How to Play Android Games on PC? {5 Tools}

The accelerated concentration on mobile apps by developers in the wake of the consecutive accelerated mobile penetration has led to millions of applications now ruling the Google Play Store. Most of them are amazing and nowadays, I cannot imagine my life without all these apps on my smartphone. But the one question that makes everyone go gaga is that “what if you could run Android apps on PC as well?

And recently, Google announced its remarkable and sparkling $999 Pixelbook that sports the amazing functionality to download and run Android apps and games, even Snapchat’s special edition is developed for it.

However, that is now possible with other systems in dozens of ways to run Android applications on PC, this system was first used by Android developers to test their apps, and now everyone could enjoy this extended experience dozens of apps by taking full advantage of your PC or Laptop.

There are some tools and program that answer to this burning question on how to use mobile apps on PC, but we always like to play in bigger leagues.


Following are the five best programs and emulators to play Android games on PC with ease. We’ll guide you through each of the tool and how to use them. So, let’s get started.


The first one and my top priority is BlueStacks. If you’ve explored even a little in this niche, then you must’ve heard about BlueStacks. It is indeed of the best Android emulators which enable you to play Android games on PC with ease.

Not only this, it runs other smartphone-only applications on your PC without any trouble. It is a go-to emulator that is absolutely free to download and use on your system. It provides all the necessary features to run all kinds of Android games, and applications except for the racing games where you need to tilt the screen, as it requires sensors.

BlueStacks supports all the major platforms including Mac, PC, Windows, etc. and the best feature about BlueStacks is Android like Multitasking on your PC as well. It allows you to run other apps such as chatting on WhatsApp while playing Candy Crush which is quite handy and convenient feature.

BlueStacks does supports developers for developing and testing Android apps extensively. Setting up and running BlueStacks is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to download the setup from its official website and once you’ve finished downloading BlueStacks, install it like any other software.

BlueStacks launches in a separate window, and the interface gives you the exact feel of using an Android Tablet PC. The environment of the software is quite simple, and you get the softkey navigating buttons on the bottom to do all the tasks. So, you wouldn’t go through any problem while handling it. Most of you must be wondering that how you’ll add the apps on BlueStacks.

Well, you can download an app from the Play Store once you’re connected to it. Also, you can download them from third-party websites, double-click on the APK file and BlueStacks will automatically install the application. And even more, BlueStacks’ Official website now offers you to download various Android games and application directly. Check out the website for more details.


With the help of MirrorGo, you can easily mirror (as in the Cast feature) your Android smartphone on the PC. The tool is a product of the Developer Giant, Wondershare. It is a user-friendly product which only takes minutes to set up and operate on your systems.

As I told you that it just mirrors the Android smartphone on your PC. But with MirrorGo, you can then easily take screenshots, record your phone and could perform other several functions along with playing Android games on PC, which I guess is the major priority of all the nerds, like you and me.

Not only this, you can transfer the PC’s data to the Android quickly. To connect your Android smartphone to the system, all you need to do is to connect them via WiFi or by using a data cable.

Just make sure that you’ve enabled USB debugging on your phone. Navigate to Settings> Developer Options> Enable USB Debugging toggle or otherwise, you won’t be able to get the proper connection between Android and your PC. Once you’re finished, directly play any game downloaded on your Android device on the system.

Now, you can enjoy all those action-packed HD games on a bigger screen without any lag.


GenyMotion is yet another great Android emulator for playing Android games on PC without any hassles.

This feature-rich software is powerful and easy to use for all the first-time users. It is, in fact, one of the fastest Android Emulators available right now. It offers comfortable setup and installation and only takes a few seconds for the process. You just need to download and install the GenyMotion on your device.

Launch the application to create your account and the start playing all your favorite games. Some of the best features you can get with this Android emulator are screen rotation, the extensive library of emulated devices that sports LG, HTC, Samsung, Google, Motorola, Sony, and other major smartphone giants.

GenyMotion is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X which you can download absolutely free from its official website. The Pro Version is also available with extended features and you can play Android games on PC smoothly.


Last but probably not the least, the ultimate way to play Android games on a PC is by using the Android SDK.

Android SDK is a unique Android environment you can download and set up on your PC to run and play Android games and apps. However, compared to the previous emulators, the process for creating the Android environment on your PC using this tool is pretty complicated.

So, we’re going full in to guide you through each step.

Step 1: First, download the Android SDK on your PC, and it will provide you with a bundle of files, with mainly AVD manager and SDK manager. Without any delay, open up the SDK Manager and select the Android Device to install it on your device.

Step 2: Now, open up the AVD manager and to specify each detail, just click on the create AVD button in the AVD manager window.

Step 3: After this, in the AVD manager, you will see the ADV you just created. Click on the ADV, and you can launch it by clicking the start button. That’s it, and your virtual Android device is ready to plug and play. To play Android games, just download the APKs from the Google Play store.


ManyMo is a bit different from other standard Android emulator tools. It’s a web-based service, so you don’t need to download or install software on your PC. The only thing which you want to do is to open up the site and begin the emulator on your browser itself.

ManyMo also offers you to choose between different screen resolutions like 1280 x 800, 800 x 1280, 720 x 1280 and much more. When you open up ManyMo, it shows the content just like your Android phone does. You can access any app there. But as we were discussing playing Android games on PC, let’s keep it our first priority then.

With ManyMo, you play almost every standard android game while embedding them as well. The website offers a free trial and you can sign up without paying any money. If you like the service, then directly subscribe to the full version for $9/month through their website.


So, this was my take on how to play Android games on PC with full ease. All you need to do is to pick your favorite emulator and enjoy the games. I, personally recommend going for the BlueStacks App Player.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’re facing any trouble on installing the Emulator on your PC.

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