How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC? {4 Easy 2021 Methods}

Once upon a time, Windows from Microsoft didn’t support its own console controllers for its own PC platform. Back then, People used hacked drivers, third-party software and workarounds to use the first Xbox controller with PC games.

However, things have changed now, and with official drivers compiled right into Windows 10, you’re entitled to do so. So, the regular keyboard and mouse are getting you down, PC gamer?

No Issues — these days, you can do and use just about any gaming controller on your system to kill zombies. And with the support from the company itself, even the older controllers like Xbox 360 controllers that are lying here and there are also compatible. Whether you’ve got the wireless or a wired controller, the functionality is identical. However, the pros always suggest going for the wired one as there’s no input lag.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. All you need is just the relevant hardware and some spare time to get the job done.

Learning how to connect an Xbox controller to a PC does sound intimidating, but the process is actually pretty simple. It’s easier than ever to use a game remote or controller with your PC. Here’s everything you want to know on how to connect an Xbox controller to a PC.


Everyone who owns an Xbox and doesn’t know about this, is probably living under a rock. Recently, Microsoft announced a wireless receiver for the Xbox 360 and One controller that entitles you to connect them directly to your PC. However, if you’ve got the wired Xbox 360 Controller, you can skip this paragraph straight to the installation process. For those who own the wireless Xbox 360 controllers, connecting to your PC isn’t as straightforward as just plugging the receiver device.

The first thing is that you need to purchase the capable receiver and run the wizard for installation. If you don’t have a receiver, then you can buy one from Amazon.

It typically costs you between $10 and $20. The official Microsoft version is a bit more expensive, but there are many other third-party receivers available that also do the job perfectly.

Amazon Link (Non-Affiliate Link)

Once you’re done with the shopping, it’s now the time to configure your controller. Now, you are required to plug in the remote to the standard USB port and once connected, a green LED light will appear on the receiver showing the receiver is working properly.

Sometimes, the Add New Hardware Wizard also starts automatically once you plug the wireless gaming receiver. If that’s the case, then you’re all set to rock. If not, then navigate to Install software using the installation driver CD, or you can search for the issue on Microsoft’s Support Online.


In order to connect wireless gaming receiver and the wireless Xbox controller, and to properly sync with each other, then the users must download the necessary software via Microsoft website, or use the bundled installation CD packaged with the receiver.

If you have the installation CD (presumably not, but it’s possible), insert the disc into your PC’s drive and follow the on-screen wizard. You may also be required to restart your PC. For those without the installation CD (probably most of you), you can easily access the drivers and software online on Microsoft’s website. Navigate to the folder and download the drivers. Once there, just scroll down the Gaming drivers section.

However, if you’re using the wireless controller, select the Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows link, and select Xbox 360 or One Controller for Windows instead. Choose which Windows platform you’re on. The Windows 7 drivers will work for Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well, select the language and proceed to download.


So, if you’re using a wired controller, plug it in, and you’re ready to rock. Scroll down to the Testing, and make sure that everything is working correctly on the Controller.

If not, then you’ll probably need to connect the wireless Xbox controller with the receiver plugged into your PC. To do so, first turn on the device by holding down the Xbox button in the middle of the controller, and wait for the green backlight to glow.

Later, press the connect button on the wireless receiver until the device also flashes the green light.

Now, wait for the devices to pair with one another. It usually takes around a few seconds after which the flashing light on the receiver turns to solid green, and one of the four parts around the controller’s Guide button will light up. However, if you’re still facing issues, then check Microsoft’s support page for more help.


Once the necessary program is installed and the controller plugged in or synced, it’s time to investigate the connection. Open up the Start menu on the PC, and click the Run utility, and enter “joy.cpl”. Now another window would pop, you can check the controller properties there.

Press your Xbox controller’s buttons, pull the triggers and bounce off the joysticks to make sure that the controller is functioning properly. If it is, then you’ll see the correlating operation highlighted in the application. Don’t worry about which area is lighting up on the controller.

As long as the PC recognizes each button of the controller, you’re good to go. If the application does not recognize your controller, you can search for help via Xbox’s support website online.


Voila! You’re now all set to use the Xbox controller with your PC. Happy gaming!

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’re facing any issues regarding the installation of the program or connecting the controller to your PC.

I’ll reply to every query in the comment section as soon as possible.

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