50+ Websites To Watch Free Movies Online [2021 Updated]

Assuming that you are here to know the top best 101 sites to watch movies online, we are more than happy to tell you that we have got it covered for you.

In this busy schedule, nobody has enough time to watch their favorite movie in theatres. Rather, people prefer watching it online. And thanks to the online websites through which one can easily watch movies online without stepping out of the home.

So let us simply start reading the list of online sites to watch movies online.

Best sites to watch Free movies online


1- Netflix


Netflix is a website where you will be able to watch your favorite movies and Netflix original web series by paying a monthly subscription. Since the site is really big enough, you can watch a variety of films and web series online.

Pro tip- If you are into Hollywood films, Netflix is a good choice for you. However, you are required to pay a fee which might become heavy on your pocket.

2- Amazon prime

Prime video

Amazon Prime video and Netflix are very similar. Just like Netflix makes their own original web series, you can also expect Amazon prime original series too. The collection, categories and genres are also same as Netflix.

Pro tip- Amazon prime is a good choice if you are looking for some Indian web series too. You need to pay in order to avail the subscription either monthly or yearly.

3- Sony Crackle

Sony crackle

Owned by Sony, Sony Crackle is a free option to watch movies online. It is available in different 20 countries and along with movies, you can also watch Sony channel TV shows in the site. The movies you can expect are the ones with which Sony has partnered.

Pro Tip- If you are looking for an option where you don’t have to pay for watching films, then simply go for Sony Crackle as the subscription is totally free of cost.

4- Tubi TV

Tubi tv

According to people, after Netflix, Tubi TV has the best collection of both movies and TV shows. You can find shows in Tubi TV which are difficult to find in any other site. Be it drama, classic programs, anime, kid or anything else, it has it all.

Pro tip- If you are finding a site with a huge collection for everyone and which is free as well, without thinking even once, go for Tubi TV.

5- Viewster


Viewster is one of the legal site which is been used since years to watch movies online. Here in this site, not only watching movie can be done but if you are not up for watching it online, downloading of the movie can also be done in order to watch later.

Pro tip- If you are planning to watch it in your home theatre with an unstable internet, do not prefer this site because it will not work good then. Also, if you are looking for a very great quality, it won’t be the suitable choice.

6- YouTube


YouTube for sure doesn’t need any introduction at all. It is a video streaming site with over one billion visits per month. In YouTube, not just the videos but TV shows and movies can also be watched. Also, the downloading option is also available in the site.

Pro Tip- If you don’t want to risk it by using a new site, go for YouTube anytime as it is the most reliable one for sure which will provide you everything from subtitles to the quality.

7- SnagFilms


Snagfilms is known for having the best collection of African, French, Spanish, Indian cinema and documentaries collection. You can expect more than 5000 movies in their site. It has content in different 15 languages too including Chinese, Korean, Hindi, English and etc.

Pro tip- If you are looking for variety with for sure the quality, undoubtedly go for Snagfilms.

8- Vudu


Vudu is also a good site to watch movies online. You can watch different genre movies in the site as the site is categorized in different categories such as crime, action, comedy, family. Suspense and kids. For using this site, you need to make your account after which you are ready to stream movies online.

Pro tip- Here in this site, if you want to watch movies on rent, then Vudu will serve you the best for sure.

9- Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a site which is best suited for anime lovers. In this site, the main focus is on east Asian content i.e. manga series, anime, music and shows. The site is not a free one so if you want to watch shows, you can use the free trial of 14 days.

Pro tip- If you don’t want to pay for the site, you can then wait for few days and watch the episodes with ad which will be free.

10- Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a platform owned by Screen Media Films. It is an OTT service basically where you can watch the films in free of cost however, you need to bear the ads you will see in between. It also has its own original web series which is free of cost. The collection they keep is enough to serve all.

Pro Tip- You can watch the films without making an account. Yes, however, you may get some issues related to quality.

11- Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a big site which has a legal partnership with more than 80 distributors. You can expect watching good films in free of cost due to this reason. Also, the site has some TV shows too to show you. The best part about the site is that they work on, on demand films which means that they will only show you the movies which are on demand.

Pro tip- You can watch the famous on demand movies in this site. Also, you can use the app of the site in any of the device.

12- The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the site which defines its name very well. You can expect many films in this site which are hard to find in any other site. Also, since it is a non profit public domain online organization, you don’t need to pay anything to watch the films in the site.

