Revealed! How to get free eBay gift cards (fully legit ways)



eBay is one of the leading e-commerce sites in the world and is known for its lucrative prices and customer-friendly features. This online shopping avenue also offers a number of gift cards to make shopping fun and cost-effective.

The simplest and the straight-forward way of getting the eBay gift cards is to buy them but that isn’t the only way to obtain them. In fact, if you play smart and are up for a voyage into the internet then there are a plethora of ways of obtaining free eBay gift cards.

Here we share with you the authentic and legit ways of receiving free eBay gift cards.

1. Sign-up for newsletters:

No one likes newsletters in their inbox which are nothing but marketing tools. But that doesn’t mean you should hate them. What if these online newsletters help you in getting free eBay gift cards? Then indeed we won’t mind the occasional newsletters landing in our inbox.

There are a number of portals that offer you points for receiving their newsletters. All you have to do is open the floodgates of your email by signing up for their program and then receive their newsletters.

You will then get points as rewards for these newsletters which you can redeem for free eBay gift cards and sometimes you get rewarded in the form of gift cards itself.

You can create an alternate email address only for receiving these newsletters to keep your primary email address spam-free.


2. Embrace MyPoints:

Another lucrative way of earning free eBay gift cards is to perform micro-tasks at Get Paid To (GPT) sites. These sites ask you to complete specific tasks and in return offer points that you can redeem for eBay gift cards.

MyPoints is a highly popular Get Paid To site that asks members to complete tasks such as completing surveys, answering questionnaires, downloading apps and playing games. These tasks are simple in nature and can be completed in a short time span.

And the points you earn on MyPoints can be used for getting free eBay gift cards. So make the most fo your time on the internet by signing up on MyPoints.

My points

3. SwagBucks: 

As we are talking about rewards sites, SwagBucks is hard to miss. SwagBucks has a reputation of being a genuine and completely legit platform that rewards users for completing surveys and tasks. It has a loyal base of members who have benefited from SagBucks’ programs.

Once you join SwagBucks you will receive surveys and other tasks which if completed will offer lucrative points and these points can then be exchanged for obtaining free eBay gift cards.

So if you are willing to spend some time on the internet answering surveys then SwagBucks is the ideal option for you to win some free eBay gift cards.

Swag Bucks

4. Follow companies on social media:

There are several companies on the internet which are indulging in an intense war to win the attention of netizens. The general trend is that the more the number of followers, the biger the reputation of a company in the online world.

And hence companies are always finding ways to attract more followers and one way of doing it is to offer free gift cards to followers. A simple search on the internet will reveal you that there are plenty of companies on the internet that offer free gift cards for followers on a frequent basis.

You too can make the most of such promotions and can earn free eBay gift cards by following the social media accounts of these companies.

5. JunoWallet:

JunoWallet is an effective application for earning money for doing simple tasks on your smartphone. To begin your earnings, you have to register yourself on the app which is free and then as a member, you will be offered specific tasks that let you earn points after completing them.

You can redeem the points for cash and get it in your bank account and if you are looking to earn free eBay gift cards then and you also redeem the points for eBay gift cards. The entire process is easy and flexible and hence JunoWallet is an ideal option for getting free eBay gift cards.

Juno Wallet

6. Make the most of HarrisPoll:

HarrisPoll is a wonderful portal for people who like expressing their opinion about products, services and anything in general. The portal offers surveys and polls to its members and then rewards them for completing these surveys.

The rewards come in the form of cash and points. You can get your cash through Paypal or in your bank account and you can even redeem these points for getting free eBay gift cards.

HarrisPoll is being used by thousands of netizens who have won lucrative points and eBay gift cards from it. Hence, if you are looking for a genuine and legit survey portal to get free eBay gift cards then HarrisPoll is the answer.

Harris Poll

Stay away from scams and code generators:

The methods listed in the article make it clear that you earn free eBay gift cards by diving in the world of internet. But this isn’t a cakewalk as there are a plethora of scam websites out there which are eager for you to commit one mistake.

These fake and scam portals work on the principle of luring the visitors by offering lucrative offers and then obtaining sensitive data from them. Hence the best way to avoid getting duped from such scams is to stay away from portals that make suspicious offers and claims.

Code generators are one of the most common methods deployed by scammers and in reality, these codes rarely work. So beware of them!



Final word:

Although a bit tricky, there are numerous ways of getting free eBay gift cards and by following the methods listed above you can surely save some money while shopping on eBay. We would love to hear from you, your experience of using these methods and also do remember to share this article with your friends so that they too can take advantage of free eBay gift cards.




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