How to recover deleted files in android for free

If you have accidentally deleted data in Android and are now looking for ways to recover it then you have reached the right place as here we discuss the four effective and fully working ways of recovering deleted files in Android that too for free.

Recover files

But first, let us see what causes data loss or file deletion in Android. One of the most common reasons for file deletion is human error wherein a user accidentally deletes a file on Android. Also, data is lost when we select the ‘Reset Factory settings’ option. Sometimes, an upgrade in the operating system can result in file deletion too and at times rooting your device can be the cause of data loss.

However, whatever the reason, the good news is that you can recover deleted files on Android and if you are wondering how then go through the below-listed methods.


1. By using MiniTool Mobile Recovery:

Mini Tool Mobile Recovery

One of the easiest and hassle-free methods of retrieving deleted files in android is to use external recovery software. And when we are talking about external softwares we cannot look beyond MiniTool Mobile Recovery software as this is a highly popular and reliable recovery software available in the market.

Using this software you can recover deleted, lost and even corrupted data in Android. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes the entire process simple and convenient and importantly with this software you can recover text data such as messages and contacts and can also recover media data such as APP photos, videos and attachments.

One of the key features of MiniTool Mobile recovery is that it offers two recovery modules: Phone and SD-Card. This makes the recovery process smooth and easy.


2. By using Google Backup:

Google Backup

If you do not wish to use external software to recover deleted files on Android then take help of Google as it arms you with file recovery features.

Google Backup is Google’s amazing answer to all your data deletion problems. To avail this feature, all you have to do is create a Gmail account and enable it on your Android device. When you are adding the account on your device, Google asks whether you want to sync the data from the Android device to your mail account. By saying yes, you enable Google to store your data on the cloud so that you can recover it later.

But to avail this feature, you must select the sync data feature beforehand. So, make sure that your Android device is using the Google backup feature and you have a functional Gmail account as you need to provide the Gmail account details while retrieving the deleted files.

3. By using EaseUS MobiSaver software:

EaseUs MobiSaver software

Another simple and completely free method of retrieving lost data in Android is to use the EaseUs MobiSave software. This software enables you to recover files from internal storage as well as external memory cards and gives the preview option so that you can check the files before restoring them.

To use this software, you will need a PC as you have to install this software on your PC and then connect your Android device to it.

Importantly, EaseUs MobiSaver software allows you to recover and export lost contacts in CSV, HTML and VCF formats and you can also export lost messages in HTML format for printing purpose or for reference.

4. By using Gihosoft Android recovery:


In the second method, we talked about Google Back up option but what if you didn’t select this feature beforehand and now want to recover lost files? There is no need to panic as you can still recover the files by using Gihosoft Android recovery software.

Follow these simples steps to recover deleted files on Android for free by using Gihosoft Android recovery software.

Step one: Download and install the Gihosoft free Android recovery software and install it on your computer. Now connect your Android device to your computer by enabling the USB debugging feature.

Step two: After you connect the Android device to the computer, the Gihosoft Android recovery software will recognize the device and will ask you to start the scanning process. Once the scanning process is completed, the results will be displayed in a list format and you will see all the recoverable files on the device.

Step three: By using the preview option, check the desired files and click on the recover option to complete the recovery process.

As mentioned above, losing files or data on Android isn’t irreparable damage as you can recover the lost files that too for free. By using these four methods you can easily retrieve your lost files on Android. So, do share this article with your friends too and help them in recovering their deleted files too.



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