enough to pounce on the opportunity then you can actually avail these PlayStation Plus codes by offering something in exchange. But remember to act quickly so that you don’t miss the ride.


3. As a giveway on social media:

Giveaway sites

A lot of gamers and gaming companies are hell-bent on increasing their follower count on social media as the number of followers is seen as a reflection of the brand’s reputation.

And one of the easiest ways to make netizens follow the social media account is to offer them something in return. A lot of gaming companies and accounts of gamers offer free PlayStation Plus codes on a frequent basis to their followers in a bid to attract more followers.

Of course, chances of winning such codes are slim as there are already numerous people waiting in the queue but you if stay sharp and are patient enough then you do stand a chance. And anyway there is nothing to lose so why not give it a chance?

To increase your chances of receiving these giveaways, do some research about the accounts you are following. It is advisable to check out their history of giving giveaways and popularity.

4. Through Sony Rewards program:

Sony rewards

The Sony Rewards Program is an initiative by Sony to build a loyal fanbase and to push users to make more purchases at the PlayStation store.

Once you become a member of this program, you will get one point for the every $1 you spend in the PlayStation Store and what’s more you can even earn double and triple points by subscribing to PlayStation services. And the points you in this program can then be used to buy PlayStation Plus codes.

You can get more details about the Sony Rewards Program here.

5. Use Grabpoints:

Grab Points

Another fantastic Get Paid To site that offers you free PlayStation Plus codes for completing simple tasks is Grabpoints. On this portal, all you have to do is complete surveys, watch specific videos and download certain apps.

For completing these tasks you get reward points which you can later convert into money or redeem it with PlayStation Plus codes. One thousand points on Grabpoints is equivalent to $1 and you can start claiming your codes once you hit the 2000 point mark.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the five amazing and completely legitimate methods of getting free PlayStation Plus codes listed above and share your experience with us. And do not forget to tell your friends about this useful article.

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