Madden Mobile Hacks and Tricks to Get Free Coins and Cash in 2021

Have you ever played Madden Mobile? Well, today, in this article, we are going to tall about Madden Mobile hacks and tricks to get free Coins and Cash. But first of all, let us know some basics of it.

It is a mobile video game related to football. It is based on National Football League. It is a series based game released in 2014 for both Android and iOS and has 16 seasons in which players have to participate.

You can earn plenty of money while playing it. It is like earning money for your hobby. It can also be connected to your Facebook account to have more social features. It is also equipped with standard football rules like the touchdown, field goals and safe ties etc.

This game is exclusively published by EA Sports and you have both the choices- multiplayer playing mode and single player mode.

It is the mobile version of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). There are also players and cards which are available. You have to participate in live events to earn these features.

You can also try the season mode. You can also spend your real money to purchase some of the features which are not available free of cost. It is also a level based game and some features might have been restricted until players reach a certain level in the game.

There is also a “League” feature, where players can make a league and can also join them. You can also avail a chat box alongside.

If you wish you can participate in 16 regular seasons afterward they can reach to postseason stage. In these seasons players will compete against the real ones. If you win at least 8 games, you can go to the post-season game to play a divisional game. And after that, you can participate in the Super Bowl.

You can have a pack containing 100 to 1000000 Madden Mobile Coins if you win certain numbers of games. You can either play as a receiver or blocker. It is done in season mode, not in live events.

There are also the live events (a game mode) in which you can participate. They are stamina wise. It might range from 10-150 stamina. By completing these live events you will earn money, which can be in form of cards, Coins or experience points.

You will come across two events regularly- scrimmage and daily warm up. If you complete the scrimmage then you can earn a scrimmage set. This event will occur more than once in a day. Every day of a week has the live event. On Tuesday there is an event called Unsung Heroes.

Players have to complete certain sets to get coin and players for their teams. The sets are different in nature. If they beat the live events and champion set both, then they are granted different champion edition elite players category.

Some sets are weekly organized. They are dependent on time and you have to complete them in the certain time frame.

Some sets will be seasonal types like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas etc. You can also access legends league which are available on both iOS and Android versions. There are some gold trophies for winning these events. Their overall rating ranges from 98-99.

You can also read our free Google Play gift cards guide and add more Madden Mobile using this. Now let’s get to the main guide.


There are certain tricks and Madden Mobile hack which can help you to earn Cash or Coins faster. Here are the few:

1. You can start off by playing live events or season games until you run out of stamina. In this, you have to use your stamina to your optimum level. (This can make you earn between 4,000 and 10,000 free Madden Mobile Coins which are sufficient in case of the live event. Season games take a bit longer but earn you a higher number of Coins as compared to live events.)

2. You can sell anything available on your bench. You can look for a reasonable price. Keep a thing in your mind that don’t sell anything for the too low price. (You can try to sell the whole team or a part of it. You can buy back a player anytime but it is your discretion that how do you want to use the Coins to earn the profit.)

3. You can go to the auction house either. Here you can search for the bronze players and have to select the “Buy Now” option. You can buy them in around 100-150 Coins. If you find them in lower price then it is well and good. You can go for purchasing 70-75 players.

4. You can go to sets and tap the locker tab and scroll it down further and find the bronze player trade in option. If you find that you can put all the useless players in that set and you will be rewarded 2 trophy pack.

5. You can repeat it and later on sell all the 2 trophy packs to make money. But be careful and have a look at current prices available in the auction. (Bronze trophies will be around 200 Coins, Silver will be around 1000 and Gold for 4000.)

6. You can repeat it until you have 30000 Coins available with you. And you can repeat the steps in a section with higher buy now price. (Now it is good to search for Silver Players. There might be a possibility that such players are sold out but you can check it in 5 minutes and there will be the next round of players. If you will try to refresh each time you will find different players.)

7. You can trade in all the useless Silver players later on under the category “Silver Player Trade-In”.  Now you will get some trophies and you can also sell them in lieu of Coins. (You will get around 200 Coins for the Bronze Trophies, Silver for 1200 and Gold for 4000. You can also have the Elite Trophies for 25000 Coins.)

8. You can repeat the process until you get around 60000 Madden Mobile Coins in the trading. And this method is somewhere same as above mentioned.

9. Now you can go to the auction house and search for the Gold Players for 2000 Coins. Keep refreshing the data until you get the new batch and have at least 30 players.

10. Scroll down the window and click the set your Gold Player trade in. Put all gold players into that set and get a 10 trophy pack out of that.

11. Now sell all the trophies you get from the above step. You will get a Bronze Trophy for 200 Coins, Silver for 1200 and Gold for 4000 Coins.

There is also an elite trophy for 20000 and 25000 Madden Mobile Coins. Repeat this step until you get 200000 to 300000 Madden Mobile Coins. And now here is the option to make money out of these Coins.With 300000 Coins you are more financially stable and can grow your Coins faster. Just repeat the above-mentioned methods.



It is one of the faster ways to grow your Coins. If you are financially stable then wait for many live events which will increase your money.

Some events like headliners and team of the week are good opportunities. Use all your stamina on such events to be wealthier and done with all the sets. It is indeed a good idea to spend $5 on Cash to regain your stamina. This is up to your discretion but that is optional, not necessary. By completing their sets, you have an option to start the TOTW Hero and another event headliner hero. These are the sets of your next steps.


For as cheap as possible for the event. Now put all the players into the set and get your rewarded player.


Take into account that the players you buy up will be less than the profit made from selling the card. Sell the player immediately at a little lower than the auction house price.


It will be easy for you if you have played Madden before this. Then you might be familiar with the promos for eg. BCA, Ultimate freeze, RTTP etc. You can make 2000-5000 Coins on your first day if you are familiar with how to play it.


One of the keys to learning how to make Coins is to keep on reading different methods. You will find many ways to earn money from promos. You are reading just a basic guide on the topic and you can further explore it.

You can easily get the players in most of the Madden Promos. You just have to participate in live events and complete the sets.


Complete your all the sets involved in Master, Hero, and legend promos. It will take heaps of money of course and it can range from 500000 to 1 million. So, try this only when you have sufficient amount of money.

Now sell all of them as soon as possible for you as there is a deal of instability in price matter.


Now you have to get many gold players using these promos as soon as possible and the price will be the same as go for. The reason behind this is- they got more prices as compared to normal gold players.

But maybe the price can drop very significantly in a few days so you have to be quick in selling these players.


In this way or using this Madden Mobile hack you can earn lot of Coins and Cash while playing this game. But keep on learning and studying different manners.

Please do let us know about this hacks and tricks using the comments section below.

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