Well Researched Methods to Get Free Instagram Followers in 2021

This post is about How to get free Instagram followers, or Instagram followers hack? It’s the question that people search all the time.

Though having followers isn’t everything, they do represent a significant number of people who are interested in you, your brand or business and that matters. Regrettably, it can be tough to move that needle sometimes, and posting good pictures in the world isn’t enough, by itself, to increase your followers.

Not only for Instagram, but we also provide free TikTok followers tricks and dozens of games tricks, how to stuff, etc. But for the time being, let’s focus on getting free followers on Instagram.

You can use these tricks and hacks through any of the popular devices like PCs or phones. And what we do is completely under the jurisdiction of social media and is legal.

You’ll get free Instagram followers instantly utilizing these hack tools but they unfollow within hours, and you wouldn’t be able to get real Instagram followers.

Note: We don’t promote such Instagram followers hack tool or generator websites because they waste time and energy without the benefit of anything.

Now, one thing I should clear out is that nothing in this world is free and if you still believe that Instagram followers hack and generator websites work to provide free Instagram followers, then you must be living under a rock!

All other Instagram follower generator scam sites fool users to generate money. However, new ways are up and running successfully. You can also use cool Instagram captions to get more followers on Instagram.

So, read this post till the end and get free followers using Instagram Followers hacks and tricks without any surveys.


We can easily understand if you’re intrigued by getting to know each of this trick. After all, most of these methods can only drive potential organic traffic and that too after a long period.

So, why would you invest your time and energy in getting genuine Instagram followers and a fan-base? What if you could get free Instagram followers within minutes?

Fortunately, some platforms can help you achieve such by using Social Media Like Exchange websites. Didn’t ring a bell?

Well, let me shed a little light on this. Social Media Like Exchange exist on the Internet even before Google was a thing.

They are the most popular among teenagers and youngsters who wish to get hundreds of likes, comments, and exposure on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. These websites work as the name suggest, on Like exchange basis.

All you got to do is to log in to the site with your social media account (ex. Facebook) and start liking, following, and sharing other user’s posts.

You get reward points in exchange for the tasks. Vice-Versa, you’re required to add your profile which will get all the followers, and points would be deducted on per follower basis.

So, let’s get started with all the popular and genuine like exchange websites:


The most popular and supported across significant countries is Like4Like. It hosts Social Media Like exchange for more than a dozen social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Vimeo, Vine, and many others.

As explained earlier, you have to earn points to get Instagram followers.

First, you need to register and add one of your social media profile to earn points. Simultaneously, add your Instagram username and start liking or following other user’s posts using the website.

Once successful, the website automatically sends you points (Usually 9 or 10) for one follow and deducts the same for your followers.

Voila! Get as many as free Instagram followers you want.


Hublaagram is yet another great tool to get free Instagram followers without any effort at all. It doesn’t work like a Social Media Like exchange mechanism but rather an automation bot that gets you multiples likes and followers within seconds.

To use Hublagram, you need to allow permissions for the website bot to publish and like other profiles and account. You have to give access token to get free Instagram followers.

Since most of the auto liker and follower websites use automated scripts and bots, they’re considered by Google’s algorithm.

They usually redirect you to third-party ads and spam links which traps the user in link loops.

You wouldn’t get any follower, and it’s common that your account would get blocked or temporarily suspended for suspicious activities.


FollowLike is a handy website for all the people who want to get free Instagram followers across the whole world.

It is available for more than 200 countries and 140,000+ members. You can easily earn points by doing dozens of like exchange tasks.

This site offers many services for Instagram exchange, Facebook exchange, YouTube exchange, Google exchange, Twitter exchange, Pinterest exchange, VK exchange, Sound Cloud exchange, StumbleUpon exchange, Vimeo exchange, Tumblr exchange, Website traffic boost, LinkedIn exchange, Reddit exchange, trade and many more.


We’ve curated a list of some working tricks and methods that’ll help you grow and get free Instagram followers.

As we said earlier, your account will reach a place where you have only imagined. All you have to take care of is to put up the excellent quality of posts in the coming days because those are the ones which would be sent to the users everywhere.

It is also unspoken that likes and comments will be followed since the moment that post is up.

Not only that, but your followers could also be useful for:

  • More publicity for your business, product, services, etc.
  • Getting you all sorts of deals.
  • Direct impact on your popularity levels (reaching celebrity status)

These are completely genuine Instagram followers, and we’ll make sure that your identity is hidden. No one will ever know about this unless and until you decide to share it with people.

To seal the deal, we also promise this tricks and methods will never ask any of your personal information or passwords for that matter. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy as your follower number keeps increasing.


Posting Consistently

Various Social media analytics companies have revealed that average Instagram user posts at least once a day.

More interestingly, Accounts which receive 5-10 followers daily tend to post a bit more than that–up to 2 or 3 pictures. This clears out that to get more followers, you need to have a higher frequency.

Since we regularly work with Social Media Strategists and Developers, we also got to know that Instagram is slowly rolling out a Facebook-like algorithm which increases the chances of your posts getting seen more if you post consistently.

With the perfect combination of the hashtags (which we’ll mention later), you can get your posts noticed in explore feeds as well.


Quality Hashtags

It looks like instead of Twitter, Instagram is the one who seems to care about hashtags. The right hashtags can exhibit your image to a broad and targeted audience, and Instagram users don’t get the hashtag fatigue as they get off Facebook or Snapchat.

In other words, hashtags could be your best chance to get free Instagram followers. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post at max, and people usually get the most out of this limit.

The TrackMaven study shows that posts with more than 11 hashtags would likely to get more interactions. But sometimes, it gets a little confusing that which hashtags would be right for your photo or video.

Luckily, you can look up for similar popular posts and use the exact hashtags. The reason behind this is that people usually search and explore for posts revolving around related tags, which ultimately results in getting more followers.


User Generated Content

Since you’ve been wondering what to get consistency on your Instagram account, you need to have good photos to upload, and what if you don’t have enough time to get some good shots daily?

Well, you can always share user-generated content on your profile as well. Suppose you have a product based profile or business account, then you can always share the honest reviews of your products.

Interact with your fans and users to send their image using or wearing your product, and you can feature it on the account. This creates a vibe of authentic and genuine experience for your market and potential customers.


Try Videos

Instagram allows its users to upload and share videos between 3-60 seconds long, and after introducing the feature, more than 5 million people shared videos within 24 hours.

An average of 10% of accounts have video, but they attain at least 18% of the total comments on Instagram. Many YouTubers and Models like Amanda Cerny, Kingbach, Dan Bilzerian and other famous Instagram users post various videos on their profile.

Moreover, a good video does attract you free Instagram followers which you can drive to your other networks like YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.


Cross Promote Across Social Media

Make sure you’re that you sharing all your Instagram posted photos on other social media for cross-promotion. Instagram makes it easy to share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, and what not!

Not only you would get more exposure to other social media platforms, but a friend who isn’t aware of your Instagram account would start following you.

Also, you can now cross-promote you and your friend’s social media profile on each other’s accounts using the Stories feature.

It’s always better to take help of your famous Instagram friend. There are other tricks like using third-party Like Exchange websites or apps, and they do work.


Share The Love

One thing in this world that stays is LOVE. It’s always helpful to remember what matters in all of this following and getting followed. It’s the people we’ll talk to, the relationships we’ll create and the fun we’ll have I am sure that no Instagram follower Generator website would tell you this.

There’s a traditional trick known as “Follow like like like.” To get a follower, you need to follow a person and like his/her three posts consecutively.

An easy method to keep this idea central is to spend some time each day scrolling and enjoying Instagram. You can respond to comments, like photos, follow new people, and comment on amazing posts.

If the “follow like like like” approach above tells us anything, it’s that the time spent showing and sharing the love pays off in new followers. It also creates a genuine social media experience for everyone.


So, this was all about the best ways to get free Instagram followers without any hack or cheat. The first category of methods is entirely organic and genuine.

Therefore, if you follow them correctly along with good photos, you would get thousands of followers in no time.

Do remember that all the websites who claim to have free Instagram followers Generator tools and hacks, these websites are fake and often scam people who are desperate for followers. It is impossible to generate followers using a third-party website script.

So, beware of such websites and let me know if you’re facing any problems in getting Insta followers by using the above methods in the comment section below.

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