How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card? {Complete Guide 2021}


If you’re already here, then we’re guessing you’ve successfully managed to get Free iTunes Gift Card using our article. If you haven’t read it yet, leave this post as it and check out the full guide on how to get Free iTunes Gift Card.

So, you’ve got the Voucher in your hand but how do you redeem iTunes gift card and what can you use it for

Basically, it’s Apple’s way to offer Gift Card in the form balance which you can use it to purchase stuff from the iTunes like Apps, Paid Games, Movies, Music, use them in iBooks stores on iPhone or MacBook.

Moreover, you can also use the Apple iTunes gift card to add balance to your Wallet app on iPhone, or Mac App, etc.

How to use iTunes gift cards?

Before we start, here are some necessary things that you should know about Apple’s iTunes Gift Cards. Let’s cover up all the essential points, shall we?

First, you can use the iTunes gift card to make a purchase at any of the mobile Apple stores. This includes the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, App Store, and the Mac OS App Store

Secondly, if you wish to shop for anything from these Stores mentioned above, you must log in with your own Apple ID from which you redeemed the iTunes Gift Card.

We guess that you already know about this, but for all the new users, there is a significant difference between an iTunes gift card, Apple Store gift card, and an Apple Music Membership Voucher. Gifts Cards specifically for the Apple Store can only be used to shop Apple hardware and accessories offline. And as the name suggests, Apple Music Membership gift card is valid for, you guessed it a premium Apple Music membership.

By using the guide on NoHumanVerification, you can get any of these gift cards because it totally depends on the GPT websites. But, if you don’t want to use your Apple Music Gift Card for the membership, then you can also redeem it with your Apple ID account and use it as an iTunes gift card.

In this post, we’ll cover all the possible ways to redeem iTunes Gift Card for beginners. Be sure to read the full article because there’s a surprise for our Android users as well. So, here’s how to redeem iTunes gift cards for iOS & Mac users.

How to redeem iTunes gift card to Wallet?

This is a pretty simple process. We’ll cover that it in a minute but we want you to know that you can add the iTunes gift card to your Wallet on iPhone as well.

It’s a step-by-step guide and we will make sure that you can easily redeem iTunes gift card without any trouble.

Step 1: Open up the App Store.

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the very bottom (probably footer) and select Redeem.

Step 3: Click on the Option to redeem your gift card and you’ll see a Wallet app icon.

Step 4: Once you’ll tap on getting started, you will see the iTunes Pass prompt.

Step 5: Click on Add iTunes Pass to Wallet and once the iTunes Store pops up, select Add.

Step 6: Carefully add the iTunes Gift Card to redeem it and it’s done. More details available on Apple’s Website.

Important: You can also add the iTunes Pass to Wallet prior to redeeming the free iTunes gift card.

If you don’t know, then understand that gift card balance is associated with the Apple ID, and your Wallet app can look up the balance and include it in your iTunes Pass.

How to Redeem iTunes gift card via Email?

This is most asked question by readers. Since websites like Gather.com or Giveaways usually send you your free iTunes gift card via email,

You can redeem from there as well. And it is even more comfortable.

To redeem an iTunes gift card on an email, follow.

Step 1: Open up the Mail app and open the email with iTunes gift card.

Step 2: Most of the GPT websites usually offer “Redeem Now” button. Tap on it and you’ll be directed to Apple’s website.

Step 3: Once the website loads, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID password. Make sure you read the URL carefully.

Step 4: Once you’ve entered the password, all you need to do is just the enter the Gift Card code. When completed, it will also show up in the Balance of your Wallet App.

Now that you’re ready to spend this iTunes gift card, you can start earning more free iTunes Gift Cards through our website. We’re constantly trying to come up with the best tricks possible.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iPhone?

You have lots of options when it comes to redeeming your iTunes gift card. Ultimately it doesn’t matter whatever you choose.

However, you can redeem iTunes gift card in your App Store, iBooks Store, or the iTunes Store on iPhone.

Since you’ve used our tricks to get Free iTunes Gift Card, there’s a 90% chance that you will the digital gift cards. So, to redeem iTunes gift card, follow this:

Step 1: Open any of the stores (App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, etc.) on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Navigate to the bottom corner and tap on the Redeem option.

Step 3: Click to use Camera and you can scan the iTunes gift card with your iPhone’s camera. Since the code would be in your mail probably, you can also enter the unique iTunes Gift Card code manually.

Step 4: Once the code is verified, the card’s balance ($10, $20) will then be reflected in your Wallet via the iTunes Pass. You can then use it to purchase whatever you’ve keeping an eye on.

Note: You already know that if you buy any premium game or app, the amount will be deducted from your iTunes Gift Card balance. However, any remaining balance due will be charged to your credit card, if you have added any with your Apple ID.

Purchase Apple Music with iTunes Gift Card on Android

Finally, we are really excited to see if any of the Android users stayed till here. So you own an Android device but also possess an iTunes gift card.

Well, you can certainly use it to redeem music, TV shows, apps, movies, books, Apple Music memberships, audio books, iCloud storage, and much more.

Since your Android smartphone won’t support most of these things, you’re only left with Apple Music store.

That’s to say, you can instantly redeem iTunes gift card for songs and podcasts from Apple Music. The app is available on the Play Store, and you can do the following:

Step 1: Search the Apple Music Store on Play Store and install it.

Step 2: Once installed, you have to register or login with an Apple ID.

Step 3: Tap your Apple ID, enter it along with your Apple ID password.

Step 4: When logged in, you need to scroll to the very bottom of the app and tap View Account. Then click on Redeem.

Step 5: Enter the code to redeem iTunes gift card, then click on Redeem again.

You’ll find that amount has been credited to your Apple Music Account. You can then use it to get a membership or just purchase songs in the Apple Music store on your smartphone.

Final Words

So this was my take on how to redeem iTunes Gift Card. Fortunately, we have had various options for our Apple users and well as the Android Users. Wohooo!

If you successfully redeem the gift voucher, then please share the methods with your friends and you can let us know if we’ve missed an important step in the guide.

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