Pro Tip- If you are searching for a film which is hard to find anywhere else or maybe is too old, you can for sure watch it here as they keep the backup of the films for very long.

13- Hotstar

If you are a fan of Indian cinema and daily soaps, no other site can fulfill your requirement better than Hotstar. It is a site owned by Star where you can expect watching different films and TV shows. The site has both the free pack and premium subscription. If you want to avail the premium one, you can even watch the TV shows before it airs on TV.

Pro tip- If you are looking to watch a classic collection of Bollywood films, go for Hotstar as you can even find movies to watch there in free of cost.

14- Hulu

Hulu is not a very old name in the list of best online movies to watch online. It was started in back 2017. But in very short time, they made their name and now you can watch many films and TV shows in the site. The site shares free as well as paid subscription.

Pro tip- If you are looking for free films, you can use the site as it has more than 150 movies and different TV series available in free of cost. But if you want to use the paid version, it may cost you a lot.

15- The Roku channel

The Roku channel is a free streaming site started by Roku. But the good part is that even without using the Roku hardware, you can still use the site. In this site, you can watch some good movies and TV series. Since the site is all free, you can choose any.

Pro Tip- The site is free of cost which gives it an advantage. You can watch any film or any show online for free of cost.

16- Movies Found Online

In Movies Found Online, you can find many movies, TV series, TV shows an even the stand-up comedy videos. Here, you can find all the content of YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion easily. In fact, apart from all these content, this site is also good for satirical films and documentaries as well.

Pro Tip- If you are not in a mood to search a lot, you can simply use this website where you can watch different online contents easily in one place.

17- Classic Movies Online

If you are a classic movie fan, then this website is all you were searching for. You can easily watch the old movies of 20th century here which will consist the collection of some beautiful silent movies and other art of cinematic artistry. You can watch all your favorite black and white films of old age here without bearing the ads which is a big pain.

Pro tip- As we explained above, it is the best place to watch old classic collection of films. If you are looking for 20th century films too, this site The classic movies online will be able to show you the movies of that time.

18- JioCinema

Started by Jio, JioCinema is also one of those sites where you can stream movies online. JioCinema has many TV shows and movies for you in almost 10 different genres and 15 Indian languages. It is also a free of cost service for those who has a jio sim.

Pro Tip- If you want to try something from comedy and animation, this website will help you in showing the best results including Hollywood.

19- Voot

Voot is owned by Viacom 18 and it serves around 50 million users every month. You can use the site for watching the daily soaps and other content aired on Colors TV, MTV, Cineplex, Nick India and other Colors channel. It also offers films which you can watch in free of cost. Apart from this, Voot is famous for their own web series too.

Pro Tip- If you are not living in India, then for using the website, you may need a VPN.

20- Zee5

Zee5 is a movie streaming website which has many movies and other contents to show you. It does not only show you the Indian Bollywood films but also the Hollywood ones. If you are a fan of Zee channel daily soaps, then you also can watch it for free of cost in this site anytime.

Pro tip- Zee5 can be used for free of cost, however they also have a premium version which shows you the latest premium content ad free. If you want to buy the subscription, they might give you some offers too through which the cost will become very less.

21- Now TV

If you are based out of UK, Italy or Ireland, this site, NowTV is useful for you. You can watch all the movies in this site for free of cost which is owned by Sky plc. Also, along with this, you can watch the live TV channels too which will be ready to serve you anytime.

Pro Tip- If you want to watch a movie and you are based in Ireland, UK or Italy, it is worth using for sure. It will also give you the free trial period of 14 days.

22- HBO Now

HBO now is a website which will have a collection of the shows like Westworld, How I met your mother, Games of Thrones and etc. You can also watch some English comedy and documentaries in the site. The website gives you these service in a price of $14.99 per month which is affordable for many.

Pro Tip- If you are into these shows, then this website is the best which will get you all these shows in such less price. Also, if you want to use the free trial, then you can avail it for full one month.

23- Veoh

People who are into short movies can use this website as the website Veoh has around 7000 films collection of short films. You can expect the standard quality films there. If we compare it to other sites, the ads are not very annoying here. You can curate in Veoh by genre, date, length, language and etc.

Pro Tip- If you want to watch a normal length film in this site, then you are not very right with choosing the site. For normal length films, it is not recommended at all.

24- SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a good website if you are also looking for the contents showed in Sony channel. Apart from the daily soaps and reality shows, you can also watch movies in the site. Also, for people interested in sports such as NBA, LA Liga, Serie A, EPL, Football WC and such, then it is the best site for them.

Pro Tip- Even though the website has their premium version where they show their latest content, you can still watch good movies in free of cost. Simply surf in the free section of the site.


Even though the name is bit strange, you might like the website though. Kanopy is the best website ever for viewing the educational stuffs. It has some award winning movies, good documentaries and other good stuff for your kid especially. If you want to watch something inspirational, then this site is the best you can surf among all.

Pro Tip- If you have a kid who you are looking to motivate by showing some good things, this website will be suitable for you.

26- BIGFlix

Owned by Reliance, Bigflix is an on demand movie straming service. You will be finding a good collection of Indian cinema for sure in different categories such as action, romance, comedy, war, drama, horror, inspirational, kids and etc here. You can watch all these films in different Indian languages.

Pro Tip- You need to pay for the subscription in order to use the website BIGFlix. However, the cancellation of your subscription is free.

27- Viki

Anyone who is fond of Korean and Japanese films, this website is suitable for them. The site has a big collection of such films, drama and TV shows. The sub- tittles are available in 200 different languages. Viki is getting more than 25 million traffic monthly which is mainly from the foreign countries. The website has a free and paid content both.

Pro Tip- If you are not aware of their languages, you can use the sub tittle anytime and trust us, their content is very different.

28- Top Documentary Films

As the name suggests, you will be able to watch the top documentary films in the website for free of cost. The good part of Top documentary films is that they do have a different genre films including comedy, history, religion, psychology and etc. Also, the videos will be shows in high quality.

Pro Tip- If you don’t want to log in for watching the content, this website will be the best choice as here you don’t need to sign in.

29- Retrovision

Retrovision is also similar to those website in this list which serves you the classic collection. You will be happily able to use the website as it has a very simple interface with limited options of choices. You can watch any movie or TV show in one search. Most of the films are old here.

Pro Tip- The quality is ok here but the main element is the content which is generally the old one from 50s, 70s and 60s which you can watch.

30- DailyMotion

DailyMotion is very popular website which resembles to the famous streaming site YouTube. You can watch the free titles and shows with free ads. It has classic, new era films and other content from the globe.

Pro Tip- If you want to watch the content from all around the globe, DailyMotion will be the site for you. Also, the sub tittle option is always there.

31- Yahoo! View

You can use the website for watching the free content including movies and shows. The site has a collection of 1500 hours content. They are the on demand streaming services started by Yahoo.Yahoo!View is also in a partnership with networks such as HULU, ABC and NBC.

Pro Tip- The website is partnered with local distributors in many countries and you can watch the famous shows such as Opposite Sex and The English Teacher.

32- FilmDoo

FilmDoo is also an on demand video platform which has a partnership with more than 50 distributors and film makers. You can watch films from China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, America, Africa and other countries. It also has content to show on Lesbian, Gay and etc.

Pro Tip- You can watch the films in different languages such as English, Mandarin, Dutch, Japanese, Mongolia and French. Also, sub titles are always here.

33- IMDB Freedive

IMDB Freedive is a website which is also known for their big collection of web series, TV shows, documentaries and movies. Along with that, you can also read the ratings and reviews of the film or the show. Since it is owned by Amazon, it allows you watching movie for free of cost if you log in with your Google account, Amazon or Facebook account.

Pro Tip- For using this website, always log in with Amazon account for watching the full length movies and be updated with the upcoming content too.

34- YuppFlix

YuppFlix is also a known name in the list of best sites to watch movie online. You can watch different language content including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and etc here. Resolution of the film can be adjusted and you can use the other features like pause and play as well. The website will also show you some of its best Gujarati content which you will love being an Indian. Also, you can use the free trial of 14 days to use the website in free of cost.

Pro Tip- The website is not free of cost. However, paying for the films is not much here. You only need to pay INR 500 per month.

35- MXPlayer

You must be not expecting MXPlayer in the list. But since the app has been brought by Times Internet group, now you can watch different movies, TV shows and some original web series in the site. All of these contents will be shown in free of cost.

Pro tip- From Bollywood to Hollywood and even in the local language, you will find different entertainment content here.

