PlayStation versus Xbox: who’s ahead of the game?

For years, Sony and Microsoft have been competing closely for gamers with their Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Read here which consoles performed best in terms of sales. In the video you can also see which of the new next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have the lead in our tests.


Since Microsoft launched the first Xbox in 2001, console gamers have been wondering whether to get the latest PlayStation or the latest Xbox. In addition to the hardware, the question of the respective exclusive titles of the consoles often influences the choice of gamers.
While Sony’s main competitor was primarily Nintendo until the beginning of the millennium, Microsoft’s Xbox has since developed into a serious competitor, which has increasingly caught up with the king of the industry in terms of sales.
Using company information and figures from VGChartz, Statista has created a graphic that shows the respective sales figures of Sony and Microsoft in the individual console generations before the current models PlayStation 5 ( for test ) and Xbox Series X | S ( for test ) (as of : September 30, 2020). You can see them under this section.

Sony versus Microsoft: who was ahead in terms of sales?

PlayStation vs.  Xbox: Compared to Microsoft, Sony usually had a clear lead in terms of sales.

PlayStation vs. Xbox: Compared to Microsoft, Sony usually had a clear lead in terms of sales. Graphic: Statista
Long before Microsoft released its first console, Sony supplied the gaming world with the first PlayStation from 1994. Thanks to classics like the Final Fantasy series, Metal Gear Solid or Crash Bandicoot, the first Sony console was able to be sold a total of 102.5 million times.
At the beginning of the millennium, the console competition between the two manufacturers began: Sony brought out the PlayStation 2 in 2000, and a year later Microsoft presented the first Xbox. The sales figures at that time spoke a clear language: While Microsoft brought just 24.6 million devices to the people, the PS2 was sold 157.7 million times, with which Sony was able to secure the title of the best-selling console of all time .
The situation looked significantly different about half a decade later: The PlayStation 3 (2006) and the Xbox 360 (2005) fought head-to-head in sales, which Sony with 87.4 million to 85.8 Millions of copies sold could ultimately win. The Xbox 360 is now the best-selling Microsoft console of all time.
In 2013, both manufacturers brought new console representatives onto the market. Unlike a generation earlier, the race here was anything but close: While the PlayStation 4 sold 113.5 million times over the counter, Microsoft’s Xbox One, which sold 48.5 million times, didn’t even reach half of this Numbers.
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