Top 6 Effective Ways to get Xbox game pass for free in 2021

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is a subscription game service that is designed to support Xbox players. The service provides the gamers access to more than 200 Xbox games. One can say that the Xbox game pass provides a library of games to the users. The Xbox game pass also allows the users to avail EA play, Xbox Live Gold on a variety of platforms which include Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox console, Xbox Series S and X. The popularity of Xbox Game Pass was such that Microsoft developed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Xbox Game Pass ultimate is Microsofts latest evolution. The program is an upgraded form of the standard Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a combination of two programs of Microsoft which include Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The Game Pass Ultimate offers both the services for the price of one through monthly subscriptions. The Xbox Game Pass and its Ultimate version enable the users to download the game for future use on consoles. Despite the benefits that the Xbox Game Pass there is a drawback of it which is its pricing. The standard Xbox Game Pass comes for a price of $13 while the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes for a price of $15 per month. 

Legit methods to get free Xbox game pass

Not everyone can afford the per month subscription of the Xbox Game Pass. Worry not for the good news is that you can avail the Xbox Game Pass for free. Here is a list of the top ways in which you can avail the Xbox game pass for free.

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  1. Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions

If you have Xbox Live Gold subscription then you can easily avail the Xbox Game Pass for free. For it, you need to log into to your Microsoft account and navigate to the services and subscriptions tab on top of the page. Now you need to extend the Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions by buying additional months. The purchase of the additional months can be made using the codes available online. Once the extension is made then you need to click on the link of 1 month for Rs 50 for Game Pass deal. This process would convert your Xbox live gold subscription into Xbox game pass.

  1. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft offers rewards to its users from time to time. The rewards are like free money which can be used to avail the Xbox Game Pass. The Microsoft rewards can be earned by playing games online, browsing the internet or simply by getting Microsoft subscription. When the user does any of the above things they are rewarded with chase points. 

Collecting enough of these reward points makes you earn Microsoft Gift card. The gift cards are used to unlock various Microsoft services which includes 

Xbox game pass, Xbox Live Gold membership and Xbox games.

  1. Game codes

 There are various sites on the internet which offer game codes to the users in exchange for performing some tasks. Sites like Survey Junkie require the users to conduct surveys while sites like require the user to share their profile on social media platforms. Performing the tasks required the user earns Xbox codes and gift cards which can be redeemed to get Xbox game pass.

  1. Bing Search

Microsoft has its search engine which is Bing and for every visit on the search engine, the company rewards you with points. Not just that browsing the internet through Bing, watching videos or taking surveys on it also makes you eligible to earn rewards from Microsoft. The earned points can be redeemed in exchange for Xbox Game Pass on the Microsoft page.

  1. Microsoft Promotional Codes

 Microsoft offers promotional codes for its new product launches. The codes are also offered to those availing new subscriptions. The promotional codes on Xbox Game Pass can be used to get access to Xbox Game Pass for free. The codes also can be used to avail Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a discounted rate.

6. Shop Online

 Various E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart provide gift card and voucher giveaways when you shop from their sites. These sites also offer Microsoft rewards which can be used to get Xbox Game Pass for free.

So these are a few ways of availing Xbox Game Pass for free. Did you find the post useful? Share with us your views in the comments below.

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