36- Fmovies

For watching the films from all around the globe, you can use the website Fmovies for sure. Here, the site basically streams the movies from different global sources including torrents. You can watch the content in HD quality and with free sub titles. There are different genres in the site which will help you in choosing the right content for you.

Pro Tip- If you are only looking for the free movie content, then this website will for sure help you as it has a big collection of free movies.

37- Putlocker

Putlocker is a name which is known for the best entertainment movies. In recent times, you must have heard many news of this site shutting down. However, the website is working very well. It was known for the top website to watch shows. Thanks to its free login and no subscription rule due to which people can use it.

Pro Tip- If you are someone who is not a techy person, then the website will for sure be the best choice for you as it is very easy to use.

38- 123 Movies

If you want to watch pirated films, then 123Movies is the best website you can use. Here you will see the big catalogue which does not only consist old films but the latest one as well. Using the website is also very easy. You do not need to make any account for using the website. You can do it without making an account.

Pro Tip- Since the website shows you the pirated films, they keep on switching the URL so you have to search on Google first before visiting the website.

39- Solar Movies

SolarMovies is one of the name known for the best streaming websites. You can watch the TV shows in HD quality here. But yes, the content will be pirated. In this website, you can watch all the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon stuff. The interface of the website is also very simple.

Pro Tip- If you want to watch the UK or USA TV series, this website will help you in showing the free content from all around the globe.

40- YesMovies

YesMovies shows you the content direct from torrent and other open video websites. Since the website shows the pirated one, you might see the domain switching very fast. You can also watch the TV shows here. Website is very easy in terms of its UI. You can use the site easily.

Pro Tip- If you want to download the content in order to watch it later, you can do it through the site and also, the categories are wide which also includes comedy, action, romance, thriller etc.

41- WorldFree4U

WorldFree4u is a website made especially for Indian audience as they focus on Bollywood and Hindi dub movies more. In the website, you can also watch the latest film in CAM quality. You can also watch the web series of Netflix and Amazon videos. The website is very easy to use and can be used anytime.

Pro Tip- You can watch the films in free of cost from the website. Also, making an account is also not a compulsion here.

42- MovieRulz

This website is also among those website which is not legal as they show you the pirated content. However, it does mean that you can also expect the website to show you the content in free of cost. Especially if you want to watch latest films, you can easily find in MovieRulz. The site is good for Hollywood dubbed films.

Pro tip- Same as some above mentioned sites, you will also find the switching of domain fast. Also, the website sometimes get blocked too. But it comes back too.

43- IOMovies

IOMovies is no different website than the other websites listed in this article. You can watch the new films and latest shows in the site. You can use the site easily and for watching the movies and shows later, you can even download it and watch later. The website is not difficult and also, you don’t have to wait for buffer much as well.

Pro Tip- You can either go for making an account and watch the films or watch it without making an account. Our recommendations will be to not make the account in order to watch the movies.

44- FilmHD4U

In the list of best movie streaming websites, FilmHD4U is also a big name. You don’t need to use the website with complexity. It is simple and free of cost. The website will have all your latest films and TV shows which are free of cost to watch. All the movies are original and full.

Pro Tip- You should not use your own credentials to use the website. Make sure you go for the fake credentials while making an account as you will be safe.

45- Public Domain Torrents

The website Public Domain Torrents is a website which will show you the latest shows and films. You can not stream the movies in the website. But you will be getting a link through which you can download the movies and watch them later. The content will be legal so you can watch them without being worried about any legal issue.

Pro Tip- You can watch the classic and Bollywood films here more than any other film. So if you are looking for it, you can for sure watch it.

46- Stremio

Stremio is also a site where you can watch the full movies online. You can simply open the website and watch the movies and TV shows and also some Live programs but for yhis, you need to install an add on on Stremio. For those who know about it, it is very similar to Kodi. However, you can use it with some limitations.

Pro Tip- If you are sure about using the site and you know how to do it, you must do it. But if you don’t know about it, you shouldn’t use the site as it may look little tough to you.

47- Time4TV

Time4TV is the platform which is used for watching the all TV channels of world. Now be it the UK Channels, US channels or even the Hindi channels, all can be viewed here in free of cost. For using the site, you just need to open it and you will be able to use it in free of cost.

Pro Tip- It is best for viewing the news and sports channels as you will be able to watch MU TV, NFL Network, Star Network, Sony Network, WWE Network and etc.

