How to Redeem A Roblox Card {Complete 2021 Guide}

In fact, most of our users are from The U.S., Canada, and Ireland, and Asia. Mostly, they get the $10 USD ROBLOX Game Card using our Free Robux tricks.

Apart from the guide, you can get these RED Game Cards from various retail stores and convenience stores across the globe. The majority of them are available at Walmart, Target, and 7-Eleven. But that is not our primary goal.

Eventually, most of you would be using these free Robux for hats and other collectibles. Since we’re solely focusing on getting free Robux, purchasing a ROBLOX Game Card doesn’t seem sensible. This card can be redeemed for Builders Club or Robux. Now, to get a full understanding on how to redeem a Roblox card, you need to follow up on this whole article.


GPT websites that offer Free Robux as rewards usually send you the Roblox Gift Card in your email account. So, before redeeming your gift card, be sure to find the mail and keep the code handy. So, let’s start with how to redeem a Roblox Card.


  1. First things first, open up your browser and type Roblox.com as the URL.
  2. Now, log in to your Roblox account using the existing credentials.
  3. Make sure to log in to your account where you want to redeem the Roblox Card as you cannot transfer them later on.
  4. Now, go to the Game Card Redemption Page, and click on “Redeem” option.
  5. Now carefully enter the Roblox Card Code and confirm it again.
  6. Click “Redeem Now” to add the credit to your Roblox account.
  7. You can see your balance in green after redeeming a Roblox card successfully.


Instead of redeeming a Roblox Card, you can directly use it to purchase using the game card redemption page.

  1. Just scroll down to the purchase section on the Game Card Redemption Page.
  2. You’ll see a lot of options, click on the Robux or Builders Club icon to get started.
  3. Now select the product which you’d like to purchase using the Roblox Card Credit Code.
  4. Once you get to the payment method on the next step, just select Roblox Credit and click Continue.
  5. Finally, confirm you Gift Card Code and submit your order.
  6. As previously told, If the credit is more than or equal to the full purchase price, the page will update verifying your purchase.
  7. Do remember that you don’t have the option to split payments. Suppose you wish to use 500 Robux & then 1$ payment for any collectible. The website will prompt you to choose either the Robux Currency as the payment or any other option. So, you have to make sure that whatever you’re purchasing, it falls under your Free Robux Gift Card balance.

For more details and help, you can refer to the Roblox Help Section here.


  1. Once again, open up the browser and log into your account. Moreover, there’s a Roblox App for Android & iOS App Store as well.
  2. You can redeem a Roblox card from there too but we’ll stick to the browser only.
  3. Now, navigate to the Builders Club Page or Robux Page where you’ll be purchasing any product.
  4. Choose the product you wish to purchase and confirm it.
  5. Click Continue to checkout and select Redeem Roblox Card as the payment option.
  6. Once you get to payments page, you’ll see a Roblox card box. Enter the unique code PIN and click Redeem.
  7. The Roblox Credit will get updated to your balance, then click Submit Order.
  8. If the credit is more than or equal to the full purchase price, the page will update verifying your purchase. That’s it.

Note: You cannot view your Roblox Card credit balance on all pages. It would only be visible to an account’s current game card credit balance.

You have to visit the purchasing pages like the Builders Club Page, Game Card Redemption Page, or Robux Page for that matter.

It would appear on the right side of the page, say Builder Club page in green numbers. If you don’t see your Robux balance, then it means that the account doesn’t have any Roblox Card credit to redeem for the accessories.


All in All, this is the full guide on how to redeem a Robux Gift Card. Do make sure to go through the entire process before redeeming your gift card. If you’re facing any trouble during the process, you can instantly contact the Roblox Customer Support team.

Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’re aware of any other simple way to redeem a Roblox Card or any other gift card, for that matter. Cheers!

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