10 ways to trace mobile number location in 2021

Tracing mobile number location

Thanks to the technology and genius algorithms, today we are able to do a lot more things and complete tasks which seemed next to impossible sometime back. However certain things still look beyond the reach of our present technology and one such thing is tracing the location of a phone number.

But this is not the case anymore as now there are several ways to trace the location of a mobile number. If you are wondering how then you are at the right place as here we discuss the 10 ways to trace the location of a mobile number.


1. Truecaller:


Most of us must have used the Truecaller app to know the authenticity of the caller and to know other details. But a very fantastic feature of Truecaller is that you can also trace the location of the phone number.

Truecaller App lets you know the name of the caller, their location and you can also block specific numbers if you wish to. The Truecaller App is available for Android as well as iPhone users.


2. Mobile Number Locator:

Mobile number locator

The Mobile Number Locator is a wonderful tool for tracing the location of a mobile number for Android users. This application is free of cost which is a great advantage and it is also equipped with caller identification tool which means along with getting to know the location of the phone number you can also get other important details.

This application has all global codes in its database which makes it even more effective and its easy-to-use interface is a bonus. The location received from this app is easy to access as it comes on a 3D Google map. What’s more, the Mobile Number Locator app works offline too.

However please note that this app is only available for Android users and isn’t available for iPhone users.


3. Mobile Number Tracker Pro:

Mobile number tracker pro

All the iPhone users who felt disheartened due to the unavailability of option number two can cheer up as this is the option which is literally tailor-made for them.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro works with iOS devices and is a very useful tool for tracking the location of a mobile number. This app has a wonderful interface and it is easy to navigate.

Interestingly, this app is free of cost and comes with a massive database. In fact, it has a database from over 200 countries which makes it a leading mobile device tracking tool.

One of the key features of this application is that this application sends you a notification when the phone number is located.


4. Free Phone Tracer:

Free phone tracer

If you are looking for a simple and glitch-free method of tracing the location of a mobile number then do not look beyond the Free Phone Tracer website. This portal is very easy to use and convenient.

All you have to do is just type in the phone number in the search section and voila! you are done. In no time all the details and the location of the phone number will flash on the screen.

Importantly, this portal is stated secure by McAfee Security which further enhances its credibility and ensures that it is genuine and safe to use. And apart from tracing mobile numbers, you can also trace landline numbers from this portal.


5. Online GPS phone tracker:

Online GPS phone tracker

Another fantastic method of tracing phone number location is the Online GPS phone tracker way. This app makes the task of tracing the location of a phone number hassle-free with its huge database and convenient user-interface.

With this website, you can track mobile numbers as well as landline phones. Interestingly, this portal works globally which increases its effectiveness. And not to forget that this app is free of cost to use.


6. GPS cell Phone locator:

GPS cell phone locator

If you are not comfortable downloading any applications and want a simple option for tracing mobile number location then GPS cell phone locator website is ideal for you.

On this website, you can trace any mobile number location without downloading any apps and the process is simple too. Here, you can trace a phone device that works on Android, iOS, Windows and even Blackberry.

Plus, this web portal is free of cost to use and is an authentic tool for tracking locations of mobile numbers.


7. FamiSafe: 


If you are looking for an application to keep a vigil on your children then FamiSafe is a good bet. Interestingly, this app can be installed on a mobile phone without rooting it.

It comes with a plethora of features including real-time location tracking and it is available for Android as well as iOS.


8. mSpy:


As the name suggests, the mSpy app enables you to trace the location of mobile devices. Importantly it comes with features like No Jailbreak and Geo-Fencing which are very effective. Plus with mSpy you can check the route history and also the current whereabouts of the mobile number.

9.  CoPilot GPS:

CoPilot GPS

And while we are discussing apps that let you trace the location of mobile devices at affordable costs, we cannot miss CoPilot GPS app which offers a fantastic service and at the same time gives quarterly map updates for free.

The key feature of this app is that you get a 7-day trial version for free before you make the purchase of the app. So this makes it easier to check the features before making the purchase.


10. Spyzie:


If you are willing to shell out some money in your pursuit of tracing the location of a mobile number then you should try Spyzie. This is basically a GPS mobile tracker and although it costs you money, it isn’t that heavy on your wallet.

It has a highly reliable GPS mechanism and it enables users to track the current whereabouts of mobile devices.

The above-listed methods of tracing the location of a mobile number are very effective and they enable you to get accurate and reliable information. So, do check these methods and do not forget to share your experiences. Also, share this highly useful article with your friends.

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