6 legit ways to get fortnite V-Bucks for free in 2021

V Bucks

Yes, you heard it right. You can get V-Bucks for free and there are several ways of doing it. No we are not talking about the free code generators which are nothing but scams.

We are revealing the six legit and legal ways through which you can earn fortnite free V-Bucks. So, here we go.

1. Enjoy Events and win V-Bucks

One of the easiest and fun ways of earning free V-Bucks is to participate in events in the Fortnite game. But the name can be a bit misleading here. By events, we are not talking about some social gatherings or any get -together.
In fortnite game, events are the special quests which are announced weekly and guess what you get to earn V-Bucks for completing these quests.
To know which events are open, go to the main menu in the Fortnite game and then select Quests at the top.

Fortnite Events

2. Get free V-Bucks for buying V-Bucks:


Buying V bucks

This may sound a bit complicated but this is how the system works. The game offers you free V-Bucks when you buy V-Bucks. This offer is provided to lure gamers to purchase more V-Bucks and to excite them.

However, not all V-Bucks packages come with free V-Bucks. The $9.99 package does not provide any free V-Bucks. However the $59.99 package comes with a very good deal. By purchasing this package you get V-Bucks free of worth $15.

The most lucrative offer is on the $99.99 package which offers you a whopping $35 worth V-Bucks.

3. Earn V-Bucks by acing the Daily Quests:

Daily Quests

In the beginning, we talked about logging into the fortnite game daily to earn V-Bucks. Well, there is another incentive for playing the game daily.

Once you have advanced through the main storyline in the Save The World game, you will unlock the amazing section of Daily Quests.

Daily Quests are like daily challenges where you are expected to complete a certain task every day. The Daily Quests get updated every day and you have a new challenge awaiting you everyday you log into the game.

The tasks aren’t daunting and you can ace them with ease. Some of the tasks include completing X number of mission by a certain type of hero and killing X number of enemies with a certain type of hero.

Each day you will get three Daily Quests and if you do not complete these quests then you will see another set of quests on the next day. However, you must complete at least one daily quest to receive a new quest on the next day.

For completion of every Daily Quests, you get a minimum of 50 V-Bucks and there are three Daily Quests that offer more V-Bucks than that.


4. Play Everyday to get some easy V-Bucks:

Daily Rewards

This is one of the simplest ways of earning free V-Bucks. The Save the World mode offers gamers several rewards when they log into the game every day and these rewards also include free V-Bucks.

For this, all you have to do is log into the Save the World mode every day. And for this, you will be rewarded with plenty of things. The rewards include cosmetic items and other rewards and interestingly you get V-Bucks too.

However, in the Save TheWorld mode, the frequency of earning free V-Bucks is relatively low. After logging into the Save the World Mode every day the first V-Buck you will earn will be on the 11th day and then after that, you will win it again on the 28th day.

Thus, if you stay patient then you will be surely rewarded for your persistence. And this method is worth trying as you are not losing out on anything.

5. Squeeze the most from Challenges and the Side Quests:

Daily challenges

As we are discussing completing the Storm Shield Missions, let us dive deep into this and see where else we can get free V-Bucks from.

Apart from the Storm Shield Missions, you can also earn V-Bucks for completing the Side Quests. Of course, not all Side Quests come with the incentive of V-Bucks but the ones which come can offer you up to 150 V-Bucks.

Moving ahead there are challenges which you unlock at different stages of the main storyline. Remember that challenges are different from Side Quests but they too have enormous potential of offering free V-Bucks.

In fact, you can get up to 50 V-bucks for completing a challenge and if that sounds a pretty good deal then here is some more good news. You can complete a specific challenge up to 10 times and earn V-Bucks every time you complete it.

This means every challenge can offer you 50 V-Bucks and by playing it again you can win up to 500 V-Bucks from the same challenge.

To find Challenges and Side Quests in the game, go to the main menu in Fortnite and select Quests which is at the top.

6. By completing the Storm Shield Missions:

Storm shield missions

Talking about the Save The World mode, apart from logging into it every day, you can also win free V-Bucks by playing it and completing certain missions.

When you move ahead in the main storyline in the Save the World mode you unlock specific missions in all the four areas. These missions are known as the Storm Shield Missions.

And if you haven’t discovered them yet, then you should be doing it asap as they provide a chance to win free V-Bucks codes. When you begin the game, each area from the four areas has six Storm Shield Missions and then you will see the remaining four unlocked missions as you make progress in the game. These four missions are called Side Quests.

So you have a total of 10 missions and for completing every mission you get 100 V-Bucks and interestingly for the last mission you get 150 V-Bucks.


By using the methods listed above, you are sure to win plenty of V-Bucks for free and that too without falling prey to the scam sites So go ahead and enjoy the fun. But while doing so do not forget to share with your friends this amazingly useful article.

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