48- Viu

Just like another name in the list, Viu is also dedicated to Korean dramas. You can use the website in Indonesia, Indian, Myanmar and Middle east only. Watching and downloading are possible in this website that too in full HD. The language supported are also wide.

Pro Tip- The website will show you some free of cost content and some paid one. You can choose it according to your requirement whether you want to use the paid version or not.

49- TopWatcHD

Just like the other name in the list,  TopwatcHD is also mainly into showing the Korean drama which is really worth watching. You will be able to watch the film and download it in order to watch them later. You can also find the other films of countries like UK, US and India.

Pro Tip- Do not make an account to watch the films. Watch it without any account. If you want to watch the best Korean drama, this website will surely help.

50- ErosNow

ErosNow is the website which is one of the known site for watching films online. You can watch different Bollywood and Hollywood film here along with some original web series. The website is free but it also has some premium collection.

Pro Tip- If you are a big Bollywood fan, you must use this website.

51- HouseMovie

For those who want to download the film and watch them later according to their time instead of streaming it online for hours, this website, Housemovie is for them. The content you can expect in the website will be the latest films which you will love to watch.

Pro Tip- You can watch the latest collection of the film here. However, if you are looking for a classic, this site is not the one for you.

52. Starz

Featuring you to another such website, Starz is among the frequently used websites for viewing online movies. Also, to avoid hours of online streaming, the website enables its customers to download movies and view them according to their convenience. The customers can avail it at an affordable price of just $5 for the first three months. This would get a small gain and inflate to $8.99/month after the first three months.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your free 7 days trial and enjoy unlimited Hollywood movies and originals at your fingertips.

Pro tip – The blockbuster Hollywood movies along with the original series, all available at your fingertips.

53. Big Five Glories

Big Five Glories

A special name always comes with uniqueness. Big five Glories is a platform where you can find a  huge number of super hit classic movies. It has still kept alive the aroma of our golden movies. You can look out for categories such as comedy, thriller, mystery, drama, horror, etc. If you are deeply interested in classic movies but are unable to find them, then Big Five Glories is the platform where you stop your search.

Pro tip – Not only you can find classic movies, but also they are ranged into different decades based on their releases. You can completely enjoy silent movies on the ride.

54. Epix


After getting through the classic movies, its time to come back in present. Yes, you heard it right! Epix is another such online website catering away movies and original series which could provide you complete entertainment. Also, you can go across a number of original documentaries and stand-up specials while streaming around the movies.

Pro tip – Coming up with some highly attractive content, this website is worth visiting.

55. Fandor


Coming up with Fandor, the website provides a vast number of Hollywood, classic as well as foreign movies. An interesting fact about the website is that a viewer can stream 4000 of the best independent, documentary movies from across the world.

Pro tip – Independency among the productions has been well maintained. The movies are worth watching.

56. My Lifetime


Similar to other websites, My Lifetime also serves a great platform for streaming online movies, original series, and other episodes. A viewer can experience some really artistic productions and get thrilling experiences while streaming numerous movies.

Pro tip – You can download new movies and also stream online movies without having any inconvenience.

57. Indie Flix

Indie Flix

Along with excitement and enjoyment, getting socialized is also important in each and everyone’s life. Thus, socially impactful movies are important to bring a positive change in the world. Indie Flix is one such platform where you can get through such movies. Movies of different genres are also an attraction of this site. Independence is the motto of this website.

Pro tip – Getting across the Indie Flix originals is something worth to go on with!

 58. Box TV

Box TV

After experiencing the taste of various foreign films, you would surely like to come back with some Bollywood movies. Thus, Box TV serves you the taste of pure Bollywood films which could help you entertain yourself. A complete package of online Bollywood movies is available here.

Pro tip – Also, the website has a mixture of regional and Hollywood movies as well.

59. Stream Cr

Stream CR

Last but not least, Stream Cr is an online streaming platform that provides the latest and trending movies at your fingertips. Also, it has included various famous TV shows which could be really attractive for the viewers.

Pro tip – A combination of new movies including famous original series can be seen here.


So these were the top list of the websites you must visit if you want to watch movies online. The list has many names which will be for sure be useful if you want to watch a film.

If in case you have any suggestions or complains or if you think we have missed your favorite website from the list, you can surely comment down in the given comment area and we will get back to you ASAP.

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