Roblox Music Codes and IDs of Best 550+ Songs {2021 Updated}

Who doesn’t excites like a clown whenever a gamer sees something related to Roblox? Indeed, the game has created something of a name for itself. Now, those who are already aware of all the components of the game, Roblox Music Codes is one of the most searched terms for it; and those who don’t (Psst… we’re going to let you know).

So, on the very demand of most of our users, here’s the full-on guide to how to use and add Roblox Music IDs in your games.

A little bonus is also coming up as we have a list of more than 550+ Roblox Music Codes of popular and trending songs of 2017, 2018, Top DJ tracks, and all the classics. So hold on tight!


As every gamer knows, Sounds are the key component to every game. So if you’re developing Roblox games in the studio, you should also use them to make your game more interactive and cool. Moreover, they are a way to add atmosphere and immersion in the game, whether through sound effects or music.

Now Roblox consists of all the exclusive components in the Catalog. Whether you’re looking for a clothing say t-shirts, shorts, dresses or accessories like hair accessories, body accessories and whatnot! But they are all available for a price tag. And to use these components, you have to pay Robux through your account.

Music is no different! Roblox also charges you to get any song or sound effect from its catalog for a price and every song has a specific music ID that you can load into your game.

Adding Music to your game can help you with several things:

  • Makes the game more fun
  • Sets a mood for users
  • Gives professional appearance (or rather, sound)

The price for adding or loading music to your game is defined as per the length of the tracks is as follows:

Length Cost
0 – 10 seconds R$20
10 – 30 seconds R$35
30 seconds R$350
2 – 7 minutes R$350

Now, you can understand why people are looking for free Roblox Music IDs all over the Internet. No one wants to spend their hard-earned Robux or even free Robux on developing a game that might or might not become successful.

So, here we are with all the full guide to get Roblox Music IDs. First, we have the list of 550+ songs with their IDs and then a step by step tutorial on how to load them onto your game.


Before we start, this year we also saw the tragic demise of the most loved and our favorite DJ, Avicii. In the honor to him, here are all the special Roblox Music Codes for his music.

Artist – Song Code
Avicii – Hey Brother 183833194
Avicii – For A Better Day 296280308
Avicii – Gonna Love Ya 305187405
Avicii – Pure Grinding 295074823
Avicii – Silhouettes 320994410
Avicii – The Nights 187316717
Avicii – Waiting For Love 263686711
Avicii – Wake Me Up 585694253


Coming back to our list, here’s the list of all the popular songs and their respective Roblox Music IDs.


Once you’ve got the hold of all these Roblox Music IDs, it’s now the time to load all these Roblox Music IDs into your game. There are basic instructions on the Roblox Help Section but we have already simplified all of the tricks.


Before adding the songs necessarily to your game, you can initially configure the Roblox Music IDs as per your demand.

You can access the Configure page from the audio page of any music file you have uploaded. To get it, just press the cog and choose “Configure” from a drop-down menu that will display after this. It has multiple options to help you customize the Roblox Music ID file and load up it as an audio.

Now, the Configure Section has the various options:

  • Name: Allows you to configure the Roblox Music ID audio file’s name.
  • Make Free: Choose whether or not the Roblox Music ID item is freely available.
  • Description: A summary of the Roblox Music ID audio file.
  • Turn comments on & off: Choosing whether or not this item is open for comments.
  • Genre: Classifying the Roblox Music ID audio to help people find it.
  • Version History: Allows you to change back to the previous version of the Roblox Music ID file.

To simply review a music file, press the small Play button.


Song files can be easily implemented in places using the Roblox Music IDs and you can make them atmospheric, add feelings and create a mood.

To add Roblox Music ID audio to the Place, there are a number of productive ways the developers (builders here) can use sound, songs to insert an audio file. To start with, do the following:

Step 1: Find your favorite song and copy its Roblox Music ID from our list of more than 550+ different Roblox Music ID, which is the number at the end of the song name.

Step 2: Open up Roblox Studio and find any place in Edit Mode.

Step 3: Open the Basic Objects panel and you have to double-click “Sound“. Make sure that this is happening in the Workspace.

Step 4: Once there, you need to click the Sound Icon to open the Properties.

Step 5: Besides the “Roblox Music ID”, just Enter “” plus the Roblox Music ID


Step 6: Now, once you’ve clicked on StarterGui, just double-click on the “LocalScript“.

Step 7: Carefully remove “print ‘Hello world!” and enter this script: game.Workspace.Sound:Play()

Step 8: And Voila! That’s it. You have successfully loaded the Roblox Music ID in your game on a certain place. Try using various songs and sound effects to make the game more interactive and fun.

Finally, Publish the Roblox Game and save your game.


So that was about it! This is how you can find all of your favorite Roblox Music Codes and instantly use them to load and use them in your Roblox Game.

This is the most trustable resource of every Roblox Developer or Builder as they like it. You can share all of your favorite Roblox Music IDs with your fellow developers and friends on the website or the Roblox Forum.

Just drop our link there and make sure to properly credit NoHumanVerification in the section. It really took us days of research and lookup tools to find all the popular Roblox Music IDs from the Roblox Catalog.

You can comment your favorite ones in the comment section below and let us know if we’ve missed any one of the most popular or favorite Roblox Music IDs.

We will definitely get back to you and update the list as soon as possible.

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