Top 10 Free Online Cloud Storage Sites in 2021

Cloud storage is becoming very much popular industry years by years.Many IT giants come into Cloud as its future growth.Now you might be thinking What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is “a networked online storage” hosted by Third Parties.Suppose you have some data or files on Dropbox.Then you can access that data from your office,from your home as well as you can share that data to your friends via a single link.It’s like a Team Workplace!!

There are lots of free Online Cloud Storage Sites.I am using few of them.With their Services,Security.I had tried to do some Top 10 Free Online Cloud Storage Sites  list of best cloud storage providers which may give you around 140 GB Free Secured Space on Cloud.

1. DropBox – 2GB to 18GB


One of the most popular ever service was founded by two MIT students.There are 50 Million people who use Dropbox around the globe.Dropbox gives you 2GB space for free when you signup.

If you refer your friend to join Dropbox,then you get 500 MB Space.This space can be increased upto 18 GB.There are also some options like to connect account.

The Good : Simplest & Auto Back Up
The Bad : Limited Space when you sign up


2. Box – 5GB

Box is one of the simplest to use ever Cloud Storage.Box is being used by 10 million individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.I am using Box.I can see which of my files are downloaded by how many times.Box provides you limited file Size upto 100 MB.So you can not upload Movies!!;-)

The Good : Simplest & Secured
The Bad : Limited File Size=100 MB


3. Google Drive – 5GB

From its name,You can think that it’s Google Service.Yes,It is.Now I think you will not mind to use Google Drive.You can Login with your existing Google Account to use Google Drive

The Good : No need to Signup,If you have already Google account!!


4. SkyDrive – 7GB

“SkyDrive” service is provided by Microsoft.Sky Drive is a formerly known as Windows Live SkyDrive.Yes,It is also like Google Drive.If you have Windows Live or account.You can easily Sign In with your existing account.

The Good : No need to Signup,If you have already Live or account!!

The Bad :Limited File Size =300 MB.



5. Amazon Cloud Drive – 5GB

Amazon Cloud Drive service provided by famous Amazon online shop.If you signup with Amazon,then you will get 5 GB space for free.


6. SugarSync – 5GB

SugarSync is one of the fastest becoming cloud service .Due to its availability of every platforms,SugarSync is becoming very popular among lots of users.They support all Apps not only Android,iPhone but BlackBerry, Symbian and many more!!


7. 4Shared – 15GB

4Shared is one of the Online Storage Provider who gets lots of visits from Search Engines.If any users who shared public any file,then because of  its systematic file storage,they get good number of visits from Search Engines.This is the success story of 4Shared!!

The Bad : Your free account is only for 180 Days & Limited File Size = 2048MB

8. Adrive – 50GB

I think the highest amount of Free Online Cloud Storage provides by ADrive.Though User Interface is not quite good,But for 50GB,you should not mind to create account!!

The Good : 50 GB Storage!!
The Bad  : Not compatible with Android App,No online collaboration,Forum Support Only.Limited File Size = 2GB

9. iDrive – 15GB

From the name,You may be thinking It must be an Apple services.No,iDrive is not an Apple service.iCloud is an Apple service.It is a special online cloud storage service for Database Backups.Cnet gives 4.5 out of 5 to iDrive.

10. MegaCloud – 8GB to 18 GB

Megacloud is one of the good feature File Versioning.You can review and retrieve your previous files whenever you like.You can also get extra 10 GB by inviting your friends.

Cloud can get more users when people get High Bandwidth .If you have any more good cloud storage Websites except above,Please do comment to let me know and WTM readers.

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