How to recover deleted video files on Android and PC for free

‘I accidentally deleted important videos on my PC but now I need it asap. What should I do?’

This is a very frequently asked question as a lot of people face this issue. And this problem is not only limited to PC but is applicable to Android users as well.

Recover filesRecovering files on PC

Without beating around the bush, let us come to the point. Is it possible to recover deleted videos on Android and PC? Then the good news is yes and infact it is very easy and completely free.

A) Recovering deleted videos on PC:

A number of things can lead to video deletion on PCs. But worry no more as we discuss two highly useful and completely working methods of recovering deleted videos on PC.

1.By using iBeesoft program: 

iBeesoft program

If you are looking for reliable external software to recover deleted video files on PCE then do not look beyond iBeesoft program. This software needs to be purchased but you can also get a free trail and recover your deleted videos from PC.

With iBeesoft program, you can retrieve deleted videos from hard disk/partition, SD card, external hard drive, RAW drive, USB drive etc and it comes with a deep scan feature that dives deep into your drives to find videos that are difficult to trace.

And using iBeesoft program software is very convenient and hassle-free. To recover your videos, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

Step 1: Install and launch the recover deleted videos program. Here you will see a list of file formats. From this list, select the videos section and start the scanning process.

Step 2: Now, you will see a list of all drives in your PC. Select the drive where the deleted video is located and start ‘Scan’ process.

Step 3: When the scanning process is completed, a list of videos will be displayed. Preview the videos and restore the ones that you need.


2. By using EaseUS Data recovery software:

EaseUS Data recovery

EaseUS Data recovery software is another external software which is effective for recovering deleted videos on PC. This software is available for a free trial too and you can easily recover your lost videos by using this free trial version.

The lightning fast speed and easy-to-use features make this software a very useful and reliable tool for your PC.

To begin the recovery process, left click on the drive which contains the deleted video and click on the ‘scan’ option. Once the scanning is completed, the software will show a list of deleted files which you can preview and then choose to restore.


B) Recovering deleted videos on Android:

Like PC, you can recover deleted videos from Android as well and you importantly you don’t have to break your bank for this data recovery. Here are the two simple ways of recovering deleted videos on Android.

1. By using Recoverit Data recovery software:


If your video recovery requirement isn’t a big one then you can go with Recoverit data recovery software. The free version of this software offers video recovery up to 100 MB and hence it is a very useful method for recovering deleted videos.

First, download this software on your computer and connect your microSD card to the PC. Then run the software and select the ‘External Devices Recovery’ option. Now the software will scan the specific MicroSD card and will display all the files. You have to now preview the videos and select the videos which you want to recover.

This software is very easy to use and delivers quick results. Hence it is ideal for retrieving videos of smaller sizes.

2. By using UltData:


For Android users. UltData is a savior when it comes to recovering deleted videos. This program is fast, reliable and highly accurate. It is easy to operate, gives quick results and has a hassle-free service.

A free trial version of this program is available and you can download it to recover your deleted videos on Android. Importantly, along with videos, it recovers other things such as contacts, WhatsApp messages, text messages, and documents as well.

To use this program, install it on your PC, connect your Android device and just scan for the lost files. And voila! in just a few moments, all your deleted videos will be displayed. You can then select the desired videos and recover them.


The methods discussed in this article make it evident that you can easily recover deleted videos in Android and PC by using the external softwares. These softwares are trusted by several users and are completely authentic.

So the next time you have to recover a deleted video, you don’t have to panic as you are now equipped with the necessary armor.


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