Top 10 Android Games to Play in 2021

GAMING, GAMING, GAMING! Gaming in today’s world has become its own justification. But, wait for a second! The inclusion of Android games cannot be neglected, right? When it comes to Android games, the craziness among everyone is sure to increase! Numerous Android games have been releasing daily on various App Stores. Android games are for sure a complete entertainment to all the customers and their increasing popularity has caught up an eye. Thus, whatever is popular surely deserves attention.

So, here are some of the top Android games that will amuse you and have made way to this list due to their exceptions.

1. PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)


Pubg Mobile


As the countdown has started up for top android games, a game like PUBG Mobile can never be forgotten. Getting you to PUBG Mobile, the game has been collecting much more attractive response from the customers as compared to other games. PUBG Mobile has brought about a drastic change in the gaming world. After receiving a positive response through PC gaming, the game earned great significance in android gaming. You get placed on a remote island with 99 global players all spread around to compete with by collecting your pieces of equipment for survival and attacking as well.

Attracting you with different maps, skins, guns, etc. the game is enjoyed on a large scale by gamers all around the world. Generating great action sequence with the virtuality and producing great graphics, the game is experienced with a 3D illustration. You can team with your friends and other players as well.

Highlight – The game has earned an achievement as App Store’s Best of 2018 and 2018 Mobile game of the year at Golden Joystick Awards. The game has a vast number of 100million+ downloads to date. The game is free to play excluding the in-app purchases.

2. Garena Free Fire

Garena free fireGarena Free FireMaps

Considering the same gameplay as PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire has too earned an attractive response from the customers. Garena Free Fire is one of the finest survival shooter game on the mobile. A game where you are placed on a remote island after being released from an airplane and are pit against other 49 players to compete with for turning into an ultimate survivor. You can drive vehicles, go prone, crouch as well as hide in the grass to snipe your enemy. Ambushing is a great tactic too.

The 3D virtuality and the graphical content is highly appreciated by the users.

Highlight – 100million+ gamers have installed the game. Also, considering the storage, the game easily fits up your internal storage. Your skills are what help you survive.

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers icon Subway SurfersSubway Surfers

The name you have surely heard! Having a great fan following among the kids aging from 3 years to the senior citizens, this arcade game is a fun and easy way to pass your time away. A player needs to escape the Grumpy Inspector and his dog while dodging the oncoming trains. As easy as swiping your fingers to move, the game is very fun-loving and entertaining.

Surfing our board through the trains will help you in escaping faster.

Highlight – Amusing you by an enormous number of 1billion+ downloads, the game has become a show stopper.

4. Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans Strategy Clan Wars

Bringing to you another big name from the gaming world, the clash of clans cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. A game that can work based on your strategies and your game plan ideas. By joining millions of players worldwide, you need to strategize and build your village for defending yourself from the upcoming enemies. Also, you need to sketch out your attacking plans for destroying other villages, raise a clan and compete in clan wars.

Master planning is the main key factor here.

Highlight – The game has an aggregate of 500million+ downloads yet. Also, it is well ranked among the strategic games.

5. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga

Loved by merely millions of people all around the world, candy crush saga has become a fun time for everyone. This casual game is very easy and loved by users all around. Swiping your fingers to match the candies and completing different levels, the increasing difficulty results in enlarging excitement among the players.

Switching and matching Candies in this divine puzzle is enjoyable.

Highlight – The game consists of 500million+ downloads. Also, it can easily be played by small kids to old senior citizens.

6. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8

When the talk gets up to playing games, then the set of racing has brought something significant for you! A special release from the known video game developer ‘Gameloft’, Asphalt 8: Airborne has really won the hearts. Racing has been a great passion for gamers. Thus, this game is surely up to your needs. You will get to race with some of the hottest and most high-performance dream machines. Cars to bikes ever created to take you to the global tour of speed.

Highly attractive with its explicit graphical content and startling vehicles.

Highlight – Consisting of 100million+ downloads, the game is quite energetic and addictive though.

7. Temple Run 2

Temple run 2


Temple Run 2






Super power

After getting a positive response to the first release of Temple run franchise, Temple Run 2 was comparatively enjoyed more than its first part. This action game turned out to be a show stopper as well. Navigating perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines, and forests while trying to escape from the cursed idol, you would surely enjoy running, jumping, sliding and turning throughout. Various characters with different powers will help you to find your way and escape from the evils.

Gorgeous environments, new superpowers are sure to attract you.

Highlight – The game has an astonishing number of 500million+ installs.

8. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

Though idealistic, yet a realistic game like Pokemon GO will turn you into a gaming robot. Everyone loved to watch different characters and battles among players in the Pokemon Show. Ever thought if you could catch them on your mobile phone? Yes, you heard it right! Pokemon GO enables you to explore the world around you for discovering various pokemon and capture them on your mobiles. To catch one you have to take aim and throw the Poke ball. Don’t forget to stay alert or it might get away!

Catching, hatching, evolving, competing in epic gym battles is fun loving.

Highlight – Pokemon GO has been downloaded 850million times and has become a global sensation. Knowing its achievements, it has been named as ‘Best Mobile Game’ by The Game Developers Choice Awards and ‘Best App of the year’ by TechCrunch.

9. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2

Last but foremost, presenting before you Shadow Fight 2 which has redefined the gaming world. Shadow Fight 2 a fully exceptional and artistically designed action game for the users. Plunging into epic combat sequences and devastating the enemies delightfully with numerous action sequences, the game is a complete package of entertainment. Also, customize your player with fantastic weapons, armor suits, and superpowers to fight it down gracefully.

It will help you equip your character by countless lethal weapons and also learn new martial art techniques.

Highlight – Downloaded 100million+ times, the game is an edge of the seat mixture of RPG and classical fighting.

10. Clash Royale

Clash RoyaleClash RoyaleClash Royale

Another successful launch by the gaming hub ‘Supercell’, Clash Royale has been awarded marginal reply all over the world. Coming across from one of the best strategy game developers, users have been enjoying the game completely. Competing with world-wide players in dual matches has caught up the attention. Creating clans and challenging clan mates for a match is something to look out for. Also, competing with friends by using distinct attacking strategies would take you to the victory side.

Spectating matches could help you in making new plans for the attacking side.

Highlight – Having been downloaded 100million+ times, the game is addictive and new for the users.


Please do draft us with more queries regarding the games mentioned above and other interesting games that fascinate you. Also, do comment in the comments section if you did not find your game or would like to see something new in our articles… Thank You!!


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