Revealed! Five legit ways of getting free PSN codes [2021]

PSN codes

How to get free PSN codes? Gamers across the world are scratching their brains to answer this pressing question. The internet is full of such searches where people are finding ways to get free PSN codes.

The good news is that yes free PSN codes do exist but zeroing down on them on the huge canvas of internet is like burning the candle from both ends.

But yes, if you know the correct path and the places then finding free PSN codes becomes a lesser hassle. Here we walk you through the easiest and reliable ways of discovering free PSN codes.


Earn free PSN codes by exchanging rewards

Exchanging rewards

One of the smartest ways to spend time on the internet is to use complete a set of tasks provided in Get Paid to sites or reward point websites.

These websites ask you to complete certain tasks such as playing a game, downloading an app, watching a video, completing a survey or commenting on some article. And you get points as a reward for completing these tasks.

Most of the tasks mentioned on these sites are a cakewalk and consume very little of your time. And the best part is that you can redeem these reward points for PSN codes. All you have to do is, collect enough points to check out and then exchange these points for the equivalent PSN codes.

Sounds easy? Indeed it is but this method of obtaining free PSN codes comes with a tiny Asterisk. To begin with, finding such genuine and reliable portals can be a tightrope thanks to the presence of a plethora of scam websites. Secondly, some of these sites offer PSN codes that are limited to specific locations. Generally, these sites provide PSN codes that are applicable for the USA and North Europe. So users from these regions have a bigger chance of exchanging their reward points for PSN codes.

The bottom line is that you should carefully go through the terms and conditions for the reward points before working on the tasks. If you are wondering where to find the genuine reward point websites then worry no more as here a few sites that you can try out-


Obtain free PSN codes through giveaways 

Giveaway sites

One of the easier ways for Youtubers and gaming companies to increase their followers is to give free PSN codes to people for following their channels on social media.

There is no dearth of such profiles or channels on Facebook or Youtube who claim to provide free PSN codes as giveaways. Of course, not all are legit and even the ones who are, they do not offer these giveaways frequently.

But you can try your luck by following genuine profiles of gamers and gaming companies and channels on Youtube, Facebook and other social media channels to keep yourself in the hunt. Beware there are a million others waiting for such giveaways as well but this shouldn’t deter you as genuine gamer profiles and channels on social media do provide these giveaways from time to time.

To increase your chances and to make sure you don’t waste your time running behind a mirage, make a background check of such profiles before following them. You can take a look at the previous winners of their free PSN code giveaways and check their authenticity by looking at their social media profiles.

It is always a better option to follow popular profiles and channels as chances of them duping are minimal as they have a reputation to maintain.


Use Sony Rewards Program

Sony, the company that owns Playstation runs a reward program targeted at gamers who love entertainment and enjoy experiencing the various services of PlayStation.

All you have to do is, participate in the Sony Rewards program and make purchases such as Playstation services at PlayStation stores. This program rewards the participants with points for their purchases and these points then can be redeemed for obtaining free PSN codes.

However, this program is limited to users in the USA only.


Dive into Reddit to get free PSN codes 


Reddit is arguably the best place on the internet to meet like-minded people and get into a discussion. For people searching for free PSN codes too, Reddit can be a mighty helpful tool.

Of course, there are more people asking for codes than people who are offering these codes. But if you can be a little persistent and follow some well-researched subreddits then you can actually stumble upon genuine free PSN codes.

Pounce on free PSN codes when put on an exchange


It may be difficult to digest, but there exists a world where people do not play Play Station or have no idea how to play it. And interestingly their number is significant.

Chances are that a person with no interest in Play Station receives a free PSN code as a birthday gift or as a freebie on some purchases they make. So what do they do with such codes? Of course, they put it on the internet for the folks who are interested in Play Station and expect something of their use in return.

Finding such win-win deals is a tough ask and there are several others like you who are already waiting in the line. But there is no harm in positioning your hooks in the water as you may never know when you will catch a big fish!

But make sure that you are proactive to respond to such offers after spotting them as someone else might be quicker than you!

Word of advice: Retreat when you smell a spam


The methods discussed above enhance your chances of obtaining free PSN codes and also shield you from scams. But when you venture on the path of discovering free PSN codes you are sure to come across numerous honey traps and scams that scream that they have free PSN codes generator which you can avail.

However, these sites are plain scams that earn money but making you complete surveys and snooping your details. But you can keep yourself safe from such scams by maintaining a constant vigil.

Firstly such scam sites lack sophistication and make jaw-dropping claims about free PSN codes. They also lack any credentials and you can hardly see any genuine comments or testimonials. If you consciously look out for these signs then you can surely mark yourself safe and save your time and energy.


Earning Free PSN Codes the legit way!

If you stay away from scammers and work your way out through the methods discussed above then you are sure to obtain free PSN codes the legit way. These ways may take a little longer to obtain free PSN codes and will test your patience but they are better options than running behind the scam websites that promise a quick bounty but keep you empty-handed in the end.

So, wait no more and start your journey of discovering free PSN codes and don’t forget to share your revelations and the above-mentioned tricks with your friends